Jankulovski and Boateng to start against Napoli


MAREK JANKULOVSKI seems likely to play from the first minute against Napoli on Monday.

Coach Massimiliano Allegri has one more training to manage before the big game against S.S.C. Napoli on Monday night at Stadio San Siro at 20:45.

In today’s training, Allegri fielded the players who are likely to play from the start against the Azzurri.

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The Italian press reports that Marek Jankulovski is favourite over Massimo Oddo to play on the left side of the defense as first choice Luca Antonini is injured and Gianluca Zambrotta is in doubt.

Jankulovski hasn’t played much this season but since Oddo finds it hard on the left, Allegri, as for this moment, prefers to play with the Czech.

As for the midfield – Kevin-Prince Boateng is favourite over Alexander Merkel to play alongside Gennaro Gattuso and Mark van Bommel.

Boateng has returned from injury last week and played a little as a substitute against Chievo, but since Alexander Merkel is too inexperienced, Allegri would choose the 23-year-old Ghanaian.

Likely line-ups (4-3-1-2): Christian Abbiati; Ignazio Abate, Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva, Marek Jankulovski; Gennaro Gattuso, Mark van Bommel, Kevin-Prince Boateng; Robinho; Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexandre Pato.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Finally! I thought that Oddo was going to play but thank God he won’t. He allways tries to cross but only 1 out of 10 gets to a teammate.


is it me or from the past 3 seasons flamini doesnt serve a purpose in this team? you mean to tell me tht as a defensive midfielder he cant get the nod pver gattuso or van bommel whos past there prime and he’s collecting 5million per season? how about we replace him as well the end of this season….


good now i will see if the so call napolitana can stand the heat of a milanister.


how long before zambro comes back anyone???



sigh…..Allegri’s a dope.


Why is Allegri a dope? Who else would we start there? Oddo? I like Janku… I think it’s right to give him one last game before he leaves this summer. Oh and as far as Gattuso, he’s one heck of a player who has been on fire this season. This is potentially his last season with us. Flamini will get his chances, and he has started a lot this season no problem.


good thing KPB is back.


hes resting players for tottenham. stop ripping allegri. were in first, when has that happened in the past 7 years!!!!! Forza Allegri


Emanuelson can’t be a worse choice than Janku,Oddo and Antonini, Emanuelson played as LB against us and managed not to screw up.


Why does allegri want to play defensive when he have to win? Allegri doesnt get it, when your 3-0 up then put in gattuso and v.bommel bring flamini as well while ur at it. But dont START too many defensive midfeilders than say pato and ibra cant understand each other. Of course, they dont be given any ball from midfield, and when they do the really have to struggle for it and then try do pass ibra or pato in a very difficult situation depending whos in charge.

Allegri is stupid fox! FORZA MILAN


Jankulovski is awesome. I’m glad to see him get a little bit of time this season.


hey… where is didac vila ?


I wonder about some on here. They think they are more cut out for coaching then Allegri. I’d like to see them try. The only stupid fox here are the ones making hair brained posts.


KPB is back !!!!!!


FORZA MILAN! riportiamo sulla terra i napoletani


Well you know better allegri cuz you see them play, but I still think that it is a mistake sitting down emmanuelson. he should be playing left back because he has everything a player needs for that position. maybe he is unstabile but you should play him more in order to get some experience in calcio and also he will gain self-confidence! I wish that you read what I say. oh yeah anyway, thank god you are playing KpB !


Have you forgot Divac Vila, Emanuelson?

Now Bonera, Antonini and Zambrotta are out, and he still dont choose Vila or Emanuelson, instead he choose between Oddo and Jankulovski !! :O


I think didac vila was never bought and it was a big conspiracy, just to make us happy, so he sometimes is invited as a guest to sit and warm the bench during the matches. Stupid story hell yes but think about it, this has more chance of being true then us getting to watch Vila against Napoli. Bring on the thumbs!!

And btw why are we so worried about Napoli? I have seen a few of their last matches, we are gonna win 2 – 0 or 3 – 1.








amazing…we signed two left backs,(didac and emma) and none of them is even good enough to play as a deputy for antonini? seriously?that’s what allegri is telling us?lavezzi is suspended and we still play 2 defensive midfielders? both in their mid 30’s


I’m gonna sound like an old man, but I remember how Janku was a phenomenal left back in the beginning of his career at Milan, as was Oddo before in the year 2005-2006. But I have to question Allegri’s idea, normally I think he takes the right decisions, so I hope this is no different. I know Oddo at left back is weird and uncomfortable; But we really haven’t seen anything from Marek either especially in the last 2 years. So unless he’s doing fantastic in training (i doubt it), it might be shooting ourselves in the foot. Remember in… Read more »


Well, we’re out of ideas and Oddo at LB is a horror show… so we really either need to take a gamble and play Didac, or play Jankulovski… and maybe give him one last game before he leaves us. Allegri said that Jankulovski is actually doing well in training and is in good physical condition.

Um, Carlo rarely played Jankulovski in midfield.


Allegri saw him play during training. I trust his judgement.


allegri is useless coach, his never good enough for milan and should be replaced next year. get carlo back because if carlo has all this new players on his bench he would sure get the best out of them unlike scary allegri


Ancelotti would keep Seedorf and bring Favalli out of retirement. He’s very guilty of playing old veterans… and Abate would never see playing time anymore. No thanks! Carlo was great the first few years up to 2007… but the last two were horrible memories. I remember 2007-08… when Milan got into 5th place because of Carlo’s same old boring coaching style.


are we playing for a win or a draw? the above line up is written draw allover or a lose…play Emanuelson on the left back..Gattuso-Boateng-Merkel in the mid Pato-Ibra- Robino upfront


We played for a win, which we got.