Udinese-Milan: Official line-ups


TEAM NEWS: The reigning Champions are without the injured Christian Abbiati, Mario Yepes, Sandro Nesta, Rodney Strasser, Mathieu Flamini, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Alberto Aquilani, Alexander Merkel, Alexandre Pato, Gennaro Gattuso and Antonio Cassano, the suspended Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mark Van Bommel and Sulley Muntari who is on international duty. The team from Udine arrive without the injured Barreto as well as Emmanuel Badu and Kwadwo Asamoah who are on international duty.

Udinese Calcio (3-5-1-1) – Francesco Guidolin
Samir Handanovic; Mehdi Benatia, Danilo, Maurizio Domizzi; Dušan Basta, Mauricio Isla, Michele Pazienza, Gelson Fernandes, Pablo Armero; Almen Abdi, Antonio Di Natale.

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Massimiliano Allegri
Marco Amelia; Igaznio Abate, Philippe Mexes, Thiago Silva, Djamel Mesbah; Urby Emanuelson, Massimo Ambrosini, Antonio Nocerino; Clarence Seedorf; Stepahn El Shaarawy, Robinho.

Referee: Mauro Bergonzi.

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oh well atleast mesbah back in the line-up, and MvB isn’t playing alongside ambro. Hope for the best!! FORZA MILANO!


Where is lopez.


where is maxi ?


Maxi can’t hold out for 90 min, so he will sub


at the 85th min? haha


Nope, around 50-70.


why cant he hold out for 90 min? :S

He’s only 27 :/


Wre z maxi? E92 shud pruv z worth..robinho nd slowdorf we nid u guys xperience.


Plzz just WIN!! 🙂


I think that this match is in the hands of el sharawy/di natale who plays better his team will win….


I say that because i don`t think robinho ca finish well…he`s a bit confused in front of the goal so he will pass to el sharawy


Hope stephan handles the pressure well .


If you guys are watching arsenal vs sunderland is a classic match. My o my the pace is breath-taking,
i hope we win this then worry about arsenal …


y play seedorf, put inzaghi on n robinho behind him.


small men up front, we need height!!!! allegri


not bad squad…this is the best we have now(aside those injured players)..but seedorf should play well…if he fails, it’s gonna be tough for us.


lets just hope 4 a draw in the least


This is a great chance for El Sharawy – he needs to do good today and I believe he will. I am worried about Ambrosini – he can’t keep up anymore and he always ends up taking players down. Good luck Milan!!!


Arsenal just won an explosive match with sunderland.they came from a goal behind and won 2-1.
The 3 bench men turn the game around for them.i hoped they would be tired but with this win they would be more motivated.


Ambrosini is in the line up then we are playing against 12 udinese players cos he will add nothing to the team. I can’t watch this match cos I will be angry.


@Nyamasem,please watch it i have this feeling that we will win,unfortunately i can’t watch i have a class’wish you all the best forza Milan


ambro n seedorf, cant watch aswell Man, im pissed right now, cant w8 for the arsenal game lol, we get raped


sorry, i don’t think milan can win at udine. seedorf was great but he doesn’t have stamina to run back helping milan’s defence or just taking the ball back from udinese players. if ambrosini has a bad day, i will be glad if milan can get 1 point at udine. just prove me that i am wrong, max allegri. good luck. i have better solution for you, max : play with 4411 formation with urby as LM in front of mesbah and robinho as RM (as i am sick enough to see him wasting so many chances when he played… Read more »


our coach should learn how to give players chance to prove themselves.. I mean, where is Maxi Lopez??.. He should have allowed him to start this match.. Lopez is going to nail this match for us, i just have this hunch(feelings)

i know in some months time, some fans in here would start saying is not good enough.. But truth is, he just waiting for a start to prove himself to us.. Anyway good luck to us.

rossoneri No 1

we will win


Hahaha.. So pathetic.. We want to win scudetto but wit this condition.. Haha.. I just hope next season will be better..


there we go
scudetto gone


Robinho is supposed to be a fast forward, he is slow as hell. Just get rid of him please.


Tsk. Di natale is great to be honest. But we play good enough, I think we can win this


Damn i can’t understand why we have so many injuries!What the hell with our medical team???
We need 3pt.We MUST win!!!FORZA ROSSONERI


this is sad


excellent goal from di natale. crab. i am getting sick now.




Galiani watch the game right? Hope he realize what he and co have done with this club..

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Thiago Silva world class?Give me a break he is WC with Nesta.


Hmm,what a start by Milan. Conceding a goal from a needless foul.scudetto is on its way out of Milan…

Mr Goph

yup just what i expected!!! Always playing useless possession Football. JUST SCORE FOR CHRIST SAKE!!


Our midfield is terible. Ambrosini and seedorf is done. Tsk. Hope galliani realize.

But I won’t blame alegri, he lost aqua,mvb,boateng, ibra,nesta,merkel. What to do. I’m just wishing the best for him and the team.

Hope muntari does well for us when he’s back from afc




tin is.. Milan have no good clinical striker like super pipo.. We are in crises, yet our coach is so subborn to give him a chance.. You are playing ses who is still developing.. Robinho who is not clinical in front of goal.

He should have tried. SES, INZAGHI up front with robinho behinde them letz see how it goes.. But his subborness won’t let him.


Seedorf and ambrosini are the anti-milan in this team.we’re already playing two man down. Now am looking for a miracle


see? seedorf almost ruin milan by letting the ball away and he couldn’t run to take the ball back. what do you expect by playing seedorf on midfields, max allegri? now, ambrosini is yellow carded. crab. isla almost makes 2-0. damn.


XDDDXDXDXDXDX look at what happens when no ibra is there, we cant play at all XD
+ we get pro seedorf and ambro who ruin the whole game loool every ball that goes to them is lost, well ok mr galliani good luck with buying neew midfielders with no money from jew aka berlusconi


time for allegri to change the formation 4-3-3 second half with robi and SES out wide and maxi in the middle


We leave Di Natale wide open and he is one of the best goal scorers. Seedorf is terrible, Ambrosini got yellow already for stupid tackles. This team is pathetic – Allegri is damaging it. I have not seen Milan play this bad for very long time. And don’t say we have injuries because this should have never been an excuse for a club like Milan.


we cant win wiht this midfield. buy more strikers galliani please. serious… seedorf what a shot pro


seriously…so glad we signed maxi lopez instead of creative, dynamic midfielders


I hope we won’t be embarrassed today.guys is not looking good.


im not watching the game coz i dt want to lose hope b4 the arsenal game…we need a miracle to win the game…btw just look at the standings, if we dt start winning again it will be very hard even for 2sd spot….:(


For god sake! Stop blaming Allegri!!!
He has 13 players out! What the hell do you want him to do!!!
You Milan fans are pathetic!
The problem is not the forwards!!!


OMG, how can milan strikers make a goal if the trequartista (seedorf) cannot deliver a good passing to them? his passings are too predictable. seedorf is having a bad day now.


Anyway don’t forget with all of our injured players, we will form a team like this


Flamini nesta yepes (left back)

Merkel MVB aqua


Pato ibra


This is almost complete squad. What to do again. This injury let us down.

And anyway I don’t see robinho vital for our build up play. Lol am I missed it? Even shaarawy plays better


The good news is we are holding possession as usuall but no creativity as usuall…so just expect a penalty or deflection or luck by any means


the squad for this game is a midtable team i cant see how we’re going to win. i hope allegri puts on maxi at the start of the second half and hope for the best.

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Thiago Silva world cla.s.s?Give me a break he is WC with Nesta


El shaarawy is not getting the ball,he needs to play in midfield to open up play.
Other than that,I can’t believe how horrendous our display is today