Bronzetti confident Lass will join Milan


LASSANA DIARRA will find an agreement with Mila upon his return from vacation, Bronzetti says.

Milan have been linked with Real Madrid’s Lassana Diarra in the last days as they are looking around to sign a regista – a player who can play in front of the defense – and Lass has been identified as an option.

Lass holds a contract with Los Blancos until next summer but he’s not part of the plans of boss Jose Mourinho and is expected to leave during the next two months. Milano is apparently a possible destination.

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“Lassana Diarra will reach an agreement with Milan, when he returns from his vacation in USA,” the much respected FIFA Agent Ernesto Bronzetti is quoted as saying on Bronzetti said earlier this week that Lass to Milan is “absolutely possible”. The main obstacle in such deal would be Lass’ wages.

Lass currently earns €4.5 million a season with the Spanish side and it’s believed that Milan won’t be ready to offer him such an amount. Meanwhile, La Stampa claims that Luca Cigarini is the alternative.

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Now it’s up to Lass. If he wants to play top level football, he will join us but if he wants money, he will go to Russia.


that’s ok. sell robinho and get destro and it’s perfect


datz gud bt dnt sell binho/he comez and goes! he wuld stil come and stay 4eva


He is good…but what Milan needs in my opinion is KAKA kinda player..a player that is able to draw some attention from defenders and free some more meters for other Milan players to express themselves. But if Lass comes cheap not a bad choice..over him and Aquilani I’d chose Lass


Lass or Cigarini…..I’d rather get Cigarini instead!!


I think he can be a bit of a jerk, but I always thought Diarra was really good. He’s a very physical player and defends well. I’m surprised he wasn’t included in the french squad.


I hope kaka returns,i want milan 2 get kaka first and lass ll b a bonus,lass is göod but milan really needs world class creative midfielder


I hear Spartak Moscow bought another midfielder for around 8mil (i forgot the name), so they’re not after Lass anymore


flamini,constant,nocerino, muntari,strasser,ambrosini…and now lass. Come on.too many muscle.
And moreover he cn’t play d registra position as it’s a very strategic point on d field.d person playing it controls d tempo of d game and it has 2 b a technical player, relaxed n calculating-compare pirlo/vanbommel.


Cigarini over Diarra any day for me. Like a few have already pointed out Diarra is more about muscle and explosive play. We need someone who is less about muscles and more about brains, elegance and defensive qualities. Am tired of always going for muscle over brains over the past couple of seasons. Galliani bring us Cigarini!!


this is starting to look good. lass + destro. sell robinho , mesbah, taiwo. sell didic and buy armero/balzaretti.

and i hope allegri give el-sharrawy the place behind the 2 strikers, all he need is training and he will fit in that possision like hand in a glow.

and im so looking forward to see montolivo in action i milan. i loved how he playd against germany! he was a beast.


So, we’re looking for a Regista, but we’re looking at Lass…is it just me or are they way off in this chase? Lass is by no means a Regista, he’s more of a Flamini/Nocerino type of player, without the technique Noce possesses. So if Cigarini is the alternative, I’d get him 100 times out of 100 ahead of Lass, he’s cheaper as well, who knows maybe he can take that step and become class if he joins us… One thing that speaks for Cigarini, not only is he Italian, he’s also a real Regista…


Couldn’t agree more!

Pa ibra

the altenative is more fit than the actual choice. less wages, better understanding to the league, cheaper transffer, younger etc. i dont think they are so broke. if they where, they wouldnt go for Destro 15mil


aha…good news,i’m very like this player because he have good skill to be holding midfielder_he can play between montolivo and nocerino for support boateng,as the playmaker.


Y y’all talkin abt selin robinho?hun?ibra,pato,cassano re all CS(i.e 9).robie is d only winga(i.e SS)dat we have.n yall talkn abt destro,anoda……JST LET ROBIE BE.


No Lass please moreover he sees our beloved Milan as an Option, his heart is not wit us, Cigarini in please and get Destro too to replace Robinho