Maldini and Massara met Club Brugge in Switzerland to discuss De Ketelaere, the clubs’ positions remain unchanged

Charles De Ketelaere during KV Kortrijk-Club Brugge at Guldensporenstadion on January 30, 2022. (Photo by David PINTENS/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

Charles De Ketelaere is still not a Milan player, as there is no agreement between the clubs, despite another face-to-face meeting today.

Milan have been trying to bring CDK to Stefano Pioli’s squad since the start of the summer transfer market 3 weeks ago, but they cannot come to terms with Brugge.

Last week the sides met in Belgium and failed to reach an agreement, and today the parties met in a hotel in Lugano, Switzerland, and once again did not leave the room with a deal, as reported by Sky Italia, and others.

The meeting, which was attended by Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara, ended at around 14:15 today, but not much was accomplished there. The position of Milan and the position of Brugge remain unchanged: according to’s Milan are offering €32-33m including bonuses (+ a percentage of a future sale as per Mediaset), while Brugge want €35m as a fixed price + bonuses.

Maldini and Massara have already returned to Milano and they’ll continue to hope that Brugge lower their demands and accept their offer. Pioli is meanwhile in Austria, working with a familiar squad.
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They should forget about him and move on.


Okay, I had enough. No one can say MMM&G are lucky, they all earned credits when they built a winning team. Being said that, we can’t live on our past glory. Certainly didn’t helped before it won’t help now. Can someone explain how CDK, our main target and they can’t close the deal? Some are already claiming that it’s not all about money, projects, language, family and offers dictate the negotiations and decisions. But that’s why we trust MMM to make those deals. Now following a preseason friendly against a team who I will never remember it’s name, Pioli and… Read more »

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like i said so many times before regarding milan’s mercato; if the negotiations drag on for too long then chances are theyre gonna miss out on their targets. just abandon CDK pursuit and be realistic. get ziyech. both ziyech and rebic can and did play am at ajax and frankfurt respectively. messias can too. hell, like i said way back then, ben won afcon playing as lcm, not dm. want even better passer as am? 2 words for u ac milan: lucas “80m rated” paquelme. lmao. p.s. i aint even gonna mention bona fide assistman playing for local rival because… Read more »


Merda Hakan :p
Still don’t like the free kick kid, his (lack of) intensity, and his shithousery since joining shinter.

And yes the CDK saga has gone on for way too long. Just bring in Ziyech and maybe if he plays RW we won’t even need a traditional AM.


cuckanoglu is sob (been tagging that cuck and trolling banter milan news in general on twitter lately lol), that much is clear. but that doesnt alter the fact that that kind of players (bruno fernandes, gundogan, de paul, CDK etc) is exactly what milan need playing as am. however, with tight budget in milan’s war chest, i dont think its wise to splash 35m on unproven maldini-look alike youngster. unless 2 of tanganga/dicka, ziyech, renato can come on loan. one thing is sure though, that piece of shit agnelli was right; epl IS de facto super league. how else can… Read more »


Hakan deserves where he is.

His comments about Milan being lucky and his arrogant take on the entire thing is why I didnt like him.

Milan needs to either give the other 2 million (cant believe a deal is stagnating over a mere 2 million) or move on to Ziyech.

Sanches I still believe is coming to Milan. And Tanganga.

If they could get Ziyech and CDK with Sanches and Tanganga that is very successful mercato. We shall see.


let’s do the math mate:

  • if chelsea is kind enough to let ziyech go for 10m then nice. if he can come on loan with option then even better
  • renato: 15 – 20m. no loan deal accepted
  • tanganga: 15m
  • CDK: 35m

that’s at least 75m. so, unless tanganga and ziyech can come on loan, there’s very slim chance all of them can come


why Tangaga, when there is N’Dicka for just the same amount. So underrated…


i watched frankfurt a lot to watch andriy silva play, and ndicka, kostic and kamada were certainly top performers of the club. also, tanganga just recovered from injury so ndicka would be a no brainer, except for the fact that frankfurt slap 20m price tag on him with 1 yr left in his contract. knowing milan, theres no way they would entertain frankfurt’s demand

AC Milan

The problem is our owner will want to lower Ziyech’s wage too since it’s around 5mil. It’s going to be another drag. Maldini had to call to have Eliot release extra 2 mil. I don’t think they will. Thus we are likely not going to get CDK. Paqueta is 10 times better than Hakan.

Last edited 1 year ago by AC Milan

ziyech wants 6m, above milan 5m ceiling. so yeah, unless chelsea want to share the bill then it’ll be another long, unproductive negotiations again and in the end milan will get nobody from ligue 1 or serie b. lmao.
speaking of salary, im even more concerned about leaonaldo and ben. i think ben will accept 3.5m but i heard that sob mendes asks for 7m for leao to extend. looks like we have another kessie/hakan/donna case boys lmao. F these american’t stingy owners


I thought there is only mexican’t, like in one of johnny depp’s movies


I think we might get this kid. he will be the only new player we get. What i fear, is that we will get these guys on the last day of the window, then having no pre-season, no training time no nothing they will struggle and WE (including me) will crucify them.


gettting CDK would be nice but if that means no budget for dm, rw and cb then it’d be very unwise.
and yeah, milan has wasted so many times in this mercato so they better get their targets before august and get that shit over with because serie a will start in < 3 weeks


I hope Adli will develop and able to play as number 10 this season. Krunic and Diaz wiill be the back up. Krunic plays to defend and Diaz to attack. So it’s ok not to get CDK.


To stay with the same team or even worse considering we lost Kessie and haven’t replaced him yet, is no improvement. Last season we won Scudetto, this season they want to take it a step further. Or so they say. I don’t see any improvements to be excited and we are already in August.


Just make him a 10 million loan with 25-27 million buying obligation (or 20+17) at the end of the loan deal If Milan really want him. That way you can let the redbird to pay the larger amount the transfer after the acquisition, if that is the problem with elliot.
Buy Ziyech outright (there is a rumor we can have him for 10 mill) and spend whatever left to make a deal for Tanganga or Ndicka.
These kind of long-and-then-failed transfer negotiations is such a embarassment for a club of Milan stature and italian champion.


RedBird (Cardinale) don’t even have the money to buy this club let alone give M&M proper transfer budget. This whole club sale thing is fishy, Elliott are probably laundering their money through Cardinale.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ted

The fact no one talks about


Testify brother!!
These people stink.
Why would they plan a takeover to coincide with transfer window?

Elliott smell another payday like how they got this club in the first place. Never forget that


What you said make sense, and the takeover came in a weird timing too as if they purposely dodge the mercato. On the other hand, there are articles that explain how solid they are on building sport brands in America. Which one is it, I guess we hv to wait after the takeover taken place and a full mercato in redbird ownership to figure whether they are the sheperd or the wolf. Anyway, I personally believe that MMM has backup plan on how they operate and come with a total surprise deal like Maignan and Tomori even if that means… Read more »