Faivre: “When Maldini calls you you feel valued and you want to do everything to go to Milan, I recognize myself in Pioli’s game, Serie A is exciting”

San Siro before Milan-Hellas Verona on October 16, 2021. (@acmilan.com)

Romain Faivre has spoken to La Gazzetta dello Sport, making it no secret that he wants to join Milan.

After winning the Derby of Brittany, against Lorient, with his Brest, Romain Faivre – one of the most exciting talents coming from Ligue 1, sat down on Sunday evening to watch the Derby della Madonnina: “What a show! I wanted to be on the field as well,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport’s Alessandro Grandesso.

Faivre was indeed very close to joining Milan in the summer but eventually a deal wasn’t found: “When Maldini, a legend, calls you, you feel valued and you want to do everything to go to Milan.”

Do you prefer to play as a trequartista, a winger or a mezz’ala?
“I’m at east at the heart of the game, but versatility is a quality in modern football. The important thing is to express creativity to help the team.”

Is it better to score a goal, make an assist or dribble?
“At one time I would have said dribble, but today it is goals and assists.”

Milan pennants before Milan-Inter on November 7, 2021. (@acmilan.com)

Who are your idols?
“Ronaldinho. I fell in love with football with him. As a PSG fan, I was inspired by his dribbling, his vision of the game, and his effectiveness in scoring and assisting goals. In my room I had all his posters from PSG, to Barcelona, to Milan.”

Now it is you who is being courted by Milan…
“It’s really nice, knowing that my career really only started last season.”

Then the transfer was canceled, but you are doing better than last season…
“I am convinced that to be successful in teams like Milan, you need to prepare in advance. So I have a personal athletic trainer three times a week, a nutritionist to eat healthy, even though I don’t cook… And finally, a mental trainer to learn how to better manage the emotions and pressure typical of big clubs like Milan.”

San Siro before Milan-Porto on November 3, 2021. (@acmilan.com)

At Milan there are already many French players…
“I’ve known Ballo-Touré since the days at Monaco. He’s told me that Milan is a great club, with great ambitions and fantastic fans. I too am ambitious. In short, everything is there for it to work.”

What do you think about the game of Milan, where there is always Ibrahimović…
“Ibra is an incredible player who I also followed as a PSG fan. And in any case, at Milan all the players are of a high level. I recognize myself in Pioli’s game, in the desire to play a good game to win. He proves it in the league. In the Champions League he deserves a few more points.”

San Siro before Milan-Porto on November 3, 2021. (@acmilan.com)

Usually, young French players prefer the Premier League…
“Serie A is an exciting league, with many great teams, from Milan to Juventus, from Inter to Napoli and Roma. And then it’s the league of the European Champions. Italy won with many Serie A players. It’s proof that you have a lot of talent.”

As a trequartista, which great Italians have inspired you?
“Del Piero, for his style and his left foot. Pirlo for the elegance. And beyond the role, Buffon, a legend. All great examples.”

Thierry Henry gave you your debut at Monaco: what advice did he give you?
“It’s already incredible to have him as a coach. He puts a lot of trust in young players. He only told me to do what I know how to do: attack, dribble, and create, respecting the team’s instructions.”

The qualities and defects of Faivre?
“To be successful in football, you need to have personality and character, also to challenge big stars like those of PSG. At home I’m a tranquil, optimistic guy; on the field I’m a warrior, I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m technical with a good vision of the game. I need to improve the defensive phase.”

Do you think about the World Cup?
“Until a year ago I was the only one who believed it. But I’m very ambitious and in life it’s important to believe in dreams. Serie A can help me make them happen. But in football you go in stages. On the 21st of November I face Lens, then in January we’ll see…”

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i REALLY hope faivre comes to milan in jan but he really needs to stfu already. its very disrespectful to his current club. imagine kessie praising psg or liverpool while he’s still milan player. in fact, the fact that this boy was so eager to join milan that he refused to play for brest was the exact reason why he didnt join milan last summer mercato; it angered brest’s mgmt hence they refused to let him go for 12m + bonuses. just play ball well and let the clubs negotiate


Yes he should have learned his lesson by now.
He looks an exciting talent but this behaviour would concern me.

Dont be surprised if he dumps Milan after a good season or two.
Hes young though so maybe he will grow up.
This is why I would always prioritise home grown talent, who have Milan in their hearts


yeah faivre has attitude issues and i dont think it will sit well with maldini the eternal capt of all people. ”This is why I would always prioritise home grown talent, who have Milan in their hearts” i would agree with u if players like donna and loca didnt exist. hell, last year, cutrone, who played for fiorentina vs milan, was desperate to take that dubious penalty. whereas tonali, kaka, hell even ts33 and ibra repeatedly said they wanted to stay at milan for life even though none of them came from primavera. rino refused to take his severance package… Read more »


Dollarumma has money in his heart and Raiola in his ear. Locatelli was disappointed to be cast aside as was Cutrone. They are good guys. Those other legends were part of a great side, and yes had great passion and loyalty. It’s hard to foster that amongst players from outside when the team has won nothing in years. I hope we can keep the core of the team together and add the finishing touches, so we can actually win trophies again. Otherwise we are in danger of becoming Arsenal 2.0 I truly believe we are only 2 or 3 good… Read more »


”They are good guys.” u cant be serious. cutrone, sure. i wished cutrone and andriy silva had stayed but, according to maldini himself, loca asked to be sold and now he’s just admitted that he and his family are juventini. donna, well, he’s a snake, plain and simple. “It’s hard to foster that amongst players from outside when the team has won nothing in years.” well, just today i read that romag’s discussing his renewal without mino. he clearly wants to stay. bonad10nho, hell even hauge definitely wanted to stay. de jong and the black tulip royalty gullit himself still… Read more »


Even when someone agrees with you your crooked.
Our management has done some things well.
But losing Gigio and Hakan for free was poor. Now Kessie and Roma are at last chance saloon, it shud never come to this.

If we keep losing top talent and bringing in new players we’ll never have a team.
We need a couple of years of consistency.

And adding strength and depth.

Theo, Bennacer and Diaz will be the next challenge


donna left because 1) he, like hakan, is a money grubbing snake with crooked agent who only cares about money not the wellbeing let alone welfare of his players (hello xavi simons!). he also betrayed inter in 2013 and joined milan. its in his dna. 2) that moron fatsobelix set his salary ceiling way too high. if juve couldnt pay him then surely milan couldnt either. its not maldini’s fault theyre snakes. even mbappe and pogba are on the verge of leaving their respective clubs on bosman. brozovic is pulling a kessie and ask for 7m too. should we say… Read more »


He didnt came becouse Milan didnt match Brest asking price of 15mil, we missed him for being cheap for only 3mil or so. He tried to force Brest to accept Milan’s lower offer(12mil) after that, same as Tonali forced Brescia. Its our managments fault that he isnt in Milan yet, not his. Think about it, if Milan payed what was asked, why would the player need to force anything ? I hope we get him in Januray, i honestly can’t think of a better profile for our RW at this time.


WRONG. breast were willing to negotiate before faivre’s antics; they asked for 18m but then lowered it to 15m. milan offered 10-12m + bonuses but they refused. milan were still negotiating with breast and bordo though when faivre refused to play strasbourg. that was the last straw. after that, breast took him off the market because, according to their sd greg lorenzi, “they were disappointed with the attitude of faivre”. in short, faivre’s antics was what directly stopped the negotiations. now he’s starting to disrespect his own club again knowing if it wasnt for that stupid antics, who knows, milan… Read more »


The reason why Milan got a discount on Tonali was becouse he told Brescia owner that he wants to stay in Milan and will not accept any other team. You think Brescia would have just accepted Milan behaviour to reduce the already agread ammount if it wasn’t for Tonali determination ? They literatly had to make a new deal from scratch thanks to Tonali. Same with Faivre he tried the same thing, and that was at the end of the transfer window, lol when were Milan going to renegotiate a lower price than 15mil ? In the last 5minutes ?… Read more »


mbappe also said he only wanted madrid. so what? did mbappe and tonali ever refuse to play while theyre still with their respective clubs? did tonali ever praise milan the way faivre does while he’s still brescia player? big no. tonali kept his mouth shut even when inter seemingly were on the verge of signing him. he only publicly said he’s milanista when he’s already at milan on loan last year. brescia’s celino sold tonali to milan because 1) he gave his word to tonali that he’d only sell him to club he wanted to play. 2) tonali was soon… Read more »


Nope Tonali has been praising Mialn long before he joined the club, he never hided that he is a Milan fan. Back when Gatusso was the coach, he was prasing Gatusso and said that he is his favorite player etc.


everyone knows that, but did he ever talk as if he’s already milan player, saying “pioli’s system suits me” bla bla bla AND refused to play while he’s at brescia? BIG NO. thats disrespectful and tonali knows better.
guess what? like i said, milan has been put off by faivre’s latest antics and according to many sources theyre not targetting him anymore after that interview. goddamn i hate being right all the time


True talk bro.. you absolutely right


Great interview. I appreciate the fact that you love Milan and want to be a part of this team.


He is fast, he has vision, he has good technique, and he can play with both feet. Please come to Milan


And great ballcontrol


He will be our new No. 21 from January in place of Castellejo – major upgrade! , but who will be the replacement for Kessie because he is leaving then, Adli or Pobega?


Boubakar Camara is the right profile


Ac Milan will make a mistake if they dont sing him. Def one of the most talented youngsters out there and still cheap for todays inflated market.