Reports: Milan resumed contacts for Lille’s Renato Sanches, met the agent of De Ketelaere in Milano on Wednesday

Renato Sanches during Wolfsburg-Lille at Volkswagen Arena on December 8, 2021. (Photo by RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images)

Milan are still not giving up on Renato Sanches, while they are trying to get Charles De Ketelaere on their side to ease the negotiations.

When signing the contract extension at the end of June, Paolo Maldini said the management will try to make up for lost time in the transfer market, and if this week is any indication then Maldini and Massara are certainly trying to do that.

While most of the talk in recent days has been targeted towards Charles De Ketelaere and Hakim Ziyech, according to Sky Italia, Milan are still in the running for Renato Sanches.

The Portuguese midfielder seemed very close to joining the club from Lille in June, but the move didn’t happen and Paris Saint-Germain began showing interest. However, Sky reports that yesterday there were new contacts on Wednesday between the Diavolo management, Lille and agent Jorge Mendes. PSG are taking their time on Renato and so Milan will try to strike a deal soon.

Charles De Ketelaere during Club Brugge-Anderlecht at Jan Breydel Stadium on May 22, 2022. (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

As for De Ketelaere, Sky reports that after seeing their first €20m plus bonuses bid rejected by Club Brugge, Milan met the agent of CDK, Tom De Mul, who is in Milano. The Rossoneri want to get the player’s total approval for the move and thus have greater strength in the talks with Brugge.

Leeds United are also interested in the player and have submitted a much higher offer than that of Milan. However, the 19-times Serie A winners are ready to raise their bid and are also hoping to rely on the will of the player, who according to Belgian media has no interest in moving to Leeds and would see himself continuing to play Champions League football in the next season.

Finally on the defense, the name of Japhet Tanganga, who plays for Tottenham, has re-emerged as a possible target. Milan met his agent but there are no negotiations in progress right now.

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Dos Santos

Milan should just sign this players they’re wasting too much time.


This isnt Fifa. You cant press square and skip the negotiations.

Coach Seedorf


Last edited 1 year ago by Coach Seedorf
Coach Seedorf

Ziyech and Sanchez might be smoke screens. I doubt Milan will spend €25million on Ziyech who is 29years old already, Gazidiz doesn’t see any resale value in him. Sanchez is quite injury prone so I feel Milan have their eyes on someone else. I would love the Ziyech deal to be successful but I don’t see Milan paying anything more than 10-15million max for his purchase when discussion option to buy


lol, there are no other options. Dybala has high wages, Asensio as well.

Coach Seedorf

What’s the difference between Dybala’s wages and Ziyech’s wages? That’s why I feel Ziyech is a smoke screen. I would love Ziyech to come to Milan as he will be an instant upgrade to our right side but the Milan I know will rather sign Dybala on free transfer and reduce his wages or get someone younger altogether who will guarantee good resale value. This is Milan’s new policy so we have to get used to it and not let the media deceive us with mouth watering deals


Dybala is younger by 1-2 years… I think you believe Zieych is some 35 yo man. Dybala wants 6-7M not to mention the greedy agent, Zieych is most likely 3-4M max. That’s the difference. It’s football not Code Geass or Death Note.

Coach Seedorf

Ziyech is 29years old and you know how our management thinks by now. By the time we are ready to exercise our option to buy Ziyech will be 30years old. Do you think Milan management will pay 20-25mil for a 30years old man? Read my comment again above, I spoke well of Ziyecuh but stated that I know we won’t pay any exorbitant amount for him. Common man, look at all our old players, how much did we pay for them? Ibra= free, Kjaer= about 3mil, Florenzi= you know the amount, Messias = you know the amount. Name one of… Read more »


I genuinly believe Zieych won’t possibly have 6M salary when he warmed bench for the past 2 years. We have levarage for his career to be something except Ajax, his salary won’t be above 4M, you’ll see.


CDK seems like a real option. He’s young, good, versatile with potential. Idk man, No disrespect to the saladman and brahim (still young, still can improve) but ANY of the guys rumored will be an upgrade.
Maybe Sanches is a smokescreen and to be honest, maybe adil and pobega surprise us all and we can be ok w/o kessie replacements.
And to Deku, there are always options, we just wouldnt like them. Nobody knew Messiah or Lazzetic or Ballo-Toure before they came here. They can always go for “young and unproven” and sell it as the next kalulu

Calm down

Yeah not just not wanting any other opinions ,team don’t need certain opinions either. You can’t think that Messiah and Ballo Touré have done something positively surprising lol

Coach Seedorf

I agree with you. CDK is a real option, I believe Milan can invest in him but I don’t believe Milan will invest 20-25mil on 29years old Ziyech, he will be 30years when activating the option. Highest Milan can offer is 10mil and knowing Chelsea’s sports director, she will never agree to such a deal. She is a hard negotiator. I will be really surprised if Ziyech’s deal works out with those figures the media is circulating. Due to Dybala and Sanchez injury concerns, I doubt that they are real options for Milan. Like you said, I hope Pobega and… Read more »


If by “she” you are refering to Marina Granovskaia, she has left Chelsea i heard. But still i agree with you and i don’t think Chelsea would sell a player in his prime cheaply.

Coach Seedorf

Oh really? I didn’t know she has left Chelsea. Thanks for the update bro. That lady is a very difficult lady to deal with when it comes to negotiations, lol. Imagine Chelsea still getting commission from Hazards sale to Madrid won the last Champions league lol


Ballo was known, Messias is 31… and what did Lazetic do?! 0 appearances, 0 everything. We need to strengthen core positions CAM, CM, RW.


Sanches is an opportunity to get a good player for cheap since he is on a expiring contract, that’s why they want to sing him. Otherwise with Tonali,Bennacer,Pobega,Krunic and even Adli we are well covered in mid.


There goes +45M. Hopefully we can get both until the end of the month.


Junior Messias signing doesn’t give me hope for ziyech coming in.
The best reinforcement will be Leao extension ! Nothing more