Official: Maldini sacked by Milan, his day-to-day duties will be performed by a team reporting to the CEO

    Paolo Maldini during training at Milanello. (

    It is now official: Paolo Maldini is leaving Milan after getting sacked by owner Gerry Cardinale yesterday.

    After the shocking reports of last night, the official communication has now come: Milan once again part ways with the most iconic and legendary person in the history of Club – Paolo Maldini.

    Maldini, together with Frederic Massara, has been in charge of the sporting side of Milan in the last few years, rebuilding the team and leading them to a historic Scudetto in 2021/22.

    However, new owner Gerry Cardinale does not see eye to eye with Paolo with regards to the future of the Club and yesterday sacked him in a meeting that only lasted a few minutes.

    “Milan announces that Paolo Maldini concludes his role at the Club, effective as of June 5, 2023,” a statement reads. “We thank him for his years of service in the role, contributing to the return to the Champions League and to winning the Scudetto in 2021/22. His day-to-day duties will be performed by a team working in close integration with the first team manager, ultimately reporting to the CEO.”

    The exit of Maldini, which will soon be followed by that of Massara, has caught the fans and players in complete shock. Some players, like Rafael Leão and Yacine Adli have even gone on social media with some posts that clearly hint that they are unhappy with the decision of Cardinale and RedBird.

    Milan will now be led by Geoffrey Moncada, who has been the Chief of Scouts, and CEO Giorgio Furlani. The position of Stefano Pioli, however, is not in doubt and he will stay as the coach.

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    Some things you just don’t handle this way. Not in an institute like AC Milan and not with the symbol of this club. The DNA is gone with Paolo. Go f*ck yourself Cardinale.

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    I am really sorry Maldini left, i know he did some mistakes on the way, like everybody else too, we focused on players that have huge value on the market right know, kim, enzo, kvahra, we also know he is stubborn and wouldnt accept a lower job at milan, he also did good things too, winning the scudetto, reaching semi in CL, some verry good transfers also (and a few bad ones), but above everything, he is a legend to this club, what he did as a player to this club not many did and this new owners shouldnt treat… Read more »


    Which mistakes? His mates in other clubs are having budget of 200 million to compete in Europe but he has 50m a season and he asked for more and you called that a mistake. Are you sure you know the history of Milan? And what it takes to be Milan? For the past 8 years has Milan been like the Milan that u fell in love with? Do you know how we won 5 champions league and interToto cup in those days or you think we won with junk teams? bro anyone like Maldin who knows the history and pedigree… Read more »


    Mistakes in recruiting, he doenst listened to kaladze when he said to bring kvahra, enzo and so on, but they werent big mistakes, i mean its luck first of all, nobody knows how a player would perform to a new club, its also the coach that has a big part, but all in all maldini did a good job with oir available funds. Its a shame, we are becoming a marketing team


    There’s a thin line between emotion and business !


    Cardinale intention is obvious, Milan is on the verge of returning to the top and all the credit wants to go to him and that’s it. Expect a stormy transfer period and a title in the Champions League and Calcio next season!


    It much much worse my friend. he wants to sell every player we have to pay his debts to Elliot then use this r3tarded moneyball to turn Milan into Toulouse.


    Yup, that’s why he practically kidnapped Leao. 5 Years, 175m Release Clause. He will be 29 when his deal ends.

    Now, if we treat our men like that, no one will come.


    Please cunt don’t panick


    Look at stories on Instagram.

    Adli, Tom, Ton, Leao Galli among others have shown Maldini respect.


    Look guys try to look positively
    he made some bad calls and talked shit about owners in the media and yeah insisting on de kateleare was a big gamble over dybala on a free,
    That didn’t pay off like origi and owners maybe saw it as a big fail and felt they had no choice but to sack him and lucky to make champions cos Juve point deduction but yeah 1 yr after scudetto win & ucl semi it seems a bit harsh


    Dybala costs 7m per season at Roma and 12 at Juve. Do you know something about a salary cap imposed by Elliot and continued by this cheap bastard called Cardinale? Which bad call? Maignan €15.4m > €35m Tomori €28.5m > €45m Tonali €17m > €50m Theo €20m > €70m Kjaer €3.5m Saelemaekers €7m Leao €25m > €90m Bennacer €16m > €50m Giroud €500k Milan transfer spend per season since Maldini took over: 19/20 – €80m 20/21 – €58m 21/22 – €42m 22/23 – €49m You get 49m and you want to spend 7m on Dybala who was an uncertainty. And… Read more »

    Last edited 3 months ago by Raven

    i hope Curva sud will react about it. thats not acceptable at all. this is very disrespectful to all milan fans . those kind of americans like cardinale are killing football.they dont understand what is football. its not only bussines its part of culture. maybe AC milan players will play with baseball caps soon.or they will demolish San siro and build burger king. its shame that cardinale can kick out Maldini from the club, from the cub which he gave everything and also his father did same. Big shame. i hope milan fans will try to do smth about it. this… Read more »


    If reports from La Republicca are to be believed, Maldini was given a 35m transfer budget.

    This team needs at least a trio on the front.

    Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 06-42-47 AC Milan total revenue 2022 Statista.png