Team news: Torino were without Koffi Djidji, Mohamed Farès, Rolando Mandragora, Dennis Praet and Antonio Sanabria while Milan had to do without Simon Kjær, Alessio Romagnoli, Alessandro Florenzi, Ante Rebić, Ismaël Bennacer, Samu Castillejo and Zlatan Ibrahimović. Kickoff time for Matchday 32 was 20:45 CET at Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino.

Torino F.C. (3-4-2-1) – Ivan Jurić
Etrit Berisha; David Zima (64′ Armando Izzo), Bremer, Ricardo Rodriguez; Wilfried Singo (64′ Ola Aina), Samuele Ricci, Saša Lukić, Mërgim Vojvoda (84′ Alessandro Buongiorno); Josip Brekalo, Tommaso Pobega (84′ Demba Seck); Andrea Belotti (76′ Pietro Pellegri).
Unused: Gemello, Milinković-Savić; Ansaldi; Garbett, Linetty; Akhalaia, Pjaca.

AC Milan (4-2-3-1) – Stefano Pioli
Mike Maignan; Davide Calabria, Pierre Kalulu, Fikayo Tomori (87′ Matteo Gabbia), Theo Hernández; Sandro Tonali (82′ Rade Krunić), Franck Kessié; Alexis Saelemaekers, Brahim Díaz (55′ Junior Messias), Rafael Leão; Olivier Giroud.
Unused: Mirante, Tătăruşanu; Ballo-Touré; Bakayoko; Lazetić, Maldini.

Referee: Daniele Doveri.

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A clear victory with a two goal difference 🙂


Hopefully we can get a win today but if our form holds true then the most we can wish for is a draw. The team has lost quite a few players to injuries “ muscle fatigue” over the past couple days and I’m hoping that it doesn’t have a major impact on the overall performance of the team in this critical stage of the season. These injuries also presents a great opportunity for the likes of Maldini and Lazetic to get some useful minutes and who knows, maybe even a decisive contribution if given the chance today. Anyhow it’s Milan… Read more »

Crispin George

Too many mediocres in this milan squad. Milan keep playing the same way like the Bologna match

Oluwa Shevy

I think Milan playing the last game of the Italian fixture as not been favorable to us what’s really going on we just need to win this game by all


Brahim and Saelemaeker are really useless and seriously why Pioli keep playing brahim?
And what the hell happened with Leao? he lost the ball every single time.
It would be the most stupid move if Milan decide to buy Diaz at the summer


Yeah part says with Diaz
dont sign him
he’s totally fuking useless
buy a real number 10 & a quality right winger .
why doesn’t Pioli give marko lazetic 10-15 mins forfucksake


He makes a mess of our attack. Dribbling too much and lost the chance to pass it. Other players seems tired waiting for his pass they won’t even trying to make themself avaible for his passes anymore.


So let me get this straight, Kessie is observing Ramadan and Pioli is still using him for 90mins ? When he can easily use bakayoko?
And he’s gonna keep Lazetic out till he’s 50years ??! This coach is clueless.
These players also need to stop with the nonsense flicks the keep trying.
Theo is lazy af!


Given that both Alexis and Junior currently suck, why doesn’t Pioli play Samu instead?!
Hanging on something that clearly doesn’t work is just ….


Giroud is killing us with those flicks
Unnecessary, just keep it simple. Hold play that’s your job!

Crispin George

Now we are seeing the real Giroud. This guy can’t even hold on to defenders. He is not the kind of attacker Milan needs. Also, Pioli must stop this gloating nonsense. It is so easy for defenders to read Milan’s game. It’s unfortunate, Inter is in the driving seat now. Milan lost all the advantages to win the league to Inter. The team needs a complete overall and Pioli must try to be dynamic; have several formations, not just 4231.

Ismail Harko

Sorry Milan fans I think we are not ready for the scuddetto.

Roberto Giano

Send Diaz back to Madrid

Roberto Giano

Saelemakers should be replaced by Krunic. His passing was terrible. Baka in.

Roberto Giano

I’m getting tired with this approach. Players ahead from tactics. Pioli should learn from Klopp. Tactics and players are in balance.

Roberto Giano

Pobega is not a good AM. He didn’t advantage his strength in this position. His aerial ability is also poor. Can he be a good DM? He should improve his workrate and tackling.


No quality players. Not for any reason Boban said Acmilan can not be champion , all the smart folks who knows football saying Inter is going to champion.


We’ve now officially handed over the advantage to our crosstown rivals with two consecutive draws against similar opponents. The team has lost its way and are in desperate need of a wake up call before everything spirals out of control and unravels all the hard work that got them this far. Its matches like these that sometimes makes me wonder if Pioli is out of his depth. Milan continues to struggle against these lower half teams and what’s really alarming is that it’s been happening since last season and is yet to be addressed. I know that he can’t shoulder… Read more »


Since when Acmilan buying short player like Brahim Diaz Maldini knows that very well.


Ben Rebic and Ibra? What happened to them?


Lots of people said that Giroud & Ibra aren’t
the strikers we need but we attacked them for saying that and now it proved to us. Its the second season that we lost Seria A title due to not buying a proper striker.


we dont have #10 and right winger. striker is not a problem. we don’t have people who create. diaz is not good enough and leao stinks again. dont get me started on salad man and messi ass

Gbenga AJOSE

Nothing wrong with Leao. I said it before that his contribution will drop if he is d only one spear heading our attack….if we had a complementary right winger, the struggle would not have been this much…

Roberto Giano



spot on bro, I just can’t stop laughing about salad man!!!


Hopefully adli will be a success next season in that role, saladman jeez he’s just effort no quality but he doesn’t pick himself. Why aren’t we getting any youth coming through in these positions like right wing.


Modern strikers are involved in the buildup of the game. And yeah I agree about other positions


I wouldn’t say that Leao is a problem. All teams knows that Milan attacks through the left wing, Calabria does great but Messias and Saelemaekers are average at best.


Giroud/Ibra are good options as back up striker. We shud keep 1 of them (Giroud), buy a proper forward like Scammacca and have a young prospect as 3rd choice. Essentially now we have no functioning attack. Wonder goals from Kalulu and Bennacer saved us recently. Our forwards cant score. We have a good defence and good midfield, but we now need a RW, AM and striker. Thats going to be expensive Though to be honest we have needed players in those positions for a long time and nothing has been done. So expect to see our summer transfer budget spent… Read more »


We have to get a quality right winger, striker.if we had these we would win league and I always thought if we had adli from start would we have a few more points cos diaz is having a nightmare. Theirs no goals in this team at moment our defence been carrying us mostly with tomori, kalalu and Mike outstanding. Agree with everything u say and looks like origi will be coming but for free can’t complain really. I know he scored some big goals for Liverpool in past


People are saying why did pioli not play krunic or lazeti Or castilejo or maldini but you should ask yourself how many of these guys are proving, all the bench is full of average attackers, if Milan want to win the schdeutto then let pay for quality, because we won’t go far in UCL by paying 5m for a striker or looking for free agent that are dump by their club Milan need more than origi or belotti, Liverpool Spend good money on Diaz we need to spend quality otherwise Milan will never compete with the big UCL team and… Read more »


True, I really wish Milan had boughten Cheisa or vlahovic when we had the chance, those guys are far proven and better than samacca, my new dream signing would have been haaland but the management won’t even border, I like Kareem adeyemi or Darwin Nunez, Lukaku could be a option so as dybala there are much proven than divock or belotti. Anybody else know a quality CF that In the market am missing


I follow Liverpool closely and about Origi I can say his stats speak for itself. A player who’s often able to make a difference and always delivers when called upon. He is really one of the most underrated attackers out there and I have a feeling this will turn out to be Theo-esque signing.


Our next match is going to be a very tricky and dicey affair. We face another bottom half team who can be expected to sit deep and wait for the counter. This is why I’m interested in seeing what the approach from our boys will be and whether Pioli continues to insist on playing this 4-2-3-1 that he has such a hard on for. Don’t get me wrong, the formation has served us well over the last two seasons but it’s become somewhat predictable and it does have its limitations. There’s a reason why the most successful clubs in Europe… Read more »


My personal opinion is, this whole team.. is suffering from the lack of leadership.

All three captains of the team are leaving in the next season.

Romagnoli, Ibra and Kessie.

The only one remained in Kjaer and he is not with the team.
Calabria/Tonali is too young to be captain.

This is causing a natural change in the mentality which is actually one of the most important things in the last few pressure games in a season.

So, These results are not surprising.

I am hoping we won’t slip out of the top 4 finish.

Forza Milan.


So, the club is changing hands again, now a Barheim owner.

Now all makes sense.

I thought Elliot would own the team until the new stadium was already built.

This project was amazing, now we will have a new spoiled owner playing fifa trying to be the next city or PSG. Sigh…


I think it’s a good news mate.

Maldini at the helm of the club and with funds available to make proper player purchases..
It can be the very exciting beginning of a whole new era specially if you look at what MMM had pulled without any funds.

I will be looking forward to it.


How can you affirm that the new owner will keep everyone at their office? MMM built men, bought a player like Kalulu who was know only by his mother and now is our CB ahead Romagnoli and the overrated Gabbia. I want Milan to keep this path, eventually when the new stadium is built this team can dominate Italy. Funds are OK if you actually know how to spend. Take a look at Madrid, almost a decade without investments and they kicked PSG out of CL. Serie A is doomed by its own corruption, tv rights, I don’t see how… Read more »