Milan signed one goalkeeper and sent away another one in a very dry and boring mercato.

The Rossoneri have had an absolute nightmare of a January in terms of sporting result: they dropped from 2nd place to 5th, losing 4 games, drawing 2 and only winning 1. Off the pitch, in the January transfer market, Milan did very little and basically didn’t change the squad.

24-year-old Devis Vásquez joined the club from Club Guaraní but he was brought to be 3rd or 4th choice and according to coach Stefano Pioli he is not yet ready to play. Milan tried to sign Nicolò Zaniolo from Roma, Dario Osorio from Universidad de Chile and Marco Sportiello from Atalanta, but could not reach agreements with the clubs and decided to abandon the talks and leave it for the summer.

The full list of arrivals can be found below, with the transfer fees as they were reported in the media:

Player NameRoleAgeArrived FromDetails (fees unconfirmed)
Devis VásquezGoalkeeper24Club GuaraníPermanent deal, 3.5-year contract, €0.5m

Milan sent away two players: 20-year-old goalkeeper Andreas Jungdal and 19-year-old striker Marko Lazetić left to join Austrian side SCR Altach on loan. As happens every window, there was a lot of talk about Tiémoué Bakayoko leaving the club, but as happens every window – he’s stayed.

The full list of exits can be found below, with the transfer fees as they were reported in the media:

Player NameRoleAgeWent ToDetails (fees unconfirmed)
Andreas JungdalGoalkeeper20SCR AltachSix-month loan deal + option to buy
Marko LazetićForward19SCR AltachSix-month loan deal
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New owners are a joke, just missed summer transfer window fortunately for them and no signings for Jan. You would have thought couple players in would send us fans a good message but no, work with what you got! And if we don’t make top 4 which is a big possibility on current form you know what’s coming end of season. We haven’t qualified for champions league so their is a cut to budget, after only spending 50 mill last season winning league and champions league qualification.


And thats why you see agents stalling all negotations, and several players underperforming.

This is a spit in the face for fans who cheered and endured 10 years of shitty signings and loud record-breaking defeats.

This is a kick in the balls for boys who against all odds are the current champions of Serie A.

This is also a kick in the ass for Pioli who has been given 0 trust by the new owners. He is being silently pushed away.

Against Sassuolo I saw urgency, anxiety and that’s the final nail in the coffin IMO.


I totally fedup of our new owners already……..why the fuck did they buy milan ?????


Like the Chinese era, they ask for several loans, and buy the club. Once they buy it they expect to make a gain with Ads TV rights and merchandise.

So, we have 0 budget, expect some leaving for free and others being sold to PL clubs.


Our ultras need to start protesting this brokebird lousy owners


On top, they will have to sell leao for half the price (if lucky) then what they would have gotten rhis window


There is a clear discrepancy between Maldini and the owners. Maldini refuses to sell and the management refuses to add a freaking million.

This is not going to end well.


Ok we love Milan. We are fans, but we do have to keep a rational mind, the owner clearly is taking fans for granted.? Here is were I draw the line. Fuck you. I’ll always be a fan, but I will complain and protest if I have to. This is about football, we won’t lift any trophies if the sporting direction of the club relies on what the marketing team says. There must be a division between the sport and the administrative roles. This bastard is interfering with our current project, throwing this season away. I just hope the owners… Read more »

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Hmmmm .. Milan. Hope the new owners will not just come in for profit but actually build a team. January just passed but hopeful for the summer transfer


We lack quality depth in midfield and Arsenal just signed Jorginho for peanuts.


While we are trying to get rid of bakayoko but he won’t go. And we can’t play him because it will activate a 12 million purchase fee. So we carry on paying his wages till end of season for a player we can’t use lol

Gbenga AJOSE

So pathetic..what were we thinking before we acquire him? I guess our policy of buying
cheap players pushed us into this mess


brilliant move by maldini. absolutly genius!