El Shaarawy keen to stay and improve


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY is satisfied with the role he played in the 11/12 season but wants to do better.

El Shaarawy joined Milan from Genoa on a co-ownership deal for €10m and has shown lots of promise since setting foot at Milanello as despite scoring just four goals, he showed he can turn into a great player.

It was thought at first that El Shaarawy will play a small part in Milan’s season but the injuries of Pato and the accident of Cassano meant the youngster played more than expected. Next year he wants more.

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“I came here hoping to play a few games and I played 28,” El Shaarawy, who turns 20 in October, told Sky Sport 24. “Next year I will try to do better than the previous year. I want to play more games and score more goals. My debut goal against Udinese at Stadio San Siro was wonderful, a unique and beautiful sensation.

“The worst moment of the last season was when we lost to all the big teams, a thing that cost us the title,” he added. “It will be hard to imitate those who have gone, but we will try in every way to do our best. We hope that the club can keep both Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. I saw Ibra unhappy but he was disappointed like all of us. I believe they’ll both stay. We are convinced that next year we will be able to beat Juventus.”

It is believed that Milan will buy the remaining 50% of El Shaarawy from Genoa this summer and then will own the player fully. There are rumours that Alexander Merkel could be included in the deal to get him.

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El nino

Forza el faroan we luv u boi


thanks SES. i am not a professional scout but i have followed serie A since maradona was joining napoli and i have a sense to identify who will become a world class player and who won’t. the sad experience is when i was knowing that zidane and thuram join juve after euro cup in england. i predict that SES can be the next del piero or totti for italian football. if ibra really goes to City or Madrid, allegri should give more time for trio cassano-pato-SES to play. this will improve SES skills significantly. make robinho as a sub. he… Read more »


ses is good but merkel should also stay.i dont knw why we send our youths away.look at b.munich with like 6 guys from the youth,we should try putting more faith in our youths instead of bringing players with little or no talent.lets see what allegri will do with merkel,strasser,ses, de scligio next season.i knw they might still be sacrificed i trust milan for that.


i completely agree. look at who we let slip away – Astori and Matri!!!


SES and merkel should stay


I hope that he gets the chance to improve. Count me as one of the people who thinks we could use another striker, but I hope it is not at his expense. I would love to see him and Ibra leading the attack.

He is a solid piece and one that can make huge contributions for many years to come. I hope he does not get lost in the shuffle.


merkel must stay !


SES, Merkel, Strasser and De Sciglio should give a chance..

Forza Milan..


SES is one for the future, has all the makings of a great talent. I hope he stays here

Macho Blake

Everybody talks about SES is our Future and we all have seen his Brilliance in flashes but how many think that he is in the right hands for him to become the superior player we all want him to become. It is worth taking risk and giving him sufficient time to play and prove himself. If Allegri still sticks on to his defensive mode then SES will not be able to improve.SES PATO BOA CASSANO MONTY TSILVA ABATE URBY FLAMINI NOCERINO have what it takes but how they are used will initially see where Milan go.Get the team more younger… Read more »