Milan scout Boca Juniors youngster Colazo


AC MILAN could be interested in Nicolas Colazo.

The Rossoneri have been linked with River Plate’s Erik Lamela, but according to La Gazzetta dello Sport they have sent scouts to Boca Juniors to observe the 20-year-old Nicolas Colazo.

Colazo, attacking midfield or a left-winger, is known for his rocket shot and quality on the ball.

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Colazo grew up in the youth system of the Argentine club, who is competing with AC Milan on the title the best club in the history, as both hold 18 international titles.

The problem is, however, that Boca wouldn’t start negotiations for under than $8 million, a sum thought to be too much for Milan to spend on such a young, unproven player.

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if he’s good, then get him and loan him out to grow


Sounds good, but can we have an update on the Erik Lamela situation? I really liked the idea of this guy joining the Rossoneri.

Who would you rather?


I found heir of shevchenko.his name is “karim ansarifar” search it.i hope milan buy him he is 20 years old and play in saipa club


We are going for Ganso. Braida is in Brazil to negotiate. We are not getting Lamela or Colazo.


do not spend too much for unproven players. milan need to look at asian players as they are not as expensive as european players or latin america players. african players are also good for reinforcement and balancing the financial book. however asian market are more promising than african market for the club merchandise.

i think, the priority at this moment is to sign a top class left back. if taiwo chooses benfica then milan need to make a bid for yuri shirkov of chelsea. milan can use pirlo as part of the deal with chelsea.


only gansoooooooo


asian players? Please dont say Honda. We need to stick to brazilians. And taiwo is going to Milan not Benfica.

Umair Sharif

Yes!..this is the thing milan need,young blood.if milan do think that they can again dominate europe,they have to have the best of the youth in thier ranks and so they need to change thier policy of ever relying on veterans ie experienced and tested players and realise that it is always the youth that bring titles to the club.look at ronaldinhio,he brought titles for barca not for us.look at kaka for us,look at rooney and cr7 for man utd…i don’t know about this guy but having ganso and lamela would be highly crucial for us if we want to see… Read more »


Colazo is better than Ganso.


Have you really seen this kid play? I only ask because I’ve literally never even heard of this kid. I’ve seen Ganso, Taiwo, and even Lamela play a couple times, but never Colazo. Just curious to his style of play and quality.


Hola amigos!!!

soy Argentino!

y yo digo que Colazo es un gran jugador!

la otra vez hizo un GOLAZO contra union de santa fe entrando en el complemento! es una promesa nuestra!!