Reports: Caen accept Milan’s bid for Niang


M’BAYE NIANG appears to be very close to joining Milan as his club has accepted Milan’s bid.

Milan presented Giampaolo Pazzini today at training center Milanello but they are closing in on yet another striker – the 17-year-old highly-rated and promising M’Baye Niang from Ligue 2’s Stade Malherbe Caen.

Milan were already close to obtaining the services of Genoa’s Ze Eduardo but Max Allegri rejected him. Even when negotiating for Ze Love, one eye was always on Niang as Milan had shown great interest.

Pazzini: “I am happy, I want to do well”
Milan: Allegri threatened to resign?

The Rossoneri made a formal bid of the youngster, who has been named by many the new Thierry Henry, earlier this week and Caen had until today to give Milan an answer. According to the media in both Italy and France on Friday, Caen have decided to accept the bid and the player is close to moving to Milan.

La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sky Sport Italia confirm that Milan received an answer after lunch on Friday while Radio RMC reports that Niang’s parents will meet with Caen in the next days to decide whether they accept the idea of their son moving to Milan. Niang has already visited Milanello and showed great desire to join the red and black side. Caen have accepted Milan’s offer but the deal is still not sealed, but close.

It’s not clear what exactly Milan’s offer was as each source reports something else. He’s reportedly set to join Milan on loan with an option to be bought next year. It remains to be seen if he’ll be with the 1st team.

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ahh…. may be a few more year PSG will buy him.


Good news @ last,hope it materialise finally.


if he is so good, why is he so cheap? and why are the other major clubs not out to get him?


He has potential. He’s no worldclass player yet. That’s why only clubs who like to develop their own players are interested ( Arsenal and Everton mostly )

sammy clinton



@least d first reasonable signing for Milan so far. I am very happy to hear this. YAhoo!


very very good news but don’t stop.we need KAKA ,DE JONG and MBIWA!!!


One for the future…the guy’s still 17…..our “current” situation needs to be fixed first and foremost then maybe we can all ease ourselves a bit ahead of the season with a bit of hope


Hope he will finalise the move very soon.


Some good news


Hope he will finalise the move very soon. Forza milan


is Niang eligible to play in serie A since he is 17 y.o? truly i don’t expect much from pato since he prefers to serve barbara in the bed room than to play for milan.


no he has to be 18


he is eligible…maldini made his serie A debut at 16.
if he plays for primavera,whats the use of loaning him


as an itialian

Tafiardo Cardoso

he is eligible coz he has european passport (France)


only Brazilian players have to be 18 (pato arrived when he was 17 at September 2 he was 18 but had to w8 January to be registered) euro citizens can be in first team 14 or 15 not sure..


how good is Niang? hope he really deserve all this attention we have been showing, well atleast some good news afterall next shud be Mbiwa, kaka then an attacking midfielder and we are good to go for this season’s title. forza milano


Mr kojak well done, oya go bring us kaka now and if mourihno no won gree, arange olosho for am. Forza Milano.


El kaddouri 2m to napoli. how do they hav that money and we dont. this is disgusting.


Allegri should go, bring in pippo, how can A̶̲̥̅ striker spent D̶̲̥̅̊ whole summer with brazil national team without injuries only †̥ return †̥ milan and injured afteer A̶̲̥̅ week? Its Allegri love ƒσя unnecessary physical play. Under ancelloti and Leonardo he had no such problem. We want an attacking yet flexible team and he’s asking ƒσя 6th defensive midfielder? He doesnt want Kaka as he’ll treat him D̶̲̥̅̊ way he did pirlo and D̶̲̥̅̊ rest.

Opinion Varies

You vouching for Pato like as if Allegri makes him carry bricks during training sessions…duh!Then again,the idea about bringing in Pippo to replace Allegri goes to show-you have zero knowledge on football.


Denilson of Arsenal rumours….wat do u think???


Impossible. He’s non-EU. Sky Sports simply didn’t check the facts (shcoking!)

Happy about Niang.

infra_x sucks man


niang was born on the exactly same day like me, so i really hope he comes a will be a great player in our future

crespo 2\7

Good news .FORZA MILAN


denilson, yes, he is good, could become great with robinho, pato, youngsters in milan, loan, yes, i like it lol.


SUNDERLAND complete move for Johnson of man city, 10m pounds upfront, 5m pounds in add ons, wowowow

Dare forza

Sincerely, this is the 1st meaningful signing 4rm milan dis season, FORZA MILANO


Kaka first

hicham milanisti

This is a great move from milan to invest in a very young and very talented striker!! Now we have el shaarawy niang pato boateng, players who can play at least 10 years more!!

Now the only thing left is buy kaka!! And maybe if its possible ( but i dont think it is) diarra!
With kaka we CAN compete for the scudettoo!!
Goalkeeper: abbiati, defenders: abate zapata mexes antonini, midfielders: Ambrosini, montolivo, Boateng, attackers: Kaka, robinho and pato!!
IMPORTANT substitutes are AMELIA, acerbi, bonera, de sciglio ; NOCERINO, EMANUELSON ; PAZZINI, el shaarawi and this dude niang!!

Forza milann!!


Are we building milan 4 today or 4 the future.Galliani do something before the transfer widow closes on kaka.pls we beg.


There are reports Milan are set to sign Denilson from Arsenal, which would mean him scrapping a loan to Sao Paolo.


i don’t knoW y dis dredd dude lyk 2 fool himself. Gud 1 4 milan FORZA MILAN.


Megatrone>>> PLZ XPLAIN>>>>>>


Waiting for some news tomorrow aswell, I mean, there just has to be more!!


Interesting,a striker. You for real,I don’t think scoring goals is the problem,we concede too many I see why Allegri wanted a DM. Look how many we conceded 2 goals should be enough to beat Juventus,but we conceded 3.


Niang is a good and talented player who will help the team a lot.


Good news, if we are going African players we will make Juventus cry like girls. They are strong and fiscal, now get:

MD-26 Cheik Tioté = 12.500.000 € this man is a force of nature
CB-23 Mapou Yanga Mbiwa = 9.000.000 €


yer, u think we r gonna spend 9m on a defender. seriously man, wake up, this management want free agents, loanies. dude, aint gone happen.


ANITA of AJAX signed for NEWCASTLE. 6.3m POUNDS. now tell me, does newcastle have more money than milan. hahahahha. lol. AC MI LOAN>


ALY COSSOKHO >>>> 7m euros. wow. dont worry we got mesbah, antonini, didac vila. great, all 3 forced together cant compete with aly… lol. milllannnn sukuukusksksksk

francis laryea totti

Alway pato let sell him bcuz we spend money on him. kaka is good for us but his weekly pay is too high that is why. and hes age is 29 ys. we cant pay high and lose mny.


wat about van persie, 29yr old, same wages, more injury prone than kaka. seriously dude, milan want a loan cause there cheeeppp foooolllssss. u know footballl…lol. go hommmeee


5m-6m, is to much for milan. well than milan is no longer a big club. mediocore which should be rellegated



Opinion Varies

Hey dude,you need to chill out and go home to a cold beer…enough with your never-ending way of posting on here in every 2 minutes


I understand you’re bored as hell but enough with these annoying comments.


well i hope we get kaka(Loan), de jong(8mil) or lass diara(5m), mbiwa(7-8m) as we need defender, working midfielder and playmaker/ss
and if some left back pops up for 0 $ 😀

hope berlu have 20m 2 spend
hope for best in next week or so !

Forza Milan ! ! !


Good points! btw, Ilgenio10 — is that a Savicevic reference?


Reports that On Monday Kaka & Niang will be Milan Players


yo dredd,what’s ur problem?abi na craze dey wori u?e bi like say u don dey kolo small small.

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Only non-EU player must have 18+


This news is false. Caen has accepted Evertons bid for Niang not Milans.


And what in hell makes you believe The Sun reports true things? Gazzetta reported this morning Niang is to Milan. The Everton rumours are 99.9% BS.




Milan should get Julio Cesar, should exchange Mexes plus Robinho plus Antonini with Domenico Criscito and Bruno Alves. Than Milan should get Lass Diarra, than get Mirko Vucinic, as Juventus are looking for new striker, and get Giuseppe Rossi on loan. And our team will be: Cesar, Zapata-Alves-Acerbi-Criscito, Montolivo-Lass-Boateng, Pato-Pazzini-Vucinic.