Official: Tomori underwent key-hole surgery on his left knee, recovery time is estimated to be 30 days

Fikayo Tomori during training at Milanello. (

Fikayo Tomori is out for a month after the injury he sustained last night.

Tomori had to leave the pitch after quarter pf a match last night after feeling “something strange” in his knee.

Today, the severity of the injury was made clear and the Englishman had to go under the knife to fix the issue.

“Milan can confirm that Fikayo Tomori underwent key-hole surgery on his left knee to repair the medial meniscus injury that occurred yesterday,” a statement reads.

“The operation, carried out at the La Madonnina Clinic, was a success. It was performed by Dr. Roberto Pozzoni with the help of the CTS (Sports Traumatology Centre) team at Galeazzi in the presence of the Club’s Health Manager, Stefano Mazzoni. Fikayo is well and will start his rehabilitation immediately. Recovery time is estimated to be 30 days.

Fik’s injury means that Milan currently have only 2 available center backs: Matteo Gabbia and Pierre Kalulu, as Alessio Romagnoli is still battling COVID. The club is on the market for a new defender.

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Nightmare, when will it end


Thank goodness was thinking it will be out of season 30days is fair to this current injuries woe and worries we all facing this days there should look for a another cb that will help see off the season atlist for now


This one is directly Pioli’s fault. Stupid. Why on earth play the first team in the cup! Against fucking Genoa. Why rush him back?

Last edited 4 months ago by SOHEIL

Downvote me as much as you want… Mediocre coach mediocre management mediocre fans.

Gbenga AJOSE

Do not worry brother..For the sake of our beloved Milan, I hope people that are down voting you will not later bite their fingers for this Pioli”s stupidity. Tomori shouldn’t have been used for that Genoa match unless it was a final of coppa Italia. Now our two key defenders are injured.Our management are still hesitant about splashing money on a centre back.


I think Pioli did a good work so far. He does mistakes from time to time like with Tomori this time and there is nothing wrong with you pointing that out Soheli. In fact adressing problems is the first step to fixing them. I just dont get this people getting constantly trigerd/hostile every time when some one points something out. They go to a football team blog meant for comments and discussions about the team and then get triggered when someone comments something or wants to discuss something about the football team on the blog lol. Ironicly the same people… Read more »

Emmy Apache

You are correct and why rushing him back?
this is a game for the two fringe defenders Kalulu and Gabbi but Pioli being average coach he’s won’t think


Inter 0 Atalanta 0 FT. Boom.