Reports: Maldini and Massara sacked by Cardinale and are set to leave Milan, Pioli will stay as the coach of the team

Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara before Milan-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on May 6, 2023. (

Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara have been fired by Gerry Cardinale, who does not see eye-to-eye with the directors, it’s widely reported.

The season of Milan ended yesterday, with a 3-1 win and a big emotional farewell ceremony for Zlatan Ibrahimović who at 41 retired from football.

And as it seems, the Zlatan ceremony was also the last act of Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara as employees of Milan.

According to, Sky Italia, Sportitalia, La Gazzetta dello Sport and many others, there was a meeting this morning between Maldini, Massara and American owner Gerry Cardinale. During the meeting, Cardinale communicated that he no longer wishes to have Maldini and Massara at the club. reports that the meeting only took a few minutes, and was one sided with Cardinale delivering the news and with no discussions. The relationship between Cardinale and the two directors, who built the Milan that won the Scudetto last season, has been poor for a while and there are difference in views over where the club should be heading. Maldini recently came out to say that Milan should invest money to compete on all fronts, and Cardinale, evidently, thinks otherwise.

Gerry Cardinale before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on on May 10, 2023. (

The decision has been taken and the official statement is expected tomorrow, as per Gianluca Di Marzio. More power will be entrusted to CEO Giorgio Furlani and Head of Scout Geoffrey Moncada. The two will lead the sporting side of the Rossoneri together with Coach Stefano Pioli.

It’s yet another summer for Milan that begins in complete chaos. After the exit of Ibra, the Diavolo now choose to say goodbye to two big anchors of the last cycle: Maldini and Massara.

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In germany we say: Er ist so schmierig wie das Gel in seinen Haaren.

Aminu Yusuf

It is very very sad to say the least. Sooner or later this will happen one way or another as Cardinale and Maldini were never on same page. This will be a devastating news to the team and don’t be surprise if some key players ask for transfer. Maldini and Massara deserves appreciation and commendation for the great job they did-bringing Milan back to European football. I think personally I will also take a sabbatical. Forza Milan.

Khan/Top G

Im done too, good bye Milan. You have controlled and affected my mental health with your ups and downs. I’ve realised its all just sheep stuff. How can something like football make me feel down! Hell no im done with the matrix stuff.


I am done too! F*ck this stupid management that wants to give me a high blood pressure. My family still loves me and they deserve a healthy me


Let’s be honest they didn’t really did a great job, they lost more than 100mil just on free transfers. Then you have a bunch of really bad transfers… However i don’t think Maldini should have been fired but rather kept in a smaller role and the technical director role should have been given to someone who is already proven in that position. Maldini would have had the chance to learn from an experienced director and improve, while him as an icon of the club would have still stayed and kept the moral in the club high. Also he could have… Read more »


What bull crap are u saying…. He won you a league title after 10yrs and UCL semi final…. You are talking ass!


OK let’s dissect this turd. I’ll do it just for the love of this blog, Maldini’s work does not need any justification. Let’s be honest they didn’t really did a great job, they lost more than 100mil just on free transfers. Milan did better after those guys left. Would you now exchange MierdaRumma with Mike? Or maybe you are the guy thinking that Maldini can obligate someone to sign. Then you have a bunch of really bad transfers… With the money provided by whom? Who gave the limits? Who put a ridiculous mid-table salary cap? However i don’t think Maldini… Read more »


Let me simplify it for you so you wont have to go thru so much mental gymnastics and taking things out of context. If you have a job that pays 5k but the expences like rent,travel etc in order to keep that job are 10k, you dont just say i have a great paying job and ignore the negative side of it like the expenses. Cause all in all is not a good job to keep. Same thing for Maldini managment, you can’t just ignore all the negatives and say he did a great job. And that’s exactly what you… Read more »


Look below, get some facts will ya?

The entire world of football is in shock but you say it’s fine. Speaks volume

Dan Ban

I wouldnt have taken the time to respond. Truth is, we all support Milan and will continue to do so. to those that say “i’m done with Milan”. That’s bs. our hearts are with the club, it isnt a choice, we are fans. It’s not like i can say gee i’m done, let me support juventus now….Maldini will leave, we will still be here. We will miss him and we just have to prepare for a sucky next few years. I hope i’m wrong.


Look pal, if you love something you will do anything to protect it. I will talk shit about this club, but I will stop consuming the product. Not paying for merchandise, and not using the apps. Milan is dead for me. There is no other club, there is no football.


So you still think that Maldini set those salary cap?
On the players last contracts, he didn’t have the renewal option, so he had to chose between sell them or bet on the scudetto. He failed the first year (we finished second, after topped the league the whole season), hit the jackpot the season after.
This season’s transfer proccess interrupted by the acquisition, he couldn’t close the deal for his primary target, and we ended up having improvisations.


I hear you brother


This Milan MGT only care about money not football….don’t know that to make money you put in more .


They are perverted by this team’s success. They are overachievers; if morale is not well maintained, this team can lose all that was built.


WTF!!!!! Fucking Americans! They need to stay off Football please.


I’ll sound like Milan10, but with Cardinale, I told you so.


To all the fans of Milan who started with us from no where to when we won the last champions league and till date I love you all I want you all to remember the journey so far from the game against Bayern Munich to the game against Depotivo in Spain where we lost after the first leg ended 4-1, we were there against Juventus in 2003 champions league final. The game against Barcelona in 1994 too we saw it all with joy I remember our game against Red star Belgrade and Olympic Marseille where we lost both games and… Read more »


Very touchy comment my friend. Yeah remembering those games gives me goose bumps still. In a single year cardinale has ruined all the hard work and achievements done in the last 3-4 years. Honestly, when was the last time we won scudetto until maldini came over, when was the last time we reached the semis in cl until maldini came over and finally when was the last time that we had a sold out san siro week in week out until maldini came over. Hope curva sud make their thoughts known on this issue. Protest protest protest until redbird leaves… Read more »


They can hire supporters mate. Forget the idea.

Apache, I feel the same, sad to see a fellow Milanista go, but I also lost all my strength with that decision. This club is way more than just an asset. Forza Milan, Forza Maldini.


We are bigger than cardinal


Respect to you as a Milan fan soldier who has remained during the trial times and I believe we deserve better treatment

Wellhung milano

Forza milan
Forza Maldini


All my fellow soldiers who suffered with us all these years Milan was in shambles and no rescue when inter Roma Lazio Juventus Napoli and even Sassuolo were beating us blue red i remember one of the games against Juventus Allegri called Milan players lazy . I remember when A player from Atletico Madrid said he can’t play for Milan because we are not worthy of his game and the following year he came to inter and they beat us the player later went to play for Cagliari yet we survived it when things started to change for better this… Read more »


Maignan €15.4m > €35m
Tomori €28.5m > €45m
Tonali €17m > €50m
Theo €20m > €70m
Kjaer €3.5m
Saelemaekers €7m
Leao €25m > €90m
Bennacer €16m > €50m
Giroud €500k

Milan transfer spend per season since Maldini took over: 19/20 – €80m 20/21 – €58m 21/22 – €42m 22/23 – €49m

Last edited 3 months ago by Raven

Other big clubs spent 120m on a player


Christian Vieri spoke to Bobo TV before the big news: “If Maldini leaves it is because the club will not put a euro. Surely this Cardinal is crazy if he makes Maldini leave, but we see crazy people in soccer every day, in 30 years I have known the most false people possible. I am not surprised by anything, this is soccer, words are worth nothing. The fans rightly asked for reinforcements yesterday, the stadium was full even though the match counted for nothing. Last year Milan won the Scudetto, this year they made it to the semifinals of the… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Raven

Revolt from players like Leao, Theo, Bennacer in 3, 2, 1…

Last edited 3 months ago by Ted

Cardinale just killed my day, week and month at the same time!!

He must have been infuriated by the 30m euros spent on CDK!!

Watching the space…

Forza Milan

Last edited 3 months ago by EzrGy

Winning the league with no budget given while losing the likes of Kessie? This owners are delusional thinking we can battle two fronts like that. And now we will become a branded, generic circus for American entertainment market to suck every penny out of an iconic name that is AC Milan. No thanks. #CardinaleOUT


Lets face a few facts. Maldini.. A good SD? Or a bad One? The major complain was… he couldn’t sell a few players. 1. Dollarumma. His agent was Raiola. He was trying to get Dollarumma out of the club for free since the Morontella days. Seasoned SDs couldn’t negotiate with this fat dead P_i_g in other clubs, Maldini had no chance. And letting him go was the BEST Decision a SD could possibly make considering the P-I_g’s demands. 2. Kessie. We surely could’ve sold Kessie.. Maldini had to make a choice, Sell Kessie for profit, or get the best out… Read more »


It is quite schocking news indeed. MM did bring some good players such as Theo,Tonali,Giroud,Tomori etc. but on the other side i have to say they also did bad signings esp. summer last year. None of their signings have contribution to the team. It could be either due to the coach or the players are not ready/good enough. 40m + salaries of free transfer and loanee for nothing+lost of 3 good players for free. I am not sure as well that MM will do better in transfer market with more budget. i admire Maldini as a player but not really… Read more »


Exactly. That’s a realistic view rather than just some emotional outburst. That’s why i think they should have gotten him some similar role like Zaneti in Inter.


Pioli needs to die


Die Pioli
Bald fraud