Pazzini to debut against Sampdoria


GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI could be given a start already on his Milan debut, against his former side ‘Doria.

The official announcement will only arrive later today (Wednesday) but Pazzini can already be considered a player of Milan. Pazzini arrives in exchange for Antonio Cassano (and €7 million) who now joins Inter.

Pazzini has already passed all the medical check-ups yesterday and already said he’s very happy to join Milan. Riccardo Montolivo publicly welcomed him while other players called him or sent him a message.

Montolivo welcomes old friend Pazzini
Injuries: Didac Vila ruled out for 2 months

Giampaolo gives Milan one of the things that they are lacking – a true No. 9 striker (although this number is occupied by Alexandre Pato and Pazzini will be wearing Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s old #11 instead). According to today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, coach Massimiliano Allegri could start Pazzini against U.C. Sampdoria.

Milan open the season against Pazzini’s former side for which he scored 48 goals in 87 appearances. Robinho could be dropped from the line-up despite his excellent performances of late with Kevin-Prince Boateng starting behind Alexandre Pato in Pazzini in a 4-3-1-2. Another option for Allegri is to change the system to 4-3-3 with Robinho and Pato in the wings and Pazzini playing in the middle waiting for service.

Pazzini, who will earn €2.8 million for three seasons at Milan, will have his first training session in red & black later today. Whether Pazzini starts against Sampdoria or not depends on his current fitness.

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Joseph Akinrele

Well…this is good news. Now all we need is KAKA. If we can play Kaka behind Pazzini & Pato Milan WILL be Scudetto contenders again. KAKA and Montolivo will be saddled with the resposibility of creating for The front two. Boateng Montolivo and Nocerino will be in Midfield. AWESOME…


433, allegri, haha wat a joke

Opinion Varies

How is that a joke?

Look,you really bugging with your sarcastic sentiments,enough of that already.


Allegri Will play 451 with 5 dmfs

Opinion Varies

Sweet…Looking forward to You bagging in more goals for Milan. Grande Pazzini

sammy clinton

I think allegri should try this formation. 4-3-3.


I wouldn’t mind Pazzini at Milan, but not at the expense of Cassano. We lost a creative gem that we don’t have much of. Who can give the final ball? Only Montolivo now that Cassano is gone.

4-3-3 might be a good option considering Montolivo can have more space to himself in the middle. Our normal 4-3-1-2 will not work because both Pato and Pazzini are strikers that don’t set up play. We need a trequartista for that, and we don’t have one. If we play 4-3-1-2, we have to use Robinho, and Pato and Pazzini cannot start together.


I think Milan can use Robinho behind the strikers but just give him the freedom t roam. The 4-3-3 is a good idea but Milan must bring in a player like Kaka or Sahin. With the 4-3-3 Robinho and Pato have the freedom to roam with Pazzini as the main striker kind of like how Napoli uses Cavani, Lavezzi and Hamsik. Milan should also go back to play only 3 players at the back 5 in midfield and 2 up front. 3-5-2. Zapata, Mexes, Acerbi(Hopefully Mbiwa replaces him) the 5 midfield players include: Montolivo, Boateng, Urby, Nocerino & Abate with… Read more »

nana fynn

its all good lets see what happens.


Paid 7m plus Cassano for PAZZO. Galliani is MENOPAUSE…. for Gods we need KAKA…… NO ONE ELSE BUT (22) THE ONLY UNIQUE NUMBER ….

opanin k. mensah

with or without pazzini milan will always be the best. Forza milan, forza boateng


nw that pazzini is here we nw need a playmaker like kaka to help montolivo and pazzini to supply 4 robinho and pato.all d best 4 milan.milan for life.

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

We are interested in Carvalho ,new idea for LB is Royston Dhrente and we are waiting answer for the Niang till the end of week.

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Carvalho is on loan at QPR ,while Sahin is set to join Arsenal in next 24 hours,also on Real Madrid official site you can find Luka Modric profile.


Modrić profile on Madrid site is scam, work of a hacker


Nice signing


Welcome Pazzini!!!!!!!

Get us back our Kaka to increase creativity.

Get Niang for extra depth and the youth change

Get and try Drenthe for LB(only if Allegri will use him there)

Look for an extra DM(Diarra) who can recover the ball well.


Kaka and Diarra/De Jong + Niang and pls forget abot Drenthe, Constant there is way better.


Drenthe would play behind the strikers

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

To me Las.s and Rossi are best DM’s in the world. And l don’t think that Mourinho will sell Las.s.


Let’s forget about Kaka because Madrid is not ready to loan Kaka to milan but can to other club and we are not ready to pay 8million to Madrid.

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Yarmolenko,Garmash and Xhaka were awesome last night in CL qualifications knock out stage and one more player l would love to mention is Arango.

Rico Milan

arango very creative and good, but too old
xhaka singed already for gladbach 1-2 months ago

yarmolenko and garmash would be pefect for us


even if we had the money some if not most of the players u want to see would come because allegri is not a fan of free flowing football.

He prefers rigid and hard to break down type of wonder he has stuck to 4-3-1-2 eventhough milan doesnt have the players for it. And its not a system that naturally encourages fluidity but rather solidity.

I love free flowing football thats why i am not the biggest allegri fan ,but for the sake of milan i comply.

Feel free to disagree


gud 1, at least 4 now bring double k 4 me mr galliani


Drenthe is terrible, I would rather see Antonini or Emanuelsson over there if we do not buy someone else.

I heard that Afellay could be on the market? Maybe we could get him on loan?


This is great! Montolivo is delighted, and let’s hope his chemistry that called pazzolivo can give us a lot of score! Hope pazzo isn’t selfish enough and can cooperate with pato very well!

Let go cas*sano, he dumped us after what milan has done to him. Disrespectful!


Drenthe is great bacthen in feyenoord ( if I’m not mistaken) before he joined real madrid and get ruined there. He considered as one of great left side player backthen, so I wouldn’t mind milan snatch him for free


Pazzini is nowhere near as good as Pato, Robihno or el Shaarawy he should be a bench player but he’s just the sort of totally average player Allegri seems to love

Mr nice guy

I love milan


All the best Pazzini!
But I would rather play Robi behind the strikers…instead of Prince. If anyone remembers, Robi was great in that position the season when we won the Scudetto.
But of course I’m still hoping for Kaka’s comeback so he can play in that position!


drenthe will play behind the strikers, lol, knowing allegri he will be used as a second striker, hahahha. Wooo forz milan

Ahmad Al-Hamdan

i’m looking through the comments and to be honest, some of you guys are not facing reality, Lass doesn’t want to join Milan. even when we were stronger, he would rather stay on Madrid’s bench, let him rot there. Drenthe is just awful, he has one leg shorter than the other, which means bad balance and eventually a bad back. Kaka isn’t coming back because Milan can’t afford him and Mourinho hates Milan’s guts, he wouldn’t give us a chance to get stronger. and Cassano is an ingrate, so i wouldn’t consider him a loss, he doesn’t want to be… Read more »


Lass doesnt want to join Milan for financial reasons as the tax laws are more favorable to players in Spain and England than in Italy. It is not for football reasons. Please understand this; why would a player leave for less wages and higher taxes? That’s the reason Kaka has not left Real Madrid even though it is ruining his career, the same goes for Lass Diarra! I support the club for selling Ibra and Silva as it was the right thing to do financially because of their age. I will miss them both but the club must make sensible… Read more »


, i so disagree with you. I wud rate Pazzini and Pato d same. Pato is a very overrated player. For crying out loud all dat he has is pace, nothing else. He is not good in d air, he is not strong physically so he cannot battle thru d defence to score. He doesn’t even have any reasonable technique. I haven’t seen him score a Screamer. He is jst an average striker and without his pace, a useless one.


You couldn’t be more wrong. Pato is a very clinical finisher. Lethal. He’s quite good with his head as well, but Pazzini is probably one of the best strikers on his head. And if you haven’t seen Pato score any screamers, then you haven’t followed Milan for a long time, and I bet you probably started watching Milan along with Ibra.
Check out Pato’s goals against Werder Bremen, Siena and Zurich, for example.

crespo 2\7

I’ll say it again . Good move getting pazzini . Why is kaka an issue ? Anyhow i totally agree with Ahmad Al-Hamdan . In my opinion we jus need to secure a proper CB n LB with that this team will be solid providing team chemistry is strong .I’m very much excited to see my team back out on the pitch . FORZA MILAN


although cassano is not a mobile player, he is good in giving assists. allegri needs to solve the problem immediately. bring in one great full back who can play both LB or RB, and a creative AM! i am worried with the current squad that milan have. not competitive enough for scudetto and CL. milan are below juventus, inter and napoli. c’mon B&G, don’t be stingy!


Thanks galliani. This is this years Mr.X right?


@milanista121, i was born a Milan fan, i started buying tickets when i got my first job 2005 and i doubt u have watched more matches than i have. Pato is a deadly finisher when he is given space. How many goals has he scored out of nothing. When i say screamers i mean goals u weren’t expecting. Curling efforts from way outside the 18yard box. Pato is an average striker. He is no Eto’o, David Villa, Ballotelli, Benzema, Drogba, Van Persie, Higuain, Rooney, etc. The earlier we stop expecting Miracles from him the better.


At the end of it all, we got a striker who is not a champion and we allow Maxi Lopez(a striker that is aleast as good as Pazini) to leave in June when we could have taken up the option to sign him for €7m knowing fully well that they already made up their mind since May that Ibra will be sold.
This management really knows what they are doing.


Even cristiano ronaldo came to ac mi loan, that’s useless..he will be forced to be a dmf in alergy pathetic strategy

isaiah shevy frm lasgidi

guy calm down.allegri is tryin but most time he is just bin adamant.milan wil do well dis season is a prophecy.pazzi is a nice striker.but i tink we shld just belive in d team