Scaroni: “Cardinale bought Milan as it’s an important investment, 2-3 months for the ‘closing’ but it is done, I am happy it happened before the mercato”

Gerry Cardinale and Paolo Scaroni at Casa Milan on June 1, 2022. (

Paolo Scaroni briefly spoke about the sale of Milan, as he was a guest on il Festival dell’Economia.

This week it was announced that RedBird have found an agreement with Elliott to buy Milan for €1.2 billion and Gerry Cardinale is now the new Rossoneri owner.

Paolo Scaroni, Ivan Gazidis Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara are all expected to stay and keep their jobs, and today the Milan President spoke about Cardinale at il Festival dell’Economia, as reported by Calcio&Finanza and

“Gerry Cardinale, son of second generation of Italian emigrants, studied in Philadelphia, then Harvard and then he won The Rhodes Scholarship, which is the biggest scholarship to go to Oxford and which is given to 2 people a year; then he did 23 years at Goldman Sachs and then he created a fund and bought Milan,” Scaroni said. “He didn’t buy Milan because he likes playing football, but because it’s an important investment. He is a ‘fuoriclasse’ [a cut-above others].

“It will take 2-3 months for the ‘closing’ but the transaction is done. And I’m happy that all this happened before the mercato because we are entering a phase in which decisions will have to be made and it’s good to make them.”

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Dan Ban

Zaniolo, Charles dk., Berardi and now pulisic. All are an upgrade to what we have . Given how good we have been at poaching Chelsea, I wouldn’t mind a cheap loan with an option to buy pulisic. Say option to buy for 40 and as per usual, negotiate it down to 25-30.
New owners are American, they might go for something like that given pulisic’s popularity


Chelsea’s new owners are also Americans.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ted

lol you are right. forgot about that. I’d still go for him, Chelsea have not been very good in the transfer market. I put Pulisic close to Zaniolo. Very good but somewhat injury prone. Zaniolo being more injury prone but better player. A cheap loan and a 30M buy clause would do the trick for me


Leao – Nkunku – Pulisic is my fantasy trio up front. But it won’t happen. Also for Pulisic. Noa Lang or Berardi are more realistic.