Messias back in group training and should be back for the Fiorentina game, personalized training for Romagnoli

Junior Messias during training at Milanello. (

Junior Messias is recovered and on his way back to the field, while Alessio Romagnoli is still dealing with his injury.

Messias only played a single match since joining Milan from Crotone on the final day of the mercato as after having to practically do a whole pre-season preparation on his own, he picked up an injury during the previous break.

However, the Brazilian is now back. As reported by, today Messias trained with the entire available squad (15 players are on international duty).

Messias will continue to work over the next week and is therefore expected to be called up for next Saturday’s encounter against Fiorentina at Stadio Artemio Franchi. The return of Messias is important as he’d love Stefano Pioli to have more options at the trequartista and right winger positions.

Currently, the only injured Milan players are Mike Maignan, Alessandro Plizzari, Samu Castillejo, and Alessio Romagnoli. The Milan defender could be back for the Viola match but today he was still training on his own. Roma missed the Derby due to adductor inflammation.

Training was resumed today after a few days of rest. After the break Milan have games against Fiorentina, Atlético Madrid, Sassuolo, Genoa, Salernitana, Liverpool, Udinese and Napoli.

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Stay fit


We’re need all the help , I hope you’re back for good


paquelme just won his nation brazil a spot in qatar ‘22 with his exquisite match winning goal. told u he’s quality player. man, cant wait to watch selecao connection; messias, leao, paqueta and andriy “the giant” silva at milan. oh wait

Dwayne K27ism

who cares


I care! Paqueta should never have been sold. If we had Paqueta and Diaz, Napoli won’t even dreaming of challenging Milan for the Scudetto this season


u know football mate


said ur dad long time ago before he left

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I also miss Paqueta and i also miss Sliva, Delofeo and Juraj Kucka


And semetimes alse El faraone


What about pato


Yap 17 years old Pato


man, those guys are so much better than krunic, pellegri, salad and castipendejo


Stop living in the past! It’s of no value


Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
when u grow up u’ll learn this, hopefully not the hard way. oh, and u’ll learn more about football as well


I never understood the reason of selling Paqueta. I understand Silva, he was given enough chances and didn’t work out. It was just bad luck for him because the managers we were garbage. But Paqueta wasn’t even given the chance to play properly.


“i understand Silva, he was given enough chances and didn’t work out.”
thats where ur wrong mate. andriy was only given roughly 900 mins totalled in his 1st serie a season. thats like, 10 games out of 38. only 1/4. he played more in el and he’s milan topscorer. its a cardinal sin to play kalinimovic and cutrone ahead of him. leao – andriy combo would slay and its shame it’ll never happen at milan


Messias has been a total waste of resources and time. We are a third way through the season.
Milan shud cancel the loan in Jan and get a proper RW/AM.
It was a hail mary play and it has not worked, move on.


lol classic the uninitiated nonsense. “andriy silva is trash”, “loca is better than busquets”, “paquelme is trash”, “leao is trash/niang 2.0” and now this. u’ll be proven dead WRONG once more. just watch. as a matter of fact, y’all DO need to watch football


I’m not sure who you are quoting but I never posted those statements.

There is no right or wrong here. Simply a player who was a last minute signing that has not worked out.
I have been watching football and I noticed Messias has never been fit.

So youd prefer to keep a player 30 who is unfit and has very limited experience in elite football, rather than get someone in for the Am/RW position that we desperately need cover for!!!

Even Samu has contributed more this season!!!


“I’m not sure who you are quoting but I never posted those statements.“ cant u read? i said the uninitiated. ur kind. those who constantly bitch about quality individuals like maldini, pioli etc. “Simply a player who was a last minute signing that has not worked out.” the guy hasnt even played his first full 90 mins for milan yet and its only november and u’ve labeled him a flop already? lol. i bet u’d have called san marco flop as well during his 1st few months with milan because he barely played. that is of course had u been… Read more »

Last edited 16 days ago by Milan10

U judge too fast! Give him a fair chance first before concluding


I’m not judging him as he hasnt played.
I’m for getting a player in who can contribute.
We are lucky his purchase is not finalised.
A fit player is more use than any injured player, be that Messi or whoever


Renato Sanchez ! Don’t knw if it’s still a dream