Milan complete the signing of 24-year-old goalkeeper Vásquez, the Colombian to have his medical tomorrow

Devis Vásquez wearing the Club Guaraní jersey. (@devisvasquez.01 on Instagram)

Devis Vásquez will be the first signing of Milan in this mercato, as he arrives from Club Guaraní.

Milan have been rumored to be looking for a goalkeeper as Mike Maignan has not yet recovered from his calf injury and Ciprian Tătăruşanu and Antonio Mirante inspire pretty much no confidence with their recent performances.

Terms have already been agreed with Marco Sportiello for the summer but Atalanta do not wish to deprive themselves of the goalkeeper in January.

And so, the Club has decided to turn their eyes to Devis Vásquez, a 24-year-old goalkeeper from Club Guaraní, a Paraguayan team.

It came completely out of nowhere, but Vásquez is already in Milano and he will have his medical check-ups with the Club tomorrow (Monday). As reported by, the player comes on a permanent basis. After his medical, he’ll return to South America to resolve some bureaucratic issues and then join the squad of Stefano Pioli on January 10 and begin training at Milanello.

There’s little known about Vásquez but he’s been followed by the Milan scouts for a while. With Devis joining, Andreas Jungdal could leave the Diavolo on loan in the January window.

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hope he turn better than Duarte and Gomez! But we could have tried Cragno, an Italian experienced keeper.


He cant do much worse than what we have. Tata is a low bar to clear.

Oluwa shevy

What is wrong with rebic why does he keep having injuries


Tata and Mirante who played most of their time in Serie A inspire no confidence but a newcomer from different continent and low tier club does?


Still don’t understand why we didn’t try more with Cragno. He’s a sub at Monza so he would be down to joining us. Then Monza has Berlu and he won’t make things difficult for us. He’s Italian (which helps us with the new law) and Cagliari are in Serie B so they won’t ask for much. Before relegation Cragno was one of the most interesting prospects for Italian national team, he has potential and has experience of guarding the goal with no proper defenders up front. Crazy that we rather spend 400k than 3.5M to have our goal safe.


Maybe they see something else? Dollarumma was 16 and unproven and did well. This kid has one positive. (we know nothing of him). Maybe i’m still high on my 2023 positive vibes. Who knows the kid might be the next Chilavert . All he has to do is hold the fort until Mike comes back. But yea, i’m not thrilled with the transfer, specially because he’s taken a non-eu slot.


My reflection was solely on him being a human in totally new environment and different language where expectations are high. And since there are doubts about Tata and Mirante it all seems they want this kid to take over as soon as possible. It also raises questions about Maignan’s condition and when he’s actually coming back. Or is this kid just a bargain chip for some other transfer, idk.


He speaks italian