The contract renewals of Maldini and Massara are reportedly expected to be announced at the start of next week

Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara before Porto-Milan at Estádio do Dragão on October 19, 2021. (

The wait for the contract renewals will finally end next week, if reports from Italy are to be believed.

It’s been over a month since Milan lifted the Scudetto at the Duomo di Milano, celebrating their first title win in 11 years.

Since then the club has been bought by RedBird, taking over from Elliott, but from them everything seems to be stuck – especially when it comes to the mercato.

The reason for the inability to close any transfers appears to stem from the fact that Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara – the two directors who lead the sporting project of the Rossoneri, aiding coach Stefano Pioli – have yet to renew their contracts, which are due to expire in less than a week from now, on June 30.

The Italian media has been saying ‘next week’ for weeks when talking about the renewals of Maldini of Massara. However, according to’s Antonio Vitiello, the announcement on the renewals is ‘indeed one step away’, with lawyers at work to iron out the final contractual details.

White smoke is expected between this weekend (less likely) and the start of next week. Afterwards, hopefully, the mercato will begin, with Divock Origi expected to start on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Oluwa Shevy



Unless this new management want Curva back on streets, not for celebration but riots, they need to close these contract extentions asap. They need to understand, certain players wouldn’t come to Milan if it wasn’t for Il Capitano.


There is nothing complicated about extending existing contracts with directors, so why the delay? The only logical reasons are 1. The owners have been too slow to make the offer(which Maldini has voiced his frustration about) 2. The directors are not satisfied with the owners terms This is becoming more serious by the day! Training starts in 10 days Our mercato has completely stalled. The big European clubs we aspire to compete with have been making significant signings. The club had agreements in place for months with players like Botman and Sanches. Now Milan are being seen to not fulfill… Read more »


I was gutted when middle East buyers walked away, but elliott have got a great deal with still owning percentage of milan and loaning money to new buyers if u know what I mean!

Gbenga AJOSE

Eliot are greedy heads !


Yeah we have gone from 300m budget to 0 budget, thanks elliot!
They are one of the most bloodthirsty investment funds on the planet, do not underestimate their greed.
I will be very very interested in maldinis next statement. His recent silence is deafening


This whole takeover looks very shady. Some say that the new owner dosent have enough money, but then why would Eliot sell to him and not to the Arabs. It is questionable if Eliot is really even selling or just trying to cover up their ownership. Didn’t UEFA worn them about being involved in multiple clubs? Nothing is certain really. We can only wait and see. Hope we don’t end up like Lille.


“Gerry Cardinale bought the club less than a month ago, but is currently in the USA to raise funds to complete the takeover. According to the report, he’ll need circa €300-400m, otherwise, Elliott will lend the money, remaining at the helm for a few more years.”

Everything is far from certain.

Last edited 11 months ago by Ted
Gbenga AJOSE

We can’t see another Berlusconi buying Milan.its so sad. All these people are only after the profit. They don’t care about fans or whoever. If not, how could Eliot sold Milan to these clowns who don’t have fund to take over a club. What do you expect from someone buying something on credit.His first objective is how to minimise his debt.So am not surprised if only 40m is provided for the market and not surprised why Maldini has not signed his contract…Elliot bought us a step forward but wants to bring us 10 steps backward.So bad ! I thinks we… Read more »

Oluwa Shevy

What kind of mess is this now I can’t afford Milan to waste a whole season with this mismanagement

Gbenga AJOSE

Real big mess my brother…..


if they dont want to invest now, after we won the scudetto, have promising players, recruited well and have a decent balance books (compared to rivals). Then they will never invest. It is that simple. We heard many times “balancing books, need UCL money, remove dead weight etc etc” . What’s the excuse now. Perhaps it is telling Maldini has not renewed. This is our ceiling if we do not invest more.


Its a crazy situation, maldini and Massara contracts run out tomorrow.
How could any owner let these guys dangle like this after what they achieved.

I hope there is a major protest and boycott if they leave.
Who are these red turds?

How could anyone take over a club doing so well and wreck everything in 1 month.

No Botman, no snaches, those deals were done. What a shambles


The moment that the owners renew Maldini and Massara and give them what they fully deserve, whether that’s more pay, more trust, bigger transfer budget or more decision making, that’ll be the exact moment that I’ll know that we’re on the verge of winning our eighth European cup. They have both done an amazing job and if the new owners and Elliott want to see continued growth and success then it’s essential that they both be given their worth. When that’s done I’m confident that the squad will be reinforced to be competitive enough to win in Europe, regardless of… Read more »


5 signings will be enough. Keep Rebic and Saelemakers, even though they didn’t have the best season. Keep Colombo and Plizzari. De Kateleare I think is a must and Cambiasso seems a cheap, good investment for vice-Theo, who is an Italian (since we need 4 of them and 4 that came from Italian youth system). For the final 3, we’ll need 1 of each: CB, CM and RW. For CB, Milenkovic, Bremer and N’dika are all fantastic options out of which 2 have contract until 2023. If we can’t sign any of them, maybe try Romagnoli 1 more time?! For… Read more »


The way things are going, we will be lucky if we get one player, let alone a complete makeover like the one you suggested. We gotta be real.


complete makeover? 5 players are a makeover?


in a sense. Most players you mention are probably starters (or want to be) and 5 out of 11 starters is a makeover. De Kateleare = probably a starter CB, Milenkovic, Bremer and N’dika = They want to be starters. For CM, Seko Fofana, Sangare, Douglas Luiz, Fratessi, Sanches = Sanches is def a starter RW Asensio or Dembele are 100% starters. Notice I did not say we do not need them. Those are some areas we NEED a starter or at a minimum strengthen. (like cambiasso) . I’m saying, the way things are going, we’d be lucky if we get… Read more »


3 will be definite starters. wdym? LB is a sub and CB not guaranteed vs Kalulu. CDK is expensive, CBs are of fair price so are CMs. RW is left to be the real issue and while Juve uses ridiculous deals so can we. ask for 2-3 year payment plan. these 5 are neccessity and 5 is the number cause we let Chalha, Kessie, Donna and Romagnoli leave for nothings and only Donna was replaced. that’s 160-170M right there and i’m under-valuing them…


i hear you. I dissagree a bit on the CB though. Bremer or Milenkovic will be earning starter money. (even if they are a backup to Kalulu). A lot of ppl cry Romag was making starter money and was benched.

I’m just not feeling very positive about the situation. We have not gotten a single player, It is hard to imagine getting 3-4 players, let alone starter-quality players.


So here we are on Tuesday, contracts of our directors expire on Friday….

Will sign soon, next week, next week, blaa, blaa, blaa.

The fact they have not signed an extension by now and how our transfer market has stalled, i think there is a strong possibility they will leave.

If that happens, we are back to year 0
The fans are rightfully furious


yep. If we cant renew our directors after a stellar campaign. There is no hope. People keep talking about all these new signings, has anyone noticed we had signed (as in officially) 0 players. Not even Origi has done his medical. We are linked with so many players, i would not be surprised if we end up with some young kid from serbia or something like that. They will sell it as “the next Kalulu”. We struck gold with him, that does not mean we will strike gold every time.


Origi did his medical and signed his contract yesterday…..but sure. Keep up with the doom and gloom


Origi has not yet officially been confirmed.

you think getting Origi makes up for mess we’re in

Inter just signed lukaku ffs

If your not massively concerned about maldini and Massara contracts running out tomorrow your not a Milan fan

Last edited 11 months ago by SJF

They just won the scudetto. Maldini and Massara will likely sign today. Origi signed his contract, and I think you really underestimate how good he can be. I have been a milan fan for 30 plus years. But sure. Because I am not of the “Sky is falling” crowd I am not a fan.


Sure lets hope origi does great, but lets not kid ourselves, hes a decent squad player. Maldini and fans aspire to taking a step forward and being competitive in Europe. This long debacle of contracts has wasted a lot of good work done by our directors and a lot of time. The best available talent is being snapped up each day as we are stuck in limbo. Milan were 2 or 3 good players away from being challengers in Europe. Standing still is not an option as our great leader Maldini has been vocal about. He knows where Milan needs… Read more »


I disagree regarding Origi. I think he is going to surprise you. He was a squad player for one of the best teams in the world and every time they called on him he scored. The kid is great in big moments.


Btw its 18.15 in italy as i write this.
Our directors contracts have officially expired.