Ibrahimović: “For six months I played without an ACL in my knee, I never suffered so much but I made a promise”

Zlatan Ibrahimović celebrating after winning the Scudetto at the end of Sassuolo-Milan at Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore on May 22, 2022. (@acmilan.com)

Zlatan Ibrahimović has shared on social media just what he had to go through in the last months to be there for Milan and win the Scudetto.

Milan won the title this season for the first time since 2011 and the Scudetto celebrations went on for 48 hours straight, with hundreds of thousands of fans roaming the streets of Milano.

One of the protagonists of the celebrations, and of course also of the path that led Milan to the title is Ibra. Despite not playing too much this season due to injuries, the presence of Zlatan still made the difference and helped the squad win.

Yesterday the 40-year-old underwent knee surgery and he’s only expected to return to action in 2023. Today he went on social media to share how his last few months had gone.

“For the past six months, I played without an ACL in my left knee,” he wrote on Instagram. “Swollen knee for six months. I was only able to train with the team 10 times in the last six months. Took more than 20 injections in six months. Emptied the knee once a week for six months. Painkillers every day for six months. Barely slept for six months because of the pain. Never suffered so much on and off the pitch. I made something impossible to something possible.

“In my mind, I had only one objective, to make my teammates and coach champions of Italy because I made them a promise. Today I have a new ACL and another trophy.”

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It time to hang up your boot now lion, you can rest easy knowing that Milan is in a better position, redbird get us Darwin Nunez to lead our attack, the guy can be our lewandowski for a decade, giroud has 2 season at best, origi goal scoring record is poor per season at best he can give us 3 years quality performance, I would have prefer for Colombo to play than lazetic after watching his highlights for spezia, he has the potential to be a quality striker, damn man city has it easy 2 world class striker for less… Read more »

Emmy ApacheB

I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all the milan team and management including everyone who supported us during our dark days
you gus made me proud and because of our success everyone respects me
in my place of work they call me the champion as my second name and they listen without talking whenever am talking about soccer now.
Wow am so happy again, my children said their school mates respect them too.
Thanks so much to everyone we are Milan
forza Milan


Thank you Zlatan! Your presence has been truly inspirational and the entire Milan universe owes you a debt of gratitude. If you wish to call it a day on your illustrious career then there’s nothing we can do but salute you but if you wish to carry on I hope that M&M won’t hesitate to give you a one year extension. I honestly hope that you do extend because I think that this team with the right additions and maybe a little luck, can help you achieve that one elusive piece of silverware. Yes, I’m talking about the champions league.… Read more »

Oluwa Shevy

Honestly with that one peice of luck the CL is within our reach it’s in our DNA if he can carry it then I feel he should hang the boot I will personally hang it for him if Milan win the CL with him next season shook hands with him for a never dieing spirit on a short note can someone please give me the update about Simon kjaer didn’t see him during celebration how his is physical condition is he kicking off at the start of the new season


Kjaer was with the team for the final matchday and the parade. He should be back by the beginning of June.

Milan Boy

Very well said, you captured my thoughts. Extend for one year and by stroke of fortune we win the champoins league and you bow out gloriously


Damn right . He deserves a year extension if he has a desire to continue. Everyone at Milan, from the front office to the locker room knows how influential he has been since his return, so I don’t think anyone would be against him staying on another year. With the right additions and the same mental fortitude we saw this season, the possibility of Milan winning the champions league next season isn’t a farfetched dream.


Thank you, Zlatan.

Come on, Zaniolo!!!


like gullit before him, hell, like bruce wayne in the dark knight rises as well, the lion played without fully functioning knee. he defended milan colours by literally sacrificing his body. a true champion, a milanista vero.
all u uninitiated clowns who’s been constantly bitching about him before scudetto would cry if one of ur acnes ruptures, let alone play pro sport without acl. respect the lion or at least forever shut ur dirty hole up