Milan and Tomori close to agreeing an extension until 2027 following a three-hour meeting with his agents

Fikayo Tomori during training at Milanello. (

Fikayo Tomori is expected to soon put pen to paper and sign a renewal.

Tomori has been a key figure in the Scudetto-winning squad of Stefano Pioli since his arrival from Chelsea and the club wants to tie him down to a long deal.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, the negotiations for Tomori’s renewal with Milan have begun last May, with the optimism that grew with the passing of the weeks. Today, the agents of the Englishman were at Casa Milan for a meeting with the management.

According to Antonio Vitiello of, the meeting lasted over 3 hours. The parties are getting closer and closer and the agreement is close. Tomori’s current contract expires in 2025 but the desire is to extend until 2027, with a bump in his salary to around €3.5 million net per season.

On Saturday, Fik will be on the pitch alongside Pierre Kalulu, as Milan take on Udinese at Stadio San Siro. The stadium will be packed, with over 70,000 expected to attend the game.

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Oluwa Shevy

I think frank kessie might be having issues playing for Barca with the inability for Barca to register him but a quick one if parenventure it turns negative can he come back to Milan like milan can resign him because he is a free agent

Coach Seedorf

Sure he can return if he now wants to but if I were Maldini, I will give him a take it or leave it 4 million contract for the next 5 years. Since he didn’t appreciate what was given him earlier. Have you noticed every starter who forced their way out of Milan on free transfer doesn’t seem to have things working for them as they originally planned? Started with Gigio who is warming the bench at Psg, then Calhagnoglu who is a starter, went to a visibly stronger inter side and mocked us after his move but hasn’t seen… Read more »

Oluwa Shevy

I notice that well all I can say it’s because there bit the hands that fed them so it’s kamar I don’t know if Roman has seen a club yet


Nah Man. Hakan and Donnarumma are doing pretty good if you ain’t being sentimental… Each already has 2 trophies. You can’t deny Hakans qualities and best believe no one’s going to bench him at Inter. As for Donnarumma, PSG are about to offload Navas to make enough room for him. As for Roma and Kessie? We’ll see.
Folks really needs to support Milan and stop b!tchin about players who aren’t here anymore dammit!


Fact is, they hype about “taking the next step” and “taking Milan back to where it belongs” but they did not address the matter of replacing one of our key player in its position last couple of seasons – Kessie. Non of which we have at rooster currently are players of Franck’s characteristics or level. We’re deep in August already, meaning we are past it and still nothing is moving. CDK is a welcome addition but besides that, we are worse than last season. It will be hard to retain Scudetto or challenge better ranking in CL.

Oluwa Shevy

From the look of things milan I don’t know I think there seems not to be in the market anymore as we got cdk I really don’t know what there plans are but finger crossed


I would not say that about Kessie and CL.
He was the a suspect why we were at the bottom of the last CL group

Last edited 5 months ago by Ranajaya

Currently our central midfield is weaker than it was last season and they did nothing to repair that. And don’t mention Sanches, they dwelled too much on him without having any alternative in line.


Adli, Pobega, Bennacer, Tonali, Krunic.

Thats a pretty decent midfield. You keep complaining about losing Kessie.

Fine. Its valid. However. Milan won games without him when he was in the cup in Africa.


Tonali and Bennacer are current starters. Pobega has potential but he’s not a ready player. Adli is not CM player especially when playing a system that requires two pivot midfielders. Maybe in three man midfield. Krunić? Really?

We play 3 fronts and World Cup in between. We’re far from complete.