Pazzini undergoes Milan medical


EVERYTHING LOOKS to be set for the exchange as Giampaolo Pazzini is having his medical done.

Today could be the day of the Pazzini-Cassano exchange. Most of the details were agreed by Inter and Milan yesterday after a long day of meetings and the players are ready to switch sides in the coming hours.

Adriano Galliani revealed on Sunday that Cassano does not want to stay at Milan and handed in a transfer request. Cassano’s agent offered Antonio to Inter and the Nerazzurri contacted Milan regarding a swap.

Pazzini-Cassano: An announcement within 48 hours?
Amelia linked with Tottenham Hotspur move

It won’t be a clean-exchange as the Rossoneri will have to add money to the deal to make it happen. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports the price needed is €7.5 million while every other source reports it’s €7 million. The reason Milan have to pay extra is because Pazzini’s value is higher than that of Cassano.

The contract details of Pazzini have also leaked: He’ll sign a four-year deal worth €2.5 million a season. Pazzini will reportedly take on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s #11 jersey. The player, at these moments, is at Busto Arsizio, having his medical check-ups done. He’ll then most likely head to Milanello and sign the contract with Milan later today. The only thing missing apparently is the final Cassano-Inter agreement over wages.

Pazzini’s agent, Tullio Tinti spent the morning in via Turati but left along with Adriano Galliani. Gazzetta reports that Galliani will soon head to Forte dei Marmi for relaxations after the busy Pazzini-Cassano days.

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Wow. Ok, wat eva. Lets c how he goes..


players who has brought disharmony in dressing room should leave milan. shameful to real legends like basten, gullit, rijkaard, dessaily, savicevic, baresi, maldini, etc.


What should be done after Pazzini joins us:

1)Kolarov didn’t play for city.I think we can get him in the last week of August or just give Vila his chance till January.

2)Fernando from Porto may be available on loan with option to buy. He would be amazing for the DM role. We could go for Gargano as plan B.

3)Add G.Rossi to the attack.

4)If Mexes leaves, then get Mbiwa.

5)Extra: If we can hijack Sahin’s move that would be perfect or just get Kaka.


Kolarov is non-eu and our non-eu spots have been taken by Zapata and Gabriel..

Fernando of Porto is one of their most important players, hery’d never loan him, they’d only sell him for 10-15m

M’Biwa will hopefully join in January, if Mexes leaves this summer no one will arrive…

Sahin to Arseanl is a done deal..

We might get Rossi in January..


I thought Kolarov had a EU-Citizenship.

I would want Gargano then.

We will need Mbiwa now if Mexes does leave.

Kaka would be nice if Sahin isn’t an option, G.Rossi doesnt join now and Niang does.


worst piece of business by Milan because of the 7 million extra to be paid to Inter…Pazzini might be younger but Cassano is much better and Inter wanted Cassano…should have sold him for 5 million instead of swap…Milan would have got someone else much better for 13-14 million i.e. G. Rossi or Kaka or C. Ericksen etc etc..


crazy old Galliani……. cassano is more complete player n yet we have to pay 7m? y dunt we try for lorentte ?


This is gonna be a pazzini-montolivo reunion…hope they can do something for Milan…forza ragazzi!!


Its good


Who wouldn’t want Pazzini when he was at Sampdoria? It didnt work for him at Inter and various factors could have contributed to that. I urge all Milan fans to take a positive from this and let us move on. From economic terms its not a good deal but on technical comparism its not either because Cassano is genius. STILL BETTER THAN BORRIELO


#sigh……..still waiting for some good news, don’t think we all pleased to hear this..negative + positive cancels each other out…..a Mbiwa arrival would cheer us all!!!!


I think this is a good move for Milan. Cassano wanted to leave, there is nothing more to be said about that. By the way history has always shown that when Inter and AC Milan trade players-Milan always end up coming out better than Inter. Just look at Pirlo & Seedorf transfer from Inter to Milan. Milan sent Francesco Coco in exchange for Seedorf and we bought Pirlo and exchange Guly for Brocchi that same year. Pazzini will do well at Milan. Look for Milan to buy Rossi either this summer or Jan to replace Cassano as a second striker.… Read more »

Charlie Brown

Pazzini Is much better Than that gud 4 nothing Borriello, Who Thinks he’s the best..Pazzini Forza Milan


Yeh Borriello does suck but to be fair he did just give Destro his 22 jersey at Roma so he’s maybe not such a bad guy, dont want him anywhere near Milan though!


cassano was in 11 starter player in euro 12 runner up italy national and pazzini even didnt invite.
how pazzini price is more when every player that playing in a grand tournament his value is growing up.


Hope he perform but i doubt his capabilities.

Good Faith

He could end to be a great buy. If he doesn’t score goals he can at least work hard something casino rarely do. Yeah say milan hijack sahin move to arsenal and get kolerov. But I doubt that sahin would want Milan. The kid is ambitious. Milan claim to be a winning side but they live on past glory. The management can’t even do simple things right.


7m to be paid wit in 3yrs hahaha.Oh my darling milan


Cassano left means El Shaarawy will be an important player next season

DWD vagamundo

El Shaarawy should be an important player even if Cassano had stayed.

I do feel that Cassano betrayed Milan after Milan gave him so much help last year. If he needed Ibra to help his game, then he should leave, and I’m glad he bailed out now rather than in a year or two when Milan had put effort into making him part of the squad. Now we can put efforts into real Milanisti.

Forza Milan


I believe Pazzini will be a great addition to our squad. Cassano had no motivation, so why should we keep him anyway. Pazzini may had a difficult year at Inter but I think that it wasn’t his fault. Inter played plain badly last year. He can’t be blamed for Inter’s last seasons results.

Iddi Pato

Pazini is my fav playa since Sampdoria. Hav u 4gotin he was chalengin Dinatali 4de capo cananieri last 2 season…
Forza guys. Forza PAZZINI… Wish him gud luck.

Ac fan

I heard we re back in the hunt for paulinho.Hw ix dis gonna work afta we don’t av extra non eu-spot

nana fynn

did this article writer said Andriano Galliani is going to rest,he is not serious,with ten days more to go and u want to go and rest without any reasonable signing,we shall see..hehehehehehe…very funny go and rest…hehehehe


+7.5?! It’s high time we got duped. Forza milan!


Let’s just welcome Pazzini and wish him the best. And hope he finds his Sampdoria form. And eventually and hopefully can improve from that. He was one of Italy’s most feared strikers no doubt about that. Hopefully he will be “reborn” like when Pirlo went to Juve.
Now let’s hope for the best regarding other signings in midfield, maybe in centre of defence too.
And let’s see if Kaka will come back.
Pazzini should be given the nr 10 shirt though, Prince clearly does not fit with it, he should’ve sticked to his number 27 shirt…

afeez olawale

next is kaka nd nbiwa,bcus zapata’s lack recovery 2 d centre defens,our spirit of playing is getting low is only robinho dat is on fire boateng is getting weaker bcus he has already missed d lyks of seedorf.ibrahim nd now d ingreat cassano,all we nid now is BIG STARS !!!

opinion -lawyer

this should be pazzini of sampdoria.nt intermilan


pazzini is more and much better than our player cassano,because pazzini is a sharp shooter,and have shot accuracy and shot technichs……….KANO NIGERIA


Wellcome to milan pazzini…Now galliani go for kaka and mbiwa and we are done


allegri needs a target man …pazzini is clinical when it comes to finishing plus he earn less than casson ( 2M less if im not wrong ) and he is younger and better physically…lets not forget cassano had a major health problem and he might not play for too long…we still need kaka, mbiwa and g.rossi and we can compete for serie a…if not we would be building a team that can compete in the next season


pato should play as a rw.rf. Pazzini loan striker n robinho lw. 3 forwards. 3 mids. Noce monty boa. Urby lb zapata mbiwa abate. Allegri has to change formation. If he doesnt fired son. Rijkaard is the man,

crespo 2\7

YES YES YES , mark my words ppl ,we are in for a pleasant surprise . an added plus will be to secure a deal to get mbiwa and kolarov ,get rid of mexes and bonera hold down the fort till Jan to see what could be adjusted . FORZA MILAN


Cassano is joining Intermilan because Ac milan have no chance of winning throphy. I will rather go to napoli than inter because common europa qualifier Inter crashed out.

isaiah shevy frm lasgidi

to me i prefare pazzini he has some physical qualities dan cassano.and stamina is required in seria a.lets wich him well.


10 days to go. we will c how much ambition the club has, to win, then we can judge, untill then our opinions n suggestions r just…. Hope things change tho. For the better. Forza ac mi loan lolol. hahahahaha


I’m pretty sure Milan also saves ~1M per season in wages with this, which takes down the price abit. Milan has lacked real poacher/predator since Inzaghi haven’t been playing regularly. However we really need some creative genius.


No one mentions Allegri’s part in all this? Apparently Cassano and Allegri didn’t see eye to eye. First Ronaldinho, then Pirlo, then Inzaghi, Nesta and Gattuso and now Cassano…


7 million seems very expensive, we should have snatched both Julio Caesar and Pazzini for that price!


How I’d like our squad to look throughout the 2011-12 Season:

GOALKEEPERS: Abbiati, Amelia, Gabriel.

CENTER-BACKS: Mbiwa, Acerbi, Zapata, Bonera, Yepes.

RIGHT-BACKS: De Sciglio, Abate.

LEFT-BACKS: Antonini, Dídac Vilà.

CENTRALO-MIDFIELDERS: Ambrosini, Montolivo, Gargano.

SIDE-MIDFIELDERS: Nocerino, Constant, Traoré, Flamini, Muntari, Strasser, Emanuelson.


SECOND-STRIKERS: Robinho, El SHaarawy, G.Rossi.

CENTRAL-FORWARDS: Pato, Pazzini, Niang


Well, it’s done. Benvenuto Giampaolo!

Hopefully you do as well with Milan as most of the players who make the switch from the blue side.

For Cassano’s part after all Milan did for him… I hope he has a healthy, but horrible last few seasons as a footballer.


Well, it’s done. Benvenuto Giampaolo!

Hopefully you do as well with Milan as most of the players who make the switch from the blue side.

For Ca*sano’s part after all Milan did for him… I hope he has a healthy, but horrible last few seasons as a footballer.


Pls try for victor moses or damiao and get yanga m’biwa to replace mexes after that we can compete for upcoming season forza milan


hello, i was watching the MILAN s team on transfermarkt. de and my conclusion is simple. this is the weekest team we had in the last 20 years. I mean pato, robinho, boateng these are the only true stars. just 3. and we can also add pazzini, nocerino and abate. but come on, isn it hard to see the team s status right now? I love this team from the bottom of my heart. People like ronaldinho, kaka, pirlo, rolando, dani from zenit, we trully need some names, people who really undestand the rossonero spirit. We watched Inzaghi, Pirlo, Seedorf,… Read more »