Tonali and Messias suffered injuries in the friendly against Vicenza, more tests will be done during the week

Junior Messias and Davide Calabria celebrating during Vicenza-Milan at Stadio Romeo Menti on August 6, 2022. (

Sandro Tonali walked out of the pitch at Stadio Romeo Menti and is expected to miss Udinese next week.

Milan beat Vicenza 6-1 in the last friendly game of the season thanks to goals from Rafael Leão (10′), Junior Messias (21′), Ante Rebić (30′, 69′), Nicola Dalmonte (31′ own goal) and Fikayo Tomori (50′).

However, all that interests the Milan fans now is to understand what the condition of Sandro Tonali and Junior Messias are.

Tonali, a few minutes after the start of the second half on the friendly, made an unnatural movement and suffered a flexor muscle injury in his groin area. Sandro went immediately into the locker room with dark face. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that he will miss the first game of the season next week against Udinese, which takes place at San Siro next Saturday (18:30 CEST).

Messias meanwhile, had to leave the pitch in the 59′ minute after suffering a sprained trauma to his right ankle. Both he and Sandro will undergo more tests in the coming days to understand the severity of their injuries. Stefano Pioli will surely hope they will not be out for too long.

Last season Milan had terrible luck with injuries, especially in the first half of the season. The Diavolo will hope the story does not repeat itself, and that Tonali and Messias will return quickly.

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Coach Seedorf

This is not good news at all. I hope it’s nothing serious. We’ve had a great pre season so far


A great pre season, sure we’ve been beeting some giants eh!!!
Yes injuries will be a huge issue this year if we dont have any depth


baka, adli, pobega and krunic: are we a joke to you like you are to us?


Well our first match of the season coming up
Bakayoko is frozen out
Pobega has had no game time as hes recovering from injury
Adli not suited to double pivot

Also messias injured
Giroud and Origi both in doubt

So that means a team with krunic, alexis and only Rebic as an option as striker


Chill, dude. Milan still have a lot of options for cm. Florenzi played as cm before. Adli, CDK and calabria are also capable of playing there if needed. Not to mention bennacer, pobega and krunic who are all cm by trait. Plus, its not like tonali will be missing for months, he will be back soon.

Milan played in January without kessie and bennacer and still won the scudetto, so im sure pioli knows what to do. Another thing, you dont win the league in August.


Your not wrong, there are options.
I’m simply saying we have not replaced kessie and Romagnoli which will be damaging as the season progresses.

We have 2 good cam options in cdk and adli and they can occupy other roles but lets be honest there are big holes in the squad. Something i think everyone thought would have been sorted out by now.

Are we happy to stand still or do we want to improve?


Of course milan have to improve! Any team who fail to continuosuly improve is bound to fall.

The problem is milan are not based in EPL where they burn money in every transfer window. Plus, milan are not owned by a billionaire but rather a vulture fund and soon an investment group who are unlikely to spend crazy money on transfers.

So any improvement has to be done gradually and patiently. Unfortunately, a lot of people are lacking such traits nowadays


It’s good thing we are pretty covered on those two positions.


Hope they get better soon!


I completely missed the match, and will do so today as well, but bad timing with the injuries!
Midfield for the first match may be
Bennacer Adli pivot
CDK at #10
Brahim at RW to switch positions with CDK

Or, if Pobega is available, he can start at the pivot, Adli can move to #10 and CDK at RW


Oh and btw, Maldini scored last night against Como on his debut for Spezia I see.
Hoping that he will get a lot of playing time there to level up his game.