The calf of Maignan has not yet healed and he’ll be re-checked in 2 weeks, Origi suffers from a hamstring problem, muscle fatigue for Messias and Krunić

Mike Maignan arriving in Dubai. (

Mike Maignan’s recovery is not progressing well and he’ll be out for a while, and others are injured as well.

Maignan has been out of action since late September due to several injuries relating to his calf. He was expected to already return but every time he came close to coming back he suffered a new injury.

Today the goalkeeper had medical exams to see where he is in the healing process, which was reportedly ruined before the World Cup by the France NT medical team who asked him to do things he wasn’t yet ready to do.

As reported by, the calf of Mike is not yet healed and the situation is not stable enough yet to allow further progression of the work. He will undergo another check in 2 weeks but it’s clear that he will not be available in the first few weeks of January and will miss more games.

Divock Origi also underwent tests today after injuring himself during the Dubai training camp. The striker, who seemingly has been on the treatment table more than on the football pitch this season, is suffering from a low-grade problem with the hamstring of his right leg. He will be checked again in a week and is expected to miss the Salernitana game on the 4th of January.

Junior Messias and Rade Krunić are also currently unavailable and according to, they suffer from muscle fatigue. They’ll be checked again after the Christmas break.

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