Gabbia: “We are disappointed with the result, I’m pleased the Coach has been giving me opportunities, we’ll try to create something special this season”

Matteo Gabbia during Zalaegerszegi TE-Milan at ZTE Arena, Zalaegerszeg on July 23, 2022. (

Matteo Gabbia spoke to MilanTV after the Rossoneri suffered a defeat against Zalaegerszegi TE.

The Serie A season starts in 3 weeks from today, and this Saturday the Diavolo took on Zalaegerszegi TE for a friendly.

After less than 30 minutes, Milan found themselves 3-0 behind with Meshack Ubochioma (2′), Attila Mocsi (25′) and Mátyás Tajti (27′) showing their great finishing touch. Olivier Giroud (30′ pk) pulled one back in the first half while Rade Krunić (86′) made it 3-2 after coach Stefano Pioli introduced 10 subs in the 60′ minute, bringing on many of last year’s starters for their first pre-season match.

The only player who completed 90 minutes was Matteo Gabbia, as he played in defense alongside Pierre Kalulu and then Fikayo Tomori. After the game, he spoke to MilanTV:

“We are disappointed with the result. For us, it isn’t of secondary importance. We are disappointed. We definitely wanted to win because this is our mentality right now. We’ve put in the work to gain this kind of mentality so whenever we don’t win, it annoys us. In the next few days, we’ll work to try to do better, improve our fitness levels, find more of a spark, and ensure that we’re in the best possible shape going into our next friendly and the upcoming campaign.”

Matteo Gabbia before Zalaegerszegi TE-Milan at ZTE Arena, Zalaegerszeg on July 23, 2022. (

On his condition: “I feel good. I haven’t reached peak fitness levels but I’m happy with my physical shape and how things have been going in the past 20 days. I’m also pleased that the Coach has been giving me opportunities to get to grips with the pitch, to gain confidence, to gain awareness through these minutes on the pitch and, at the same time, improve my condition, so I’m happy. In the next few friendlies, I hope I get as much playing time as possible.

On the upcoming Austria training camp: “We will be spending four days together and it’ll involve training, improving, being a group. I have no doubt that it will be useful. We’re a bunch of guys who get on well, who train well together, who have a great spirit and we’ll try to create something positive and special this season, too.”

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U guys are not serious and the management feel they will be satisfied with 4th place this season


ok, there’s one thing criticizing the owners, but not the players. This squad deserves all the love and respect. Imagine winning Scudetto with the team we had last year. Not cool, bro


Hello Ruskin

The team is still warming up. The essence of these matches is to help the coach and the players evaluate their readiness and also work on there weaknesses before a season starts. There are three more matches if Vicenza is included.

Calm down

Didn’t watch the match but I quite like Gabbia. I see him like Bonnuci. He’s not all that aggressive but have good qualities of a modern centerback he’s especially confident on the ball and love looking up to find a forward pass, not necessarily long balls, he doesn’t just always pass to the next defender which. A loan to a team he’ll get playing time will help him a lot. The team may not necessarily need to sign another young defender on a permanent deal if there’s not enough fund, get one good one on loan and use Gabbia next… Read more »


He should be loaned out for a year or 2, so he can have consistent playing time. When Kjaer leaves, we’ll have him ready to take over his role.

Calm down

2 year loan to then kinda replace kjaer may be the perfect idea. A thing also I’ve realized about Pioli’s ideal defender is that he’s to be quick and aggressive (like Tomori,Kalulu Ndicka, Tanganga, less so Gabbia) as the coach likes to push the defense high, defending one on one and recovering fast. I just don’t want to see Gabbia here as 5th choice centerback forever! Over the years it’s been proven that sending youngsters to clubs they’ll be guaranteed more game time is the most effective for their growth


wrong. milan doesnt have enough cb to just let a good cb like gabbia go like that. knowing milan, there will surely be times when injuries will be piling up, and players like gabbia will come in handy. milan should’ve only let one of romag and caldara go, not both. kalulu isnt even cb ffs


Kalulu is more CB than RB, ffs… watch the games last season…


Kalulu is clearly just an outstanding young footballer, he could honestly play anywhere.
His performance at cb were brilliant last season. Like thuram or lahm or alaba, he can play anywhere


just because some fb like thuram, theo’s big bro, maldini, lahm etc are good enough to play cb doesnt mean theyre actual cb. kalulu’s main asset is his speed but he’s not tall enough to be mainstay cb. did you forget his exquisite crossing to leao last season?
shame milan failed to get botman because kalulu really need to play rb again. i saw calabria’s performance vs germany, and no way in hell serious club has him as mainstay rb, let alone capt


Dopo la partenza con le gambe molli il MIlan ha avuto una bella reazione, non volevano perdere il che significa che con la testa la squadra e’ gia’ competitiva, mi dispiace per Brescianini che e’ non pronto per la prima squadra.


You guys have not started been disappointed,if we don’t sign players then we can only hope and have faith to the ones we have already and a little bit of luck that all I can say for now don’t want to be negative here fingers crossed season 3weeks to go


You say


if milan doesnt reinforce the squad within next 3 weeks, then this season will be 99/00 2.0


barring injuries, milan defense are set. hopefully baka and pobega can replace kessie as muscles and mf destroyer, now that renato wont come because milan took to long to even extend their own directors. they also actually have enough wingers if guardioli is smart enough to play rebic or brahim as rw, and origi and giroud should be enough firepowers until jan. but if guardioli isnt brave enough to play adli/ben/tonali as am then they dont have 3/4ista yet, which is laughable because serie a (and of course milan) used to be home of ballon d’or winning fantasisti. the solution?… Read more »


Surprised how long it’s taking for transfers, I hope we see adli as a 10 and not diaz.sure I read new owners are borrowing 600 million off elliott and they keep a stake in club. Win win for Elliott! we just won league and are in champions league again, our rivals have strengthened so new owners better get spending, right wing, midfielder essential.


the way things are going, milan are too cheap to buy CDK, so i hope they get ziyech. but then again, maybe one of the biggest reasons why CDK is their main target (aside from his age) is his low salary, compared to dybala and ziyech, so maybe milan wont get ziyech either. speaking of flappy bird, i love how eldiott considered investcorp unworthy because they needed to raise money from investors to buy milan yet they said ok to flappy bird who needed 600m loan from eldiott. lmao. this is yonghong li 2.0 all over again. and add to… Read more »


CDK is going to be better than Ziyech already is. I have high hopes for this kid. I think he could be another KDB Kaka hybrid.

As for the ownership. I’m going to wait and see. I want to see how this year plays out. One thing is for sure. I’m excited for Gazidis to go. Lol


will CDK be better than ziyech, especially his ajax version? hard to tell, because ziyech was sweet player. but what do i know is ziyech is world class and that CDK is way too slow to play winger, so theyre not even comparable. noa lang is good winger, but he’s even more arrogant than faivre and maybe thats why maldini never considered him. my point is, 35m for unproven am is big gamble. and if the rumour is true that brugge asks for 40m because leeds offered that much then its wise not to waste time negotiating. if eldiott really… Read more »


I see Zaniolo as the solution for this issue. Younger than Ziyech and faster than CDK. There are a lot of pros if we get him. He’s Italian, so that will fill the homegrown quota, his salary is not so high, has an expiring contract, can cover RW & CAM and most importantly, we can prevent Juve Merda from signing him.

If M&M can work their magic and strike a loan deal with obligation to buy with Roma, we will still have money to spend on other positions.


My question is. What is our percentage of resale of Paqueta? If he goes to Arsenal for what is being reported. How much of that does Milan get? I am sure it will be more than the 2 million they need to bridge the gap for CDK so I dont know why this is such a big deal. Just give them the 2 million.


i think somewhere around 15%? but the funny thing about paqueta is that, like i said, with enough game time he’ll flourish and soon play for big club. goddamn i hate being right all the time. do you know how much lyon value him now, in case clubs like assnal come calling? whooping 80m. now, why would u sell player that good for mere 20m? i even read today that plizzari’s sold permanently for 200k. wtf? good thing that brugge is teaching maldini how to value ur own players. hell, even juve valued bernardeschi at 40m 1-2 seasons ago lmao.… Read more »


Gabbia cannot leave cause Milan have home-grown quotes to respect. If reports are true and Chelsea are desperate to offload Ziyech then Milan needs to grab this opportunity. He’s an RW with valuable experience. CDK is exciting but at the same time risky for 35 millions. You know who else is exciting? Adli. Diaz is just awful and like I said many times before, Bennacer would explode in that advanced role in Pioli’s system. Pobega is also another who I have great faith in. I dream of seeing Tonali-Pobega duo leading Milan and Italy NT midfield in near future. Right… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Ted

With Kessie gone and bakayoko leaving we certainly need another midfielder.

Giroud is training separately and wont play tomorrow. Hopefully hes ok. Otherwise we have no fit striker.

RW, well who knows why we still don’t have one?

CB looks like we will bring in some cover.

There’s a lot to be rectified with the new season almost upon us



I am starting to lose my patience now. If they cant raise an offer by 2 million for a talent such as CDK I am concerned. I have faith though. And nothing has happened with PSG and Sanches yet either. If they close those 2 and bring in Tanganga I think we are set. I would love to bring in Ziyech AND CDK. But I dont think that will happen.