Official: Massara concludes his role at Milan

Frederic Massara during the Gran Galà del calcio AIC 2022 on October 17, 2022. (

Frederic Massara has officially left the club, one day after Paolo Maldini.

Nearly exactly 4 years after his appointment, the time has come for Milan and Massara to go their separate ways.

Massara, as it’s widely reported, was actually not fired by Gerry Cardinale, but decided to leave the club following the sacking of his close friend and colleague Paolo Maldini, who was fired yesterday.

“Milan announces that Frederic Massara concludes his role at the Club. The Club thanks Ricky for his contributions to Milan’s growth during his tenure with us,” a brief statement, which doesn’t even mention the Scudetto, reads.

Unlike Maldini, it’s expected that Massara, who built the Scudetto-winning squad of Pioli with Maldini, will go working for another club. He previously worked for Roma before arriving at Milan.

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WTF with the one sentence statements?
The unceremonious way they put out the statements for Maldini is Massara is despicable.

Just sell the club and get out of Milan.


Fully agree….


#Cardinale out
How much they think Pulisic gonna cost €35 M budget


Carlo Ancelotti recently spoke about Maldini’s current situation. Here is what he had to say: “In Madrid I learned that the history of a club must always be respected; here Di Stefano, Amancio, Gento, Puskas are still exclusive values ​​towards which we have reverence. To preserve history at the highest levels, memory must be protected of the past, what happened with Maldini demonstrates a lack of historical culture, of respect for the AC Milan tradition. If it is true that history does not win, it is also true that history teaches how to win.” Speaking about big data: “Football clubs who… Read more »


So, here is Captain Calabria on Instagram finally saying something about MM: “Paolo and Richi thank you for what you have done over the years and for the path we have taken together and the goals we have achieved.It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with people like you.I wish you the best of luck and all the best in life.” This is beyond pathetic, I know it’s a job, he is under contract and anything he says will get him out of the team. But history is being written as we speak, this is Milan and… Read more »


Calabria is a mediocre player and a terrible writer. Not a captain for sure.
Silence would have been better.