Udinese-Milan: Official line-ups


TEAM NEWS: The reigning Champions are without the injured Christian Abbiati, Mario Yepes, Sandro Nesta, Rodney Strasser, Mathieu Flamini, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Alberto Aquilani, Alexander Merkel, Alexandre Pato, Gennaro Gattuso and Antonio Cassano, the suspended Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mark Van Bommel and Sulley Muntari who is on international duty. The team from Udine arrive without the injured Barreto as well as Emmanuel Badu and Kwadwo Asamoah who are on international duty.

Udinese Calcio (3-5-1-1) – Francesco Guidolin
Samir Handanovic; Mehdi Benatia, Danilo, Maurizio Domizzi; Dušan Basta, Mauricio Isla, Michele Pazienza, Gelson Fernandes, Pablo Armero; Almen Abdi, Antonio Di Natale.

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Massimiliano Allegri
Marco Amelia; Igaznio Abate, Philippe Mexes, Thiago Silva, Djamel Mesbah; Urby Emanuelson, Massimo Ambrosini, Antonio Nocerino; Clarence Seedorf; Stepahn El Shaarawy, Robinho.

Referee: Mauro Bergonzi.

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El Shaarawy
What a GOAL!!!


Maxi lopez and amelia should be given credits!

Maxi is playing hreat! He prove he’s worth!
Amelia is showing his class!
Omg bonera in! Hope the best!


Goal El sharaawy


Amelia has been great tonight … 88min robinho out bonera on.we are locking and closing shop

rossoneri No 1

udis has pay 4 removing di natil


My comment doesnt show…

But… El Shaarawy what a goal! Combines well with Maxi… could this be our turning point from our rut?

WE have more work to do… but I’m encouraged.


gooooooaaaaaallll….thanks lopez….thanks shaarawy! the future world class for italian NT striker (shaarawy) is in the making.
now, wtf! dtrengthen our defence! i will shoot dead anyone who makes mistake by giving the ball away on the midfields and back lines who causes us conceded the equalizer for udinese!


hhahahaha i love setphan he went down he was ok and after a while he realized we need time so hes on the floor again xD


Maxi, mesbah, amelia, and of course EL SHAARAWYYYY!

These guys are our heroes!


A lot of praise needs to be given to Lopez. He was under immense pressure after the Tevez affair went bust. He had a great impact this game.




Forza milan!!!


who is ibrahimovic? we have maxi. sell ibra in the summer to Manshity for 40 mio € and we can reinforce our midfield


how was Lopez’s goal? Simple one,normal or sth special?


A tap-in after SES’s shot, he did well to get free and move into that space and then finished nicely with his left foot. Also added a nice pass for the second goal.


El Sharaawy!



Actually that’s good one. He shows he’s worth it. Great mentality from lopez!


😀 And i noticed he also notched up an assist

Maybe this is the start of a new strike partnership

Watch out Juve!!


maxi goal and assist!!!!!


still wondering why I wanted Milan to play with 1 defensive midfielder and 3 strikers ?

Shaarawy U are indeed the shining red light(not to be confused with the district) on our yersey with black stripes, keep it up sunshine.

good to see a victory, BUT, Allegri please learn from your mistakes. . . Your big test is against Gunners.


Forgot to praise Amelia, he did GREAT !

Let’s hope not to see a defensive approach against Arsenal, and let’s hope to see Bommel on the field instead of Ambrosini(he’s good as a sub, but that’s about it, he is past his prime, and he’s worth alot in the dying second of a match, like we saw today, but personally I wouldn’t use him as a starter, to make an excuse for Allegri, it might be because Bommel needed to be fully fit for Arsenal?)



somehow I managed to forget Bommel’s ban,
well I’m human.



That was the shot in the arm this team needed… it has been a disappointing past few games… but, luckily in the league our rivals haven’t capitalized.

Maxi could be like Tomasson… not a well known name, but one who puts it in all for the team.

This is a huge morale boost… considering we haven’t won against UDinese away in a long time.


first team to beat udini at away
great pair between SES and Maxi
Ameila was impressive
but the team was overall very static and kind of lost through the match
valuble 3 pts


Anyway. For all who doubt allegri, he proves it! Great subs for nocerino – maxi lopez!




Lol yeah remind me about sacking Allegri everyone!???? We just beat Udinese’s unbeaten home record!


Allegri had nothing to do with it
it was all a very short moment of brilliance between El shaarawy and Maxi.
Our play in the rest of the game was very,very bad.


No. We did great the second half entirely.


I’m positive we didn’t.
the team picked itself up after our first goal which was at 78 min,meaning we played good for about 12 minutes.


No. I’m very positive we did… right after the break. they were pushed back most of the 2nd half.


NO he had everything to do with it!! They were his tactics and his touchline orders which led to our victory – it wasn’t pretty but he kept the team up till the end! Udinese have been unbeaten at home, have a full lineup roughly while we played with a makeshift lineup. Don’t disagree, you are wrong about Allegri! Oh, I almost forgot, he subsituted Maxi on…..hmmmm yes Allegri the coach had nothing to do with it did he now…..


and You honestly think it was down to Allegri’s tactics?
Amelia saved our behinds, Most of the fans was frustrated with the starting-line-up, and they had a good reason to be so, we all know that Seedorf isn’t good in AMF, we all know Robinho can’t score, that’s why I wasn’t the only one wanting us to play:
Abate – Mexes – Silva – Mesbah
Urby – Bommel – Nocerino
Robinho – Maxi,
and what happened when we finally had 3 strikers on the pitch ?


We were short of players… Shaarawy isn’t an AMF.


Paul gimme a break,
if I’m not wrong you wrote the same thing earlier,

so let me explain it very simply again,
they can ROTATE around(the 3 attackers, that is) depending on where there strengths are best, compared to their opponents.

hope U understand,
I hate sounding like mainstream radio, repeat repeat.
no offence, don’t get me wrong.


my bad : )


Moderation again? Hmm.

This is a huge morale boost… considering we haven’t won against UDinese away in a long time.


Now Allegri learnt is lesson, now he shud stop using Maxi 4 just 5 mins ……..
Maxi is better dan Robinho………..
Now we won a big match, yes!!!! We can beat ASS-NAH….
4za Milano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! SES milan future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when he scored that goal i threw my ac milan shirt in the air and started running around the house like a crazy mother ****!!!!


good work by allegri tactically we where much better in the second half.


Fellow Rossoneri’s, this is why I say we should believe in our team and support Allegri and the players! This is the result I expected today!Great response after a dismal 1st half!

I believe Milan will come good!Great Result! We must support the team through good times and bad times!

Lets see what Juventus does now as the pressure will be on them!


Don’t worry Nick I will keep my promise,
if Allegri’s manages to beat Arsenal,
I’ll give him my full support.


and please no more comments like on the “crisis-debate”. . .


I’m not sure which comment you are referring to as I made quite a few! However, I’m sure you and everyone understood my point!

Football is like this: Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose, but we must remain calm regardless because things can change quickly!

I’m not worried about the Arsenal game to be honest! Even though I think Milan may be 2-3 quality players away from CL glory! Let’s see what happens! Cheers!


wow..great guys..emaluson had an awesome game as a mid..robinho ambro 1st & seedorf aweful..pls aqualini boteang & pato b back guys then v can win it all abiatti abate nesta/mexes..silva..mesbah..nocerino..vmb..aqalini..
boteang..el sharrway/robino..ibra/pato/maxi..


SES + Lopez = MIRACLE!!


Man, I haven’t jumped for joy this much since that 0-0 draw @ Roma last may! 3 league pts won… 100x that gained in morale!

Grazie Maxi! Grazie Faraone! FORZA MILAAAANNNN!!!!


Boateng will be back soon… and he’ll take Seedorf’s place… who arguably was our least effective.

And if it means anything, Muntari should be heading back home shortly (after today’s match). Maybe he’ll prove people wrong like Lopez.


so bring on Arsenal and Juve!!


Let’s not support our team for this time only, we should support our team in good or bad times.

I believe some people here ate their words back for saying maxi and mesbah isn’t milan class. Lol

Come on. Allegri is good one, he made the right sub for subbing nocerino for maxi lopez, and yet still some of u guys denied to give him credits!

Anyway I saw alegri’s expression not quite happy. Maybe he would slams the team lik sir alex fergie usually did.lol

Forza milan! Forza el shaarawy!


FOORZA MILANNNNNNNNNNNN:I LUV DIS CLUB.BUT why does it always ve 2 allegri long 2 learn(subs).Anyway,gud performance,gud result.FORZA MILAN.GOD BLES U.


i am going to cry to see the 2nd half. milan are back on the winning spirit. ambrosini, you are the best in the 2nd half. you have done great job as a super DMF…the role that have been missing from milan since marcel desailly era. shaarawy…keep up your performance and be humble, boy! your career is still loooong way to go. robinho, i am sick with your performance, cannot pass, cannot shoot…aaaaarrgh! seedorf, with all respect, sir….please retire. your body is not aligned with your spirit. you almost cause milan concede 2 goals tonight. amelia, thanks for the good… Read more »

rossoneri #1

Please, robinho out and maxi in
Maxi did in 25 min what robinho couldn’t all the season


Ibra is the weakest link , should sell him for 150 million euros and buy a Play maker strong midfielders and a striker like Inzhagi. Milan back again with a bang!!!!!1


The weakest link?> Ibra? No… Pato is.


We played with Ibra against Napoli & Juve , we drew one and lost one, Ibra also played against Inter and we lost.There was no Pato in thses games. Ibra manages to get a ban and there you go we beat Udinese at their home ground!!!!enough said. PLAY TO IBRA is a flop tactic period.


No offence but some gaiz are allegri haters . He made a sub dat changed the game n u dont give credit ? Talk about double standards . At least dis kips dem quiet for awhile . Didnt beat a big team ? Well , here is d team .


I knew we got something special in SES when he first arrived <3 unlike Giancarlo an co.. Ibra we do not need we need KPB and Aqua to return more than we need Ibra cos we have Stephan El Shaarawy!! 😀


rob out 4ever,max is good and he has the turn like iniesta and cassano after holding up ball,rob didnt do anythin bt spend mch tym on the bal.alergi provd me wrong, bt mind u guys,it culd be easily over if udines culd hv taken their chances.cdorf plz retire.ambro playd 2 hs limit,forza.


No offense, but at this standard, robinho’s worth selling than pato. I mean, he hasn’t show his “built up play” for longgg time.


And he costs us some points because of his bad finishing. But I don’t think anyone would leave! Cheers! Anyway I kinda confused, why did pato take blame suddenly? Paul? Lol


Why does Pato get all this credit for being injured most of the season? I don’t get it.


I rarely post comments here but i always observe the other Milan fans posts.I really disappointed with some of milan fans.I still believe in this Milan side and Allegri BUT we need IMPROVEMENTS!even Juventus with full squad can’t beat Udinese.but WE DID IT.This season I have a rivalry to be settled with Juventus fans.I hope AC Milan will end their unbeaten record just like we did to Udinese.I’ll face you off till the end Juventus!Forza AC Milan!!!


I said at this standard. At least when pato plays, he scored. That’s it. I’m kinda frustrated with pato’s injuries, and robi’s awful finishing.

But pato is worth more, as he’s 22 and has better finishing.

I don’t want to get a debate with anyone again, I want to rejoice and I want to get sleep now! Adios!


Robinho has scored more then Pato did in serie a this season. People say Pato is our future… and I begin to wonder about that.


Give some credit to Allegri, he made a great sub, which won the match. Give some credit to Mesbah and Maxi Lopez (and SES as well), they played what they are here for. And finally, give some credit to Galliani, he did good signings as i see now. Maxi Lopez will be a good sub for Ibra when he returns – until then i’d play him in the starting 11. Mesbah is an OK wing-back, Nocerino, El Shaarawy, Aquilani and Mexes all proved their worth. We didn’t played well, we had luck too – but we fought till the end.… Read more »




Guys, great game by SES. But the boy must still improving and learning. Mr Allegri says SES can’t take responsible for the team.
In my opinion, SES performance is beyond expectation, and become our rising star.
Thanks for Allegri for this victory, now we beat Arsenal.
Thanks for Galliani for bringing Maxi and Mesbah..
Forza Milan..


guys,u shd ve seen me yesterday,shouting n jumping around like i was crazy.forza milan.hahahahaha,i didnt even beliv sharaawy’s ball was in d back of d net till isaw him rejoycing.forza milan.