Leonardo: “Psg were close to getting T. Silva”


LEONARDO says Paris SG had an agreement with the player and were close to agree with Milan.

Paris Saint-Germain were negotiation with Milan for days in order to reach an agreement over Brazilian defender Thiago Silva but they never found a deal as Silvio Berlusconi called off the entire operation.

In the last days there are voices that the Thiago Silva case will be re-opened as Milan are reluctant to match Psg’s offer for Thiago in terms of wages (€7.5m). Leonardo says they were very close to get Thiago.

Euro 2012 in red and black: Semi-final
Constant eager to prove his worth

“We spoke with the best defender in the world, Thiago Silva, and we had an agreement with him,” Psg’s sporting director and former Milan coach Leonardo told Le Parisien. “But we didn’t reach an agreement with Milan, and then we stopped the negotiations. We were very close to reaching an agreement with Milan.

“But it’s normal that a club wants to think and reflect before they sell the best defender in the world. Milan don’t take PSG seriously? No, if there are any problems then they are in Milano, not here.” Leonardo was the one to spot Thiago Silva when he was playing in Brazil; at the time Leo was a Milan director and scout.

Thiago Silva hasn’t been interviewed even once since the very start of this saga. Leonardo has now confirmed that Psg had an agreement with the player which means he was already ready and set to leave.

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dan pato

where will i downloud fifa manager 2012 i rely need to play that game ple tel me my milano.


Let the leonardo abuse begin!


leonardo is so annoying,really dont like this guy.

mich prince tommy

i hope all these are rumours.not really true


D temptation was much… I hop its dead forever..


I’m happy it did not go through. He is the best player on the team, and one of the best in the world.


I think we can kiss Thiago goodbye


According to latest reports, if Thiago Silva’s wages are increased, Raiola will also ask for an increase on Ibra’s

According to CdS, Milan would be interested in signing both Peluso (LB) and Cigarini (CM) from Atalanta.

According to GdS, Milan has now joined the race for Destro with Juve, Inter and Roma. Galliani and Preziosi are meeting at Forte dei Marmi


ok lets see. sell silva for 450-500milions robinho 100milions.
buy dede, lass, tevez, armero, maybe handanovic.



all these new players is linkt to milan so it can be true if we sell silva+robinho. i love silva but it wod make our team much better with these players that is linked to the club


If Madrid can pay $40 mil for a descent LB in Coentrao then I think PSG can make a better offer for the best defender in the world


According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the meeting between Galliani and Preziosi at Forte Dei Marmi is not for Destro. Veloso? Granqvist? Kucka?


Galliani could ve signed Dede first,deny any news about d sale of T33,if milan should sell T33 right now,purchasing Dede will b very expensive,n if milan gives in 2 T33 demands every milan player will demand a pay hike,thus milan will ve 2 sell him


Kucka what position does he play? Pls i wana know


Central and defensive mid

ysae 2 ekam a loof

It’s nice for every player to demand a hike but they also have to understand that before asking for a hike they should perform better and be among the best. For Tsilva to ask a huge amount is not a good thing but paying him a considerable amount is not a bad thing. He is our best player and has the strong point of getting people take notice of him,Milan and Serie A. Please don’t take me wrong, Media nowadays do hype and highlight the player more than they do for the club, For Instance, If you can see how… Read more »


I think it’s a shame that Silva has to ask for a wage increase. Milan management should give him an increase to show that he is appreciated as they know he well deserves it. How in the world was he only making the same wages as Flamini for instance?!!

Opinion Varies

Cassano needs a raise,Abate needs a raise…pretty much everybody in the team need a raise….how bout that?


I think milan should offer Silva a contract worth 6m/season and bonuses that would get it up to 7-7.5m/season……

Opinion Varies

With whose money? Yours…..?


NO!! Milan’s!!We freed up lots of money in terms of wages, just offer some of it.

Opinion Varies

What money did Milan freed? Don’t tell me the old veterans we let go-cause last i checked we’ve signed like 5 players already and they too are going to get paid as well. So what money are you really talking about there dude?


Player wage before difference Mathieu Flamini 4,500,000to 1.6m +2.9 Gennaro Gattuso 4,000,000 +4 Mark Van Bommel 3,500,000 +3.5 Gianluca Zambrotta 3,500,000 +3 Clarence Seedorf 3,000,000 +3 Alessandro Nesta 2,500,000 +2.5 Alberto Aquilani 2,000,000 +2 Taye Taiwo 1,800,000 +1.8 Filippo Inzaghi 800,000 +.8 Flavio Roma 500,000 +.5 That’s the maximum I could remember and it’s equal to 24m. we signed Muntari(at most3), constant(at most 2), Acerbi(2), montolivo(at most 3.5) and gabriel(at most 1). The total at most is 11m and that leaves us with 13m. We can use an extra 2 or 3 for the best defender in the world, can’t… Read more »

Opinion Varies

So logically,You saying because we’ve freed up high wage bills of other players we should up the one’s who hasn’t got a raise yet? I mean,seriously that’s the understanding I’m getting from your comment.

Saman R

What is the god damn problem???! Milan payed flamini €4M for years and he was absoletely useless!! and he still is.
But its had to pay the BEST defender in the world 6-7 mil?????

Milan doesnt deserve to have the best defender in the world in their squad. Milan doesnt either deserve a owner like berlusconi. They million man, just cover debts and thinks that is enough. When you own something, a house, a car, a factory, you MUST cover the costs when its needed. But you must also improve!!!

Opinion Varies

Yup Milan paid Flamini €4Million because of the contract agreement he had with Milan prior to him joining the Club.But to say he’s useless…i definitely disagree with you.His performance was vital to Milan’s Scudetto winning in 2011…therefore the notion you trying to create is totally glib.

Then again i can tell,You one bitter fan who think Milan should buy just about every best player in the world.It doesn’t surprise me though cause every player who is not widely known that ends up in Milan is average to you.

Opinion Varies

Berlusconi should sell him off outright already.It’s not like he’s the first ever best defender to play for the Red and Black Jersey.Either he settles for 5million or go jump off a cliff head first.

I’m pretty much positive the thoughts running through Silva’s head is….Milan holding him down from amassing crazy wealth.


What do you all think of Luca Scapuzzi(was a Milan youth) but is now with Manchester City?


Sky’s Di Stefano says Galliani and Preziosi were chatting about a lot of things, including Destro, but Milan have no interest in him.

flimizy rossoneri

Really a little bit disappointed in Thiago no as though we don’t value but he should av tactically as 4 an increase so if he’s not been paid he would leave. Wat of pple lik maldini who never weavered irrespective of great offers. He should knw he hurts milan fan. Forza milan


If milan can get kaka,Nilmar of villareal,dede,and if T33 leaves,provided allegri dont use d following players robinho,antonini mesbah,mexes,ambrosini,then i can say boldly that milan got a good chance of winning d CL n scudetto


If anybody deserves a raise Boateng should b top on d list


Life after Thiago Silva.

mich prince tommy

big rumour


What I would like to see happen in the remaining part of the mercato is for Robinho to be sold and replaced with one of the Man city trio of Balloteli, Dzeko, Tevez. Cigarini to be brought in as the regista. This might be unpopular with the Sahin fans but I would like this move as he is a great playmaker with great defensive qualities. What’s even more great is that he is Italian and he sits on the bench for Napoli, which should make it easier to bring him in. I would also like for Allegri to play either… Read more »


That would actually be nice and Balzaretti(I hope) or Peluso(They say he’s good).IS HE??


I forgot to mention Ambro in midfield lol and no never heard Peluso sorry.


Actually we saved more dan dat . The tax system in italy is about 50% so its 2 times dat .


Acerbi earns 725k constant 1m i tink . Muntari is 1.3m n so is traore . Monty is 2.5m . We have reduced our wage budget by about 50mil we can spare a few quid for ts


Thank YOU!!!!!


I honestly don’t think it’s so much a matter of money for T. Silva. I’m sure he doesn’t truly feel appreciated since both he and Ibra said they’d stay, but that the squad needed to be reinforced with quality players. Plus, Milan should have increased his wages themselves. He should get payed more because he has proved his worth. People said last year that Milan was being smart not spending a bunch of money because the FFP was going to be in effect. I still see clubs spending lots of money. It’s apparent that Berlusconi doesn’t want to invest in… Read more »


According to La Stampa, Diarra is Milan’s main objective, if his signing fails, they would then try to sign Atalanta’s Luca Cigarini


Ambro wnt get much playtime . Diarra wud b okay . Luca too . I wud luv sahin,strootman or banega in d team


some people r counting berlu’s money, why? that looney is rich, stinkin rich. if he values silva, damn it pay him his worth it. how many goals does he save? milan are still one of the top 10 rich clubs in the world…


anyone else heard this? apparently Galliani said that Silva is staying, and there’s a chance that Destro will arrive.


Yes, and that’s gr8!!!
But will Destro be replacing Robinho or will he be our sixth striker.


Looks like Juventus will be getting Lucio(34). Is he better than Acerbi(23)? I doubt.


two thumbs for mr.berlusconi,to reject offering from PSG.