Montolivo undergoes Milan medical


RICCARDO MONTOLIVO has gone through the first stages of his medical check-ups ahead of move.

Coach Massimiliano Allegri has already announced Riccardo Montolivo will be joining the Rossoneri next season and the Caravaggio-born regista was today at Milanello for the first parts of his medical check-ups.

The former Fiorentina man comes on a free transfer as his contract with the Viola is set to expire next month. He will probably be signing the deal with Milan already tomorrow after doing the rest of the tests.

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According to reports in Italia, Montolivo will put pen to paper on Thursday. He will sign a four-year deal and will wear the No. 18 shirt – currently owned by Alberto Aquilani who is expected to leave. There are different reports regarding Monty’s salary as some sources claim he’ll earn €3.5m while others indicate €2 million.

Allegri has already stated that the 27-year-old, who is currently injured but will feature in the Euro’s with Prandelli’s Azzurri, will replace Mark Van Bommel in terms of position of the pitch – in front of the defense.

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montolivo speaks very good german, with boateng, merkel and montolivo we can sign nuri sahin and he would better adapt in milan then real 😀


Welcome, Monty


Finally, someone who can actually knows how to play as CM. But I don’t want Allegri to change his natural position in order to adapt him to his dumb defensive formation. And I,m glad Aquilani will be gone, he did not do anything for Milan.


Both aqualani and maxi lopez help milan, galiani plz retain them, they are milanista.


Montolivo, Boateng and Merkel would make a good midfield 3


Nice… Welcome Monty…

Now buy Handanović, Acerbi, Sahin and Ganso

and sell/loan: Amelia, Mesbah, Aquilani, Strasser, Maxi

In my opinion we don’t need new attackers: Ibra, Cassano, El Shaarawy, Pato are all great players…


GK: Abbiati, Amelia

DEF: Abate, Antonini, Bonera, De Sciglio, Mexes, Mesbah, T.Silva, Yepes, Urby, (Acerbi), (Astori/Ogbonna)

MID: (Sahin), Aquilani, Boateng, Flamini, Merkel, Muntari, Nocerino, Montolivo, Traore, (Ganso), (Strootman)

FWD: Fantantonio, SES, Ibrahimovic, Pato, (Balotelli/Tevez)

This gives us a total of 29, if u want them less then sell Bonera and Mesbah and dont keep Muntari and loan out Rodney


Add Ambrosini, since he just renewed


now to keep it 25 also loan Merkel or dont keep Aquilani


I agree with “ACMILANO”, but i also think we need a high quality defender who has got some experimence if we’re gonna compete with the other big europeans club.

But i’ll be pleased if we gets a team like that (the “ACMILANO” one)


We need tp be careful about who we keep and who we let go. Do we really need Aquilani seeing that we to pay 8m to liverpool to secure him when we can easily renew Flimini’s contract at no transfer fee cost and will do as much as Aquilani for Milan. Is Maxi worth 8m with his current form. Paying 8m for him when he only scored 2 goals in over 8 apperances isnt wise. I I think we should do everything to get either Nuri sahin or Ganso. but should not worth more than 15m so Robinho plus 5m… Read more »


if we are going back to playing a regista in front of defence instead of a classic holding mid why didn’t we just keep pirlo? oh well..


Merkel must stay please, he is very good. i think we need two other midfielders: kevin strootman and eriksen or ganso. This is the dream.


Rumours are that von bommel is taking the number 6 shirt,which is strootman’s shirt,so his leaving may,I want Rossi,who will be cheaper now for sure and prefer we got rid of Robinho,who would be replaced by Rossi,don’t want anymore embarrasing misses.


Now please sign Nuri Sahin,AC Milan new number 21 jersey holder.

Mz adamu

Good one remain ganso ane tevez


forza monty.real quality.where is giancarlo?


GK: Abbiati, Perin

DR: Abate, De Sciglio

CB: Silva, Mexes, Ogbonna/Astori, Acerbi, Bonera, Yepes

DL: Urby, Antonini, Criscito

CM: Monty, Sahin/Ganso, Boateng, Nocerino, Traore, Flamini, Muntari, Ambrosini

AM/ST: SES, Binho/Rossi, Ca*ssano, Ibra, Pato, Paloschi


Welcome monty…he is such a good player with great technique. I think we must buy another midfielder…sahin is very good choice. I heard muenchen want to bid him for 10 millions, we can compete with them. For ganso..if Santos still want 40 millions, it’s makes us crazy…maybe we should exchange with Robinho…and also buy Tevez.


U are welcome to the family.

milan francis

Milan need to sell Ibra.Don’t get me wronng.He has been massive for us over 2 seasons,very instrumental to whatever glory Allegri is claiming,but I wouldn’t want us to build “the new Milan”around Ibra who for all the accolades and poersonal honours he have won in Milan,he still remains a MECENARY. His personality will be another problem in which Allegri has tried in managing(remarkable)so far.Again the team always plays for Ibra,right from the goalkeeper up to the second striker.Also with Ibra in the team I don’t see how we can have a plan B should plan A fails because the team… Read more »

Macho Blake

@Milan Francis I can’t agree with you more.Your assessment of Ibra is perfect but I don’t know how long can he help Milan if he is really doing something great.He is the only target man we have and he has to shoulder the responsibility to score the maximum no of goals.I don’t know why everyone is excited because he is doing his job.If Robinho tried to finish atleast half his chances he would have overtook Ibra.Consider the same impact Messi has on Barca when it comes to goal scoring.It’s the same situation because PEP has made Messi the target man… Read more »

Sohel Sharif

Welcome to Milan Monty…hope u bcom a legend in short time…
By the way i want Rossi to replace Robinho, not Tevez

El nino

Sell ibra and buy sahin and jovetic,then swap robson wt ganso+some cash


@el nino easier said than done.we should be realistic,so we dont get heartbreaks like last summer.fingers crossed should be d word


said to buy this, buy that but milan will only bring in players for free like traore & monty. i doubt milan will sign acerbi because galliani thinks that acerbi’s price is too high. so, keep dreaming to bring in sahin. sahin will come to milan only if milan want to release ibra. sahin will come with some cash for a swap deal with ibra. like it or not, milan don’t have enough money. so, do not expect much to see eriksen/ganso/tevez for the next season.


The latest word is that Ibra will stay no matter what and that its more likely that we sell Silva – in fact its is very likely that Silva leaves this summer..

In my mind, It would be a mistake to sell Silva….


@milanfreak, u are right.people shdn’t dream big about our transfers or else they will die from heart attack. Galliani will definate buy mediocres for the team.


@nyamasem u d man.galiani n his borin ways of transfer.


Yeah…it’s still a long way until August 30th. But no matter what…six legend players can’t replace by six mediocre free transfers players. If that happened, I belive all milan fans will angry to uncle fester and berlusconi. If they don’t want to spend money…they must sell the clubs…what happen to the money that Milan get from CL, last season champions, sponsorship, and much more ? We can’t control the board…just hope. If the board love milan, they must do the best for Milan.

Olalekan Mojeed

Dortmund refuse to extend kagawa contract if we can get him it will be a nice signing


Actually it’s Kagawa who refused, but he is on his way to ManU, he already talked with Ferguson for about two hours.


when the hell it will become official?If Sahin,Strootman and Ganso can some..damn i can’t imagine how eager i am to watch my Milan take on big clubs especially Juve and Inter.My dream line-up:

—Abate—-T Silva—————-Acerbi—-Urby——-


when the he*ll it will become official?If Sahin,Strootman and Ganso can some..damn i can’t imagine how eager i am to watch my Milan take on big clubs especially Juve and Inter.My dream line-up:

—Abate—-T Silva—————-Acerbi—-Urby——-


kagawa is goin for like 10m… Sahin would be great… Ganso well, cant say enough about best cam for milan dat would be da signing… But berlusconi doesnt wanna spend,… Only on strppers… Well sell the club. Put som money into it or leave. Simple as dat…


extends Flamini’s contract. sign Muntari. get rid of Aquilani, replace him with Ganso –> Milan will be superb

if you wanna be more perfect, sell Robinho then get Tevez.


I couldn’t agree more, milan francis. We have to sell ibra. And if ever there’s a right time to do so it is now. In addition, the man is already 30, we cannot build our team arround someone of his age, he is at his peak, he cannot be a better player than he is now, he can only go down from now on. Yes Ibra is great player, a champion. But he is not one for the future. Which is why I suggest we sell now while he still attracts other teams, and his market value is still high.… Read more »


I agree about Ibra as it would not make sense for Milan to keep him but Jovetic is not the answer. This player cannot lead a big team like Milan.

Milan should make a move for someone who can become a leader like Edin Dzeko who has the potential to be as great as Sheva!

Balotelli is way too immature for that type of responsibility!

Milan should revisit Edin Dzeko!!!


he will only be beater from now till 2015 and then deacrease. he doubled his goals from last season. without fantanio or pato or pirlo or ronnie. so ibra should retire at milan. how could u say to sell him after his hard work and winning golden boot?!?

you have no soul


Rossi is out another projected ten months, he had another injury set back in April during his training and is expected to be sidelined for ten months. He is getting another operation in 4 months. He is not an option until he is fit. As for Montolivo I wish him the best!


it’s up to milan management & allegri to decide whether they want to keep ibra, pato or robinho upfront. cassano & SES must stay because they are italian assets. i myself prefer milan to sign giovinco. this small guy is fast, know how to score and a 100% juve hater. but, it will happen only if milan have the money. i don’t expect much on mercato. if ibra goes to madrid, milan can ask for sahin. if pato goes to PSG, milan can ask for sakho. if robinho goes to santos, milan can ask for a LB…not ganso. ganso will… Read more »


I would love to see Milan sell Ibra and get either Edison Cavani or Edin Dzeko!!!

Milan are too over dependent on Ibra!!! Milan will not win the UCL with Ibra, that is for sure!!!

When Ibra left Inter, they won the UCL, when Ibra left Barca they won the UCL! Coincidence? I think NOT!!!

Ibra is a jinx!!! Get rid of him Milan, please!!!


mlan need quality not quantity.we dont need this dream.for those that are dream buy this buy that.all we need is sit and watch till end of transfer windowi bet u the final day of the tansfer window u been given this players lyk malouda,j.park useless name’s.


Welcome Monty

Forza Milan


good signing from allegri but we stil need more player.

kaka milan

ibra shuold go so that we can get cavani or dzeko plus harnenes.BREAKING NEWS:mancini willing to pay ibra 300,000 pounds a week.


if mancini really want ibra, milan can ask a swap deal for tevez plus kolarov. kolarov is a strong LB with great shooting.


Don’t know what to expect,just want good signings that will blend into the team