Pioli: “I am convinced that our cycle has just begun, when I entered Milanello I immediately felt something special, it will be an intense season”

Stefano Pioli during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Stefano Pioli spoke to DAZN ahead of the new season.

After winning the Scudetto last season, Milan are now preparing for the new campaign, which starts on August 13.

Ahead of the new year, coach Stefano Pioli sat down for an interview with DAZN, as reported by Milannews.it today:

“It was a good summer with my family and friends. I saw around many people with Milan jerseys asking me for a picture. It was all really nice and exciting. This enthusiasm gave me pleasure, we engaged all the Popolo Rossonero who needed to experience such a moment.”

On Milanello: “It’s a great environment, it’s ideal for working because everything is there. It’s also a beautiful place to look at.”

On the new season: “It’s unique and special. We will play so many games between now and November. It will be an intense season, we will need to prepare as best as we can. The first 3 months will affect the rest of the season a lot. We need to work at our best.”

Rafael Leão, Alexis Saelemaekers, Stefano Pioli, Junior Messias and Ante Rebić during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

On the decisive moment in the Scudetto: “I would say the Derby in the second round. We managed to turn it around and it was important not only for the standings, but also because it gave us a big confidence boost. From there on, we had a top-notch second round.”

On the squad: “We have to demand the maximum from everyone, including me. You play on Sunday the way you train during the week and you have to train during the week the way you want to play on Sunday. We have clear principles of play, our game is very-much based on intensity. Intensity, pace, quality and talent should never be lacking at any time in training. I don’t think we were the best [last season], but we were the best in the season finale. We deserved the Scudetto.”

Yacine Adli, Stefano Pioli and Brahim Díaz during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

On his moment: “I feel good. I have great enthusiasm. I like what I do and I like doing it especially here. I have always said that when I entered Milanello I immediately felt something special. I know that when I am well, I can do everything.”

On the ‘Pioli is on fire’ chants: “It’s beautiful. It’s very emotional. It gives me a lot of pressure. I always had a hard time holding back when I heard that chant, I only let go at the last match at San Siro. It was right to celebrate with them even though we were still missing the last step.”

Stefano Pioli during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

On the moment of Milan: “The fact that the credibility around the team has changed is evident. Despite our positive results, no one believed in us. I repeated this often to my guys. Many were giving others as favorites for the Scudetto and about us they said we lacked experience or ruthlessness in some matches. A Coach must know how to give certain stimuli. Success can change people but it didn’t happen to us. On the contract, we understood how important it is to prepare well, how difficult it is to win and what it takes to stay on top. I see the guys even more ready and more prepared. I am convinced that our cycle has just begun.”

On his mother who used to complain he never won anything: “She keeps it all inside, but she is proud and happy with this Scudetto. It’s been an engaging year for everyone. I don’t think she will come to San Siro, she is something who can’t watch the last minutes of games at home.”

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Coach Seedorf

“It was right to celebrate with them even though we were still missing the last step”. I love this coach!! Despite the fact that we won our last match convincingly (3-0), he was still seeing an error and where we needed to improve. Hungry for more success, that’s how teams grow. Last 3 seasons, when Pioli took over, our game improved. Last 2 seasons, we saw a marked improvement compared to the previous season, last season, we also saw an improvement compared to the previous season. I believe this season will yet be better than last season as pre-season already… Read more »


He really improved the team by making his players used to his system. He instill his pilosophy of football to his every single players, so no matter who plays or at what quality they are, the team still performed. This is what build a team’s like. We were still compete on the tops of the league last season despite we lost Maignan, Kjaer, Brahim (at the top of his game), rebic, and Tomori. We still won even when many expected us to lose! What is more special is that we win with our young squad that has ton of rooms… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

Saw an interesting stat today. Inter players missed less than a third of the number of matches that AC Milan players did last season due to injuries, and barely a third more than Juventus players did. Inter players missed a total of 71 matches last season through injury, with few players suffering seriously long-term blows to their fitness despite the long and physically demanding fixture schedule between all competitions. Meanwhile, the Rossoneri had more than triple this number of matches missed spread between their squad, with 233 absences in total, whilst in the Bianconeri’s case this number was 209. this… Read more »