Montolivo welcomes old friend Pazzini


RICCARDO MONTOLIVO is very happy with the expected arrival of Giampaolo Pazzini from Inter.

Pazzini to Milan is just a matter of time as everything is in place for the swap that would see Antonio Cassano, 30, moving to Inter (plus €7 million) in exchange for the Nerazzurri’s striker Giampaolo Pazzini.

The 28-year-old has at least one friend already at Milan and it is Riccardo Montolivo. The two played together for Atalanta and Fiorentina as well as for Italy’s Under 21 side and the senior side of the Azzurri.

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“Pazzini has always done well in all the teams he has played for, he is a deadly striker who is very good in the air and who allows a team to play good football,” Montolivo told Milan Channel today. “Pazzini is a positive guy. Between us is a friendship that has lasted for years; I would be very happy to have him here.

“Pazzolivo is a nickname that has been with us since the early years of our careers. I’m glad Milan is a likely destination for him; there are great memories with Pazzini. From victories in the youth sector of Atalanta, then in Florence we had a few years together and we’ve continued to play in the national team. Now we find ourselves in the most successful club in the world, I think there is no better solution for him.

“I believe we are missing that kind of player and I hope he scores many goals. Milan? Surely we’re a team that has changed a lot since last year and it takes time to find the best solutions. We’re sorry for the defeat in the Trofeo Berlusconi, but the important game comes on Sunday. My role? I’m available in all midfield roles. The World Cup with Italy and Pazzini? Depends on us, how Milan will play. I hope to get there.”

In their early years, Pazzini and Montolivo looked alike – that’s why they were called Pazzolivo. Milan’s fans surely hope that this combination will give the Rossoneri some goals. The official will come shortly.

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great, lets c how she goes. Pazzolivo. Lol. Not better than ac mi loan lol. Hahaa


enough with the ac miloan crap dude,


PazzoLivo Good luck



Up milan...

Ya…. Gud news 4 us all. Forza milan


Best of luck to you both, hope to see plenty of goals and assists from both of you, Pazzolivo! 😀


Both Milan clubs have shown an interest in Fabio Quagliarella, but the forward wants to remain with champions Juventus.

The attacker has been linked with a move away from Turin and his agent has confirmed that the San Siro sides have been monitoring him.

“There is interest from Inter, while there has only been a conversation with Milan,” agent Giuseppe Bozzo told Sport Italia.

“Fabio, however, would like to remain at Juve in order to keep winning with the Bianconeri.”


Am very impressed but i will have love it the more if we can make it up to the task of kaka and bendtner

mjaw mjaw

i’d rather exchange mexes with bojan, than with bendtner..
and yes, 8mil for kaka is what we gotta do till end of market window..

crespo 2\7

Good . Lets get this show on the road .


hey guy, i’v learnt over time to support my own. I mean, if i dont, who wil? Take a look at cassano, silva i neva supported their purchase, but they turned out gr8. On d other hand, taiwo, yepes, sendy, i STILL DID NOT support them and they surely turned out USELESS. if dem born u well, no per4m. Afọanụ dịka gị! Forza milan!

Amuda 1

Wellcum Home, we are waiting 4 u ricky Kaka


hey guy, i’v learnt over time to support my own. I mean, if i dont, who wil? Take a look at cas, silva i neva supported their purchase, but they turned out gr8. On d other hand, taiwo, yepes, sendy, i STILL DID NOT support them and they surely turned out USELESS. if dem born u well, no per4m. Afọanụ dịka gị! Forza milan!

Shenko Gh

Great name by all standard “PazzoLivo”, love dat combination too baad. Welcome home Pazzini as u come to don our #11 jersey. Forza Pazzini!


He is absolutely right we have been missing a striker (Pure finisher) like him for some time now! The only one we have had has been Pato who has been inconsistent and injured most of the time. In my opinion as good a deal as this is, Pazzini definitely does not answer all of our problems. We need one defender(LB) two if Mexez leaves a CAM(Kaka) and maybe another technical CM i.e. Sahin.


Off topic: From two separate sources; Matthew Colturani (journalist and football market expert) and according to market experts Sportmediaset, pending official passage of Cassano to Inter, Milan would be trying to reach the Brazilian player Nene with Spanish passport. Nene is a PSG player and Milan are looking to ask for loan signing of the player with an option to buy more so, the relationship between Milan and PSG would make the deal easier. On the other end, despite the denials by Adriano Galliani yesterday , with the departure of Mesbah to Palermo, Milan could return to the market to… Read more »


I like Royston Drenthe. I think this guy would be a welcome addition to Milan and good utility player with quality. Hope this is true!


Here’s the thing. Its not about pato injured or whatever. We desperately need a target man who good at air, and can finish well. And pazzini definitely a great addition to milan team! Don’t count his bad season at inter, but take a look when he’s at fiorentina, he considered as one of brightest talent in italian football, and his combo with monty (pazzolivo) were exceptional, when he moves to sampdoria, he did great backthen. But he can’t cope really well with inter’s atmosphere. Pazzini definitely a great addition than cas*ano for now, I know cas*ano is good and creative,… Read more »

nana fynn

aah well,lets c what happens.


mesbah, mexes and one midfielder to leave(Flamini or Traore)
Kaka/Hernanes, Sahin/Strootman and drenthe to arrive


Looks like Inter are getting Gargano on a 1.5m loan with option to buy for 5m.

We need a DM Galliani, get one.

Vittorio Genovese

I believe in this Milan, more than the last one. Look this:









believe me ambro will play except he is injured. this really annoye me


bad line up sorry

de scig mexes/acerbi zapata villa/anto

eman noc
kpb robinho


Shit! Inter have bought Gargano. Merda getting stronger and stronger…


GET us lots of players to make this team complete. ST,DM,LB,+ MAYBE CAM/SS and CB


We should have got/get the following:
Gargano or Sahin(loan with option to buy)

Niang(loan with option to buy as he’s very young)

Some say “Drenthe” for lb(though I feel he will turn into an Urby)

COST OF THE LAST THREE NAMES IS 2.5M loan with option to buy for 8 or 15

Kaka(loan with option to buy)

Mbiwa for cb in jan

i know that is too much loans but this is how it’s been going around with milan

isaiah shevy frm lasgidi

if dey is no gud attackin mid fielder dat cn old d ball and giv gud passes pazzini wil b as useless lik magement do smetin


This transfer window has literally been one and a half months of pure frustration. I cant wait for the season to just start already


urby instead of flamini, vila for antonini, zapata for acerbi.


ac mi loan. Look galliani wants nene on wat a loan, lol, drenthe is free agent, im surprised we r not after him lol. loanes n free agents com on, n u wanna win seria a. Hahahahahhaha. oi PHIL… AC MI LOAN. WOOOOOOO


almost all the teams in italy (if not all) use loans with options to buy when getting players. inter bought guarin on a loan with option to buy. they got poli on a loan with option to buy (which they didn’t use). now they got gargano on a loan with option to buy. juve got lucio on a free transfer. giovinco came from a co-ownership deal. asamoah and inler were also bought on a co-ownership basis or something like that. it’s not only Milan, and it’s a very good strategy. if the player doesn’t play well, send him back. if… Read more »


People who are born idiots die like idiots


dnt waste ur tym explaining anything to dredd…he’s like dis deaf n blind guy who jas know au to write comments, neva listens to reasoning.

turning point

Dredd pisses me off.


Montolivo should be in Attacking Midfielder behind two striker, pato/pazzini and robinho/SES. Montolivo is much better in that position than KPB. Montolivo has better stamina, better dribling skill, better passing skill, better ball keeping and most important better game vission than kpb,somehow when i see him play it reminds me to my favourite player rui costa, so i hope alegri place him in that position.

Gioele Romeo

he hates playing behind the strikers, he prefers in front of the defence


wooooo.. Loanes n freebes. Hahahhaha. I love u guyz, ur so sweet. Ac mi loan. Hahhahahahahahahahah.

Gioele Romeo

I have an idea for a formation
a 3-1-2-2-2
might leave our defence exposed but i thought as we have no LB why not play a 3 defence

———-El Sharawwy—-Boateng—————-


Gioele Romeo

im not a coach so i don’t really know, but maybe replacing constant with abate and putting mexes in the back, or (ideally Mbiwa) . Montolivo as a regista and then side midfielders with el sharaawy and boating more advanced and then pato and pazzini up front.


aba zap ace ant
ses kpb noc
Pat paz
hey guys, can this be a winning milan?


Ambro won’t play. He is finished.

isaiah shevy frm lasgidi

y ar evry body insultin dredd he is just angry wit milan management by expressin it in simple other words which milan d very best


dredd u are right by expressing ur feeling towards the mgt. Without quality additions this team will suffer. Will u be happy to see milan suffer?


Guyz. Backing me up thanks, listen, i lov this club, always will, the way its heading is not good. Its not like im a go n support madrid, chelsea, i like them but i lov milan, u think these clubs dont know ffp is on the way. Com on man, no players, quality players arriving, milan is done, allegri will not know wat to do, he will be sakd mid season, y, hes not flex in formation, ibra carried this team, he xpects the rest to step up n becom stars, hahha, wat a joke,


I think drenthe is much more better than antonini,why not have him,boateng should be rest cos i think he’s kinda weak atleast for the start of season