Milan and Crotone reach an agreement in principle over Messias, the forward to stay for €4.5m plus bonuses

Junior Messias celebrating during Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on April 15, 2022. (

Junior Messias will wear Red and Black next season as well, as Milan and Crotone have struck a deal.

Messias arrived late in the summer last year on loan with option to buy from Crotone and the Rossoneri, after winning the Scudetto this season also thanks to the contributions of the winger, have decided to buy out the 31-year-old.

The two sides had an agreement for €5.4m for Messias to switch sides, but Milan and Crotone in the last days sat around the table and managed to agree on a new price – €4.5m plus bonuses.

Messias will therefore play with the Scudetto on his chest next season and will try to convince Stefano Pioli that he deserves a starting place over the other wingers in the squad. Messias is the 3rd “closed” deal of the summer after Divock Origi for free and Alessandro Florenzi for €2.7m.

Messias’ first season at Milan saw him play in 36 games in all competitions, scoring 6 goals and providing 3 assists.


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Gbenga AJOSE

Please give us better news… We need proper signing. We want to hear Lang, Boatman, sanchez , ketelare, Ukunku deals have been closed,


Botman*, Saches*, de Katelaere*


Ukunku was already signed brother. That dream is dead


Maybe one of those. But all of those? not even during Berlusconi era. I reckon we will get 1 and if lucky 2.


We are starting to see a worrying trend!

Milan have had agreement with sanches and Botman since January. Lots of rumours of Lang and CdK etc

Delays were blamed on lille issues and window not open etc

Now other clubs have announced signings the window is fully open.

We have not even extended Maldini and Massara deals.

So far we have a discounted Florenzi and Messias and a free Origi (back up players at best).

Not exactly a statement of intent!!


The official transfer window of Serie A opens on 1.7.2022. That’s still two weeks away.


Origi is backup material? Lol. All credibility lost with that statement


How many games did he start last season?


What did Origi do in Liverpool?was he starter material?tell me the reason why Origi is not backup material? What is your opinion based on?Based on 1 single good performance that you saw, skill complilation in youtube? Or what?
he played for L’pool from 2014-22, went on loan twice and didn’t have good record of scoring, he was used mainly as subsitute.

Last edited 2 years ago by Timo

I believe you have lost all credibility with that statement.
The other posters have explained why


He is not developing to be better anymore and not a first starter material for Milan. Also will not attract interest for other clubs. Why does Maldini make this decision?


This is the position we have been suffering for years and still we dont seem to learn !

zahid hossain

1. Bring Origi & Belotti. (Free)
2. Bring CDK & Lang (55 mil)
3. Bring Sanchez (15-20 mil)
4. Back up LB (10 mil)
5. Keep Messias, Florenzi, Romagnoli
6. Sale Salemakers
The market will complete within 100 mil euro


bro, i like the idea but this isnt Play Station. Belotti isnt “free”, it’ll be a lot of wages and commissions. We gotta learn from Juve’s mistakes. They signed a bunch of “free” players and few years later were in trouble.
CDK alone will be close to 50. Only one will come (if any)
Enough with Romagnoli. He’s gone, he left, he didnt want to renew. He wants to go to his boyhood club.

I settle for getting one guy. We are linked with everyone and have gotten nobody


CMs will be done for us after Sanches. Tonali, Bennacer, Sanches, Adli, Pobega are enough. (17-20M) CAMs will be done after CdK. de Katelaere, Diaz, Krunic. Maldini should be loaned out. (35M) RB after Florenzi. Calabria, Florenzi. (3-4M) CB after Botman. Tomori, Botman, Kalulu, Kjaer. Gabbia should be loaned out to Monza or some other Serie A team. Caldara and Duarte should be sold as well, as soon as possible. (30M) LB needs a new vice-Theo. 3-4M from Ballo-Toure could easily be used to finance Cambiasso deal from Genoa. (4-5M) ST, LW and RW are a bit more complicated. We… Read more »


I agree with you except for Rebic being sold. We will get litttle for him now after his quiet season.
Also he is a class player when fit and on form, no reason he can’t get back to that and be a very valuable player


I think we should stop dreaming that milan should get that and this players. according to latest report, Maldini and Massara haven’t signed contract extention yet. Their contract will expire at the end of this month. it seems redbird is not even better than elliot in terms of spending. On the other hand many fans didn’t like bahrain based investcorp for whatever the reasons. Many european club owned by american, but only Liverpool stand out in the last few years in terms of spending and achievement. Others club have kind of medium to low level of spending. probably if investcorp… Read more »