Conquering France: Milan follow Ligue 1 stars


FRANCE has many great talents and Milan follow some of the players who play in Ligue 1.

The French league has always had great talents and the Rossoneri are keeping an eye on Ligue 1 stars. It doesn’t mean, however, that the via Turari club will make a move for them anytime soon.

Hugo Lloris (24, goalkeeper) of OL is one of the best in the world. He was once very close to Milan, and they are monitoring this excellent keeper.

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Milan’s prime concern is the defense and Mamadou Sakho (21, center back) of PG seems to be the dream after David Luiz moved to Chelsea.

Aly Cissokho (23, left back) of OL is also a long term target of the Rossoneri and it’s even likely that Milan’d make a move for him in the summer.

On Friday it was reported that Milan would be interested in Stephane Mbia (24, center back) and Taye Taiwo (26, left back) of Olympique Marseille.

Also in midfield Milan have targets. Milan Sporting Director Ariedo Braida apparently believes that Yann M’Villa (20, defensive midfielder) of Stade Rennais F.C would be a proper replacement to Andrea Pirlo.

Milan are also following Kevin Gameiro (23, striker). Gameiro is one of the best players in Ligue 1 this term, scoring 15 goals already, but his price should be high and the competition for him would be stiff.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Sakho & Aly Cissokho would be excelent buys.


Given that Taiwo’s contract will expire during the summer, Cissokho is a long shot. Astori could replace Nesta as well, Italian and young. Lloris is too expensive imo, hes excellent though, but I think we would probably sign Marchetti. Enough attackers, we have one too many, plus we must give a chance to the youth, Verdi and Odu are good. We need a CAM, a pretty good one and we’re all set for Europe invasion. FORZA MILAN!!!

Heru Septiawan

please bring Arnaud Souquet.
he’s future star of France,he’ll be the next Deschamps


Milan must get Astori,he’s good and Milan’s youth product.
Ganso & Balotelli will completing the forward.
Poli will strenghten our midfield.

Next is the list of some youngest football future star that would fit in Milan quality:
Arnaud Souquet
Rafael Toloi
Matias Schelotto
Thiago Alcantara
Abel Hernandez
R. Funes Mori

and our youngster that should be promoted to 1st team regularly:
Merkel (of course)


how about okto, nasuha, or bustomi…hehe…


why the heck are we still targeting DM and strikers for???? this is just ridiculous, more AM, CM and fullbacks plzzz


good news. somehow, i have a feeling that milan can have new thuram and zidane in the current ligue 1. milan need to focus on signing new players. in my opinion, milan need reinforcement only on 2 positions : CB and AM. milan already have emanuelson, didac villa and montelongo. do not waste much money, uncle galliani. for CB, sakho is the best option. for AM, i will suggest eden hazard of lille. anyone has better idea for AM? milan need another creative AM to back up cassano. we cannot depend on him! yes we have merkel who has nice… Read more »

Daniel Medeiros

we only need a CB and a LB. If Taiwo is free in june then take him. He’s excellent and more experienced the Cissokho. In the centreback position I’d rather to have Astori then any of this frenchs. And Albertazzi could be brought up too, and the same should happen with Verdi so we don’t need more attackers. Sure Lloris would be a great acquisition. And, please MIlan, keep an eye on Lucas from São Paulo! Imagine this formation for the next season: Lloris; Abate, Astori, Silva, Taiwo; Strasser, Boateng; Lucas, Merkel, Verdi; Pato. Bench Robinho and Ibra and we… Read more »


take hazard and sakho from france and poli from sampdoria as pirlo replacement


Play with Verdi?

He has the body of a high school girl. He’s definitely not ready for first team football, at least not now.


@TWF: oke bro…I’m agree with you…

Daniel Medeiros

Pato had the same body when he arrived in AC Milan and was a starter from the begining. Robinho kicks like a little girl and hes a starter. Verdi is better.


Verdi is not better than Robinho.

The Primavera system is flawed..your playing against players your own age, and when they jump to the first team, they’re usually overwhelmed.


The best star of those we can get is Taiwo. I’ve said it many times. He’s far more established and more experienced then Cissokho… and the best part is he would come on a free transfer. I really hope he does not renew though. I think after 6 years at Marseille he would want a change. Daniel, I agree with you on Taiwo, but why on earth would we bench Ibra and Robinho? Maybe for a Coppa Italia game. But for the regular league and CL, no way. Ibra has 11 assists this season. The only player I would give… Read more »


One other thing: I wouldn’t count out Verdi completely, but he has a very LONG way to go. He’s certainly not at Robinho’s level. But to claim that Verdi is better than Robinho… lol. Not a chance.

Daniel Medeiros

Robinho is the most overrated player in the world. But some people notice that already – the guys in Madrid and in Manchester. Verdi may be not ready to be a starter yet, ok, but he’ll certainly be better then Robinho when he is. That’s just easy.


Who is this Daniel guy? Robinho is not an overrated player at all. He was excellent in the world cup, and has been excellent this season… starting to score more often. He’s won us games, and his runs have been vital for Ibrahimovic. Do you even follow Milan? Verdi is built like a girl… one time I do agree with Rossonero23. He’s not ready for a starting role. How will he certainly be better than Robinho? You can’t even explain why he would be better. How much have you seen him? Verdi didn’t even play much in the pre-season. Come… Read more »

Daniel Medeiros

Oh balls! haha. Jesus man, I know Robinho very well, everyone in Brasil knows he sucks, he’s a cheater – what we call something like a “floor polisher”. I don’t got to know Verdi a lot to say what a I said, he has potential, it’s obvious. And he’s very skilled for an italian. You should like him, stop calling him a girl and hope for him to work out, as the Italian national team need more players like him. And AC Milan too.


How is Robinho a cheater? He’s no cheater. He’s played very well for Milan. You don’t even know what you’re saying. He was Brazil’s best attacking outlet, even better than Kaka. Verdi is very weak… I don’t care for “potential”. He’ll probably never see a minute in Milan’s first team. I should like him? Excuse me, but I’ll like who I like. I don’t need to be told. Verdi would easily be bossed off the ball by players like Cambiasso and even Felipe Melo. I would even rate Giovinco higher than him and that’s saying a lot.

Daniel Medeiros

I like Giovinco, sweetheart. (:


Giovinco is too weak and injury prone, sweetheart.

Daniel Medeiros

whatever u say, master.


As usual Milan link with every player. This is getting really annoying as Milan most likely wont sign any of these players mentioned. Instead Lazio, Napoli, Inter, Genoa and Juventus will have a better transfer campaign next summer. These rumors make me sick of reading about Milan cos I know we will lose out to some lesser teams or teams with money for these players.


Are you serious nick? Milan usually does buy these players. Our transfer season will be vastly better than Lazio, Napoli, Inter, Genoa and Juventus. Juventus will have a terrible summer transfer window. Milan will lose out? Like we lost out on Cassano, Emanuelson, Robinho, Ibra, and Boateng? You seem to be on some other planet.

Milano Q8

Hi guys did you like Kraft’s performance!? (Bayeren young GK). Seems like he might leave during summer since Bayern are getting a new GK. FORZA Milan


Would you just let other people have their opinion??? Gee, you act like you’re the administrator of this forum, only you feel you’re too good for everybody. LOL


cissoko is better at going forward but taiwo is the best option. he is free and we can then focus all our money on a great center back and AM. taiwo is a better defender too and is faster but has great shooting. sahko I the best option for CB as he can also play left back until nesta retires.


@APM, i think the same thing everytime i read this guy’s posts. he must be one of those guys who aaalways gets his way and is neeever wrong


No not the administrator. But just a bit sad that people simply ignore all the other players we signed… like it didn’t happen.


WOW these are exactly the people that I’ve wanted Milan to buy. This summer I think it’s absolutely necessary that we get a new left back with Cissokho looking like a great option. Also after that we need to reinforce the center back and defensive mid positions so my best option there would be getting Sakho who’s an excellent CB and also going for either M’Vila or Moussa Sissokho.


Verdi better than Robinho? you guys actually watch the Primavera?

Seriously, he’s not ready for Serie A….