Still no deal between Milan and Club Brugge for De Ketelaere, contacts will continue over the next few days

Charles De Ketelaere during Club Brugge-Gent at Jan Breydel Stadium on February 6, 2022. (Photo by BRUNO FAHY/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

Charles De Ketelaere is still not Milan’s, despite the trip of Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara to Belgium.

Milan fans were hoping that today will be the day CDK will switch from Blue and Black to Red and Black, but sometimes dreams don’t turn into reality.

Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara got on a plane and flew to Belgium this morning for a meeting with Club Brugge.

The sides sat down for a talk but the white smoke did not arrive. As reported by’s Antonio Vitiello & Pietro Mazzara, the meeting was ‘cordial and interlocutory’.

However, as also confirmed by Belgian journalist Alexandre Braeckman, Milan didn’t make a new offer during the meeting. Braeckman wrote on his Twitter account after the meeting allowed Milan and Brugge to communicate very clearly and Milan understood the price demands of Brugge. Braeckman adds that there’s optimism on both sides and that Milan’s new offer should arrive ‘very quickly’. believes that between tonight and tomorrow, the new bid of the Rossoneri will be made, with discussions set to be held over the next few of days to find a definitive agreement. De Ketelaere strongly wants to join Milan and there’s an agreement until 2027, but should the Diavolo fail to reach an agreement with Brugge, Braeckman claims Leeds United are still interested; they offered €37m.

Noa Lang, Charles De Ketelaere and Ferran Jutgla during a Club Brugge training session on July 8, 2022. (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

Upon returning to Italy, Maldini was asked some things by journalists waiting at Linate airport, as reported by Vitiello: “How did it go? Good. Is there confidence? Always confidence… Is the intention to try to close? We try. See you soon.” Paolo then went into a car and head back to the city.

Should De Ketelaere not arrive despite the strong will of both sides, Milan are ready to evaluate other more affordable targets, namely Hakim Ziyech of Chelsea, who could arrive on loan from the Premier League outfit, where he is deemed surplus to requirements by Thomas Tuchel.

The new Serie A season starts in less than 3 weeks and so far the squad of Stefano Pioli has only welcomed Divock Origi as a new face (the striker is injured and may not be fit for Matchday 1).

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Maldini just spoke to the media at Linate saying “It went well, there is confidence.”

Unless people here are ready to call Paolo a liar. I think this is great news.


Don’t be so naive. What do you think he will say to the media? That there’s been little to no progress? They would tear him apart. It’s all about PR and maintaining a public image. Always show up positive and reflect confidence, wear a smile. It does not mean they won’t get him but don’t believe everything you see. It can be deceiving.

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I don’t believe anything I see. I just trust our management. None of you apparently do. When we sign CDK are you then going to complain they haven’t signed anyone else or are you all finally going to relax?

The complaining around here is getting old. Come August 31st if we aren’t better than last season I’ll be complaining with you all. Until then. Enjoy the ride


I’m not complaining at all, I wrote as well that this does not mean they won’t sign him. I just won’t be disappointed if they don’t cause I’m used to it. I just don’t take their words for granted and that’s it. It’s all business and politics. Anyway Maldini and Massara are still the duo to lead this new Milan. They are just working with what they are given.


Very foolish and selfish team. At this time of the window still could not get a deal done? What a useless team Milan has become. AS Roma got Dybala under our nose and here we’re with speculation here and there. What a shame for a whole champions of Italy.


It wasnt under our nose. We didnt want Dybala. There was literally 0 interest.


Dybala? They could snatch him in an instant but he’s not the type of player Pioli wants for his system and play.

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What embarrassing image this is for the mighty Milan, champions of Italy!

The only deal they can get done is Liverpools 4th choice striker for free.

Only takes other clubs days to wrap up deals for the likes of Bremer,Dybala, Lukaku etc.

Its no wonder sanches prefers psg now, he was keen on milan for a long time but he sees now they have no ambition.
The likes of Theo Hernandez etc must be feeling frustrated after extending contracts based on an ambitious project which has completely stalled.

Thanks red turd for ruining our renaissance


LOL What are you talking about?

You are the one that is embarrassing. Its fans like you that run at the first sign of anything bad.

The Lukaku deal took WEEKS for Inter to close. Bremer has been in the works for Juventus for weeks as well. And the Pogba deal took MONTHS.

Dybala has been a free agent for over a month and just signed.

Maldini and Massara just signed 3 weeks ago. So we are right in line.

Stop being a baby. Typical millennial. You want everything NOW and have 0 patience.


Pls which serious player has milan sign this season window ,we are just running after players we can’t get ,the end will tell


Why can’t we get them? Looks like they have specific targets in mind. You guys just want them to sign anyone just to say they did. Relax


You constantly miss the point!! Are u a red bird fan or a milan fan? Yes one big problem is that Maldini and Massara contracts took so long, another painful and wasteful delay. Other teams had deals agreed in june ready for window opening. Now despite winning the league and balancing the books we have a pathetic budget to work with. Begging and bargaining like a small club. We were at a unique point of opportunity to take the next leap forward as even Maldini stated. Some well chosen players desperately needed for striker, am and rw that could allow… Read more »


It’s not a personal attack. It’s an attack on your posts. You’re constantly complaining. Again. These teams didn’t have anything in the pipeline in June ready for the market opening. It took months of conversations. Your posts aren’t about football. It’s a constant crying fest about how they aren’t doing what you want. They aren’t begging like a small club. They are being smart. You’re forgetting this team had to sit out of Europe for a year because they spent money like crazy. You want to go thru that again? Stop being a spoiled little child and wait until the… Read more »


No patience is not needed now. Have you read any report from newspaper or experts like capello who are all dismayed at milans total paralysis in the market.
Bear in mind we lost kessie and Romagnoli, as well as needing attacking options.
Remember when we had Mike lined up long before Gigio left?
Thats how u do business

This takeover has made a total mess of our ability to move in the market.
It is imperative to get players in early and integrated, so no lets not relax and wait for the leftovers.


Kessie didn’t play for 2 months because he was at the African cup. And Romagnoli was barely playing either. So we lost 2 guys…..awesome.


2 guys! 2guys!!
Romagnoli was our captain you ingrate and kessie has been huge for us in recent years.
Kessie played 39 games last year for milan and Romagnoli 26.
That is a huge loss

Not to mention Kessie is joining Barca after turning down clubs like man utd.
So yeah a big player to replace

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bro calm you t1ts!!


After reading your comment I just clicked Bremer profile to see where he went. Then i saw that he is in Juve and also that Juve have also gotten Pogba, Di Maria, and even Cambiaso (our target). Add Vlahovic who came mid season in to the mix as well, you can see that Juve owner is investing big in his team. Now we can say what we want, but that’s a person who run’s his club with love and not just like a business. In the meantime our owners…


Di maria is 34 years old. If Milan signed him y’all would be complaining about signing an old man. Didnt Vlahovic fall off after a really hot start as well? Pogba helps their midfield but let’s not act like he’s the same guy from 6 years ago. Juve finished where again? 4th? If and when Milan complete the CDK and Sanches signings they are already the better team. On paper. You guys worry too much. Wait until August 31st before you complain. This whole website is just complaint after complaint. And it’s not even over yet the transfer window. Can’t… Read more »


Bro you can’t compare players that we may sing, with players that Juve have already signed and call it even. If Sanches and CDK come then that is a different story.


Rossi, you missed one big difference between Juve and Milan. They own their stadium. That’s where they get their big chunk of income to fund for transfers. Still they are more in debt than Milan…

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They also just sold De Ligt for 77 million euros lol.


Well pleanty of teams are in debt, but it seems like that means nothing this days. Its just how today’s football functions. As for Juve cash it dosen’t matter where it comes from. My point was that their owner has the will and love to spend it on his club.

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Coach Seedorf

Do you think Juve have actually strengthened themselves with these players? Let’s say Pogba replaces Dybala, Di Maria replaces Kilusevski, Bremer replaces De Ligt. Who replaces Morata? Who replaces Chiellini and his impact in their dressing room? Don’t also forget that Bremer and Di Maria need time to settle into this team. In my Opinion, Milan are still ahead of them even as we are currently. Nobody should say we got lucky last season, if anything we were robbed by bad officiating in a number of games and still won the scudetto. With the purchase of an AM and RW,… Read more »


Well the same can be said of who replaces kessie who replaces our captain Romagnoli. Origi will cover (zlatan) back up striker.
Still means we have no rw no am and a 36yo striker.
Not to mention no decent cover for theo

A lot to do and not much happening


They have definetly strengthened mate. Kulusevski wasn’t played at all under Alegri, I think Bremer is an improvement for their defence acording to his stats and De Light stats. Who didn’t really lived up to the expectations in Juve. Morata won’t be missed i can tell you that for sure from reading Juve fans comments. It will be Chiesa/Vlahovic in attack with Keane if they go for three in attack. That looks good if you ask me. And Pogba is a big improvement for any team on his own.Imagine us getting a big name like Gnabry on the RW, that’s… Read more »


Similar thing happened with the Olmo and Szoboszlai cases, right?
Hopefully this will end better.


Don’t forget Correa as well.


Well really dont know what to say about my beloved milan till now we havent sign one single player at this time of the month shame on the project redbird


Not even close to the same. They confirmed Pioli and with that Ragnick and Szo were out of the plan. Ragnick then went to Man united and failed miserably.

This is what I mean when people want to sign people just to say we signed someone. Relax. Everyone. Please

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When Phildadon1899 has a comment edited by Phildadon86 you realise your dealing with a multiple account holder.

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LOL. Yeah I am definitely being shady. Thats why they are both the exact same name with different numbers.


When SJF has a comment edited by SJF you realise you are not dealing with a multiple account holder.


Honestly I just log in from different places and different computers and dont remember my login stuff all the time. One L or 2 etc. lol.


DE KETELAERE is already a Milanista, the next deal is DC (Dan-Axel Zagadou is very good option) and possibly Sanchez and that’s it, they are ready for a top 4 finish. Realistic goals for this season would be:
1. Top 4 in Italy
2. Top 2 in the CL group
3. Finalists in the Italian Cup

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No he will be SancheZ because hi will be Zlatanized 🙂


Common maldini.. Show your magic… We loose zlobozai and olmo last year, i hope CDK will join us soon


I’m still cool Yeah, I’m still cool but I think Milan is resting on its laurels. Not buying your key target for the AM role for 3-7 millions. I get it the new stadium but we need consistency. I was OK with Sanchez he is no Kessie I think he is not the replacement, I was OK with our backline and 9s last season. But now I feel dissapointed. Maldini’s strategy of Milan comes first is okay but not everyone is Tonalli or Theo. Not everyone is romantic about football look at PSG. They buy Messi just for marketing reasons.… Read more »


Di Maria isnt up Maldini’s alley. He is old. Sure he may have a few years left but he isnt Pirlo. His position he needs speed and if you watched any PSG games the last few years that is starting to fade. You buy veterans who dont rely on speed but technique. Giroud is a perfect example. They spend 2 million on him and he won us the scudetto. Sanches I have a funny feeling will still be joining Milan. Lille doesnt want to deal with PSG. Direct competitor and all that jazz. I have a feeling by August 31st… Read more »


If there’s no agreement with Brugges after the latest deadline we need to start looking elsewhere.
The season is approaching fast and we need players fit and integrated.
We have a tough start to the season and as always a good start is hugely important.
Gonna be tough season with Juve, Inter and now even Roma looking strong


Hopefully M&M can get a deal over the line but if they don’t it won’t be an apocalyptic event. There’s no denying that he would be a great addition to a squad that’s young and brimming with talent but it’s high time we respect the work of the duo who were instrumental in creating what we’re currently enjoying.