Leão: “We have shown that we are a team and that everyone knows how to make a difference, I am very happy”

Rafael Leão celebrating during Milan-Roma at Stadio San Siro on January 6, 2022. (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

Rafael Leão returned from injury and immediately scored a goal, as Milan beat Roma 3-1 at Stadio San Siro.

The year of 2022 started for Milan with a difficult home game against Roma, but the Rossoneri, despite missing 11 players, did very well, beating the Giallorossi 3-1.

While many players were unavailable, Milan did have Rafael Leão and Zlatan Ibrahimović back, and in the 81′ minute the two combined to allow Leão to run across the pitch and beat Rui Patrício and score on a goal on the day he returned from injury. He later made a great run inside the box, causing Gianluca Mancini to get sent off (the second Roma player to see a red last night after Rick Karsdorp) and giving Milan a penalty, which Zlatan unfortunately failed to convert.

“The absences? We were not in difficulty, we had great quality players,” the Portuguese told DAZN at the end of the game last night. “We also miss those who unfortunately have taken COVID; today we’ve shown that we are a team and that everyone knows how to make a difference.”

“The win? I’m very happy, I helped the team win today. Everyone did a great job and I’m very happy for me.”

“The duel with Karsdorp? The coach told me to stay wide on the left, take the ball and target Karsdorp who was on a yellow. He also knows that my quality in 1v1 can make the difference.”

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