Maldini expected to start in the role of the trequartista against Spezia, rest for Brahim, Tonali-Kessié in the middle

Daniel Maldini before Milan-Venezia at Stadio San Siro on September 22, 2021. (Marco Canoniero)

Daniel Maldinis is ready for his big moment in the starting XI of the Rossoneri with Brahim Díaz on the bench, as Milan prepare for Spezia.

Milan take on Spezia tomorrow at Stadio Alberto Picco at 15:00 CET, and with Atlético Madrid and Atalanta coming up next, coach Stefano Pioli is going to rest some players in this match.

One of those players is expected to be Brahim Díaz. The #10 of the Rossoneri has played in every match this season and has been instrumental in all of them with his dribbling, goals and assists. However, tomorrow he will most likely start from the bench.

According to, Sky Italia and La Gazzetta dello Sport, Brahim will be replaced by Daniel Maldini. For the 19-year-old it’s the first start this season and he will look to show to Pioli that he can be a valuable player this campaign, as he is going to face a difficult side to break down in Spezia.

Together with Maldini in attack, there should be Alexis Saelemaekers and Rafael Leão (although some early reports suggested he could be rested with Fodé Ballo-Touré playing in his place). Sky expects Olivier Giroud to play from the start after returning to the squad following a back injury. This means that Ante Rebić will be able to catch his breath after 3 games as a sole striker.

In midfield, Sandro Tonali will once again start, this time alongside Franck Kessié, leaving Ismaël Bennacer on the bench, perhaps in anticipation of Tuesday’s match against Atlético. In defense, Simon Kjær is still injured and so Fikayo Tomori and Alessio Romagnoli will be leading the line. Davide Calabria is back in the squad but Pierre Kalulu is tipped to start as a right-back with Theo Hernández on the left. Mike Maignan will be between the sticks as usual and will try to get a 4th clean sheet.

Probable XI: Mike Maignan; Pierre Kalulu, Fikayo Tomori, Alessio Romagnoli, Theo Hernández; Sandro Tonali, Franck Kessié; Alexis Saelemaekers, Daniel Maldini, Rafael Leão; Olivier Giroud.

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Sorry to say but the kid is nothing special, he’s here only because management are exploiting the last name and want to sell a story. No disrespect to Daniel tho.


I agree that we should not expect much just because he’s a Maldini. But to be fair, he hasn’t been given enough chance to show his quality. Since preseason he’s been solid, but surely for his his position being solid is not enough. He’s still young anyway.
Let’s see how much he has improved.


Maldini get the talent, he just need game time to show to the coach. Note: Fo dull maldini. No ur research

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Strongly disagree. Yes, he hasn’t been loaned out due to nepotism, but in his few performances over the past two years he has shown more potential than Colombo, just as an example.

Colombo, Pobega, and Maldini…all 3 have massive potential.

In terms of that generation of Milan youth (19-22 y/O) Tsadjout, and Brescianini (Plizarri?) are the two who still have a chance, but need to prove themselves quickly or get left behind.


Saying a player has nothing special without even seeing him play is totally crap.
He was starter in primavera, he got prometed because he has talent. Just to remind you, his brother Christian also played for milan junior, and he ends up now in serie C team pro sesto. It means milan will not promote/keep a youth player without any talent or just because his father. Now let us see how he develops, i really appriciate if pioli keep young player chance to play. It will only benefit milan in the future

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Martin Bernhard

Maldini is actually regarded as one of our more technically gifted players regardless of his young age he just needs some time and he will soon explode as a player. Ive read people bitching about that we kept maldini and let hauge leave but fact is he is exactly two years younger and hauge played more games in a bit over half a year than maldini did in 3 years at the club so give this kid some time and credit and who knows maybe in two years time we have the replacement for brahim in him that could atleast… Read more »


Maldini scored today. This comment of yours isn’t aging well.


It’s not a bad idea to give him a fair try who knows you never can tell maybe he will be the next kaka in the making just wish him well a Journey to a thousand mile start from one step


WE NOW RETURN TO LIKE MILAN10 SAID “Milan10 6 hours ago TONITE ON LIKE MILAN10 SAID ‘Milan10 1 year ago Reply to Rossi correctamundo mate. like i said, maldini is natural am and the thing about being am is that u have to be quick in the head and possess good passing skills and vision; an am doesnt necessarily need to be fast as some of the best am like veron, riquelme, effenberg, zidane or milan’s very own rivera, rui costa were not particularly fast players but they were really quick in the head and were skillful. and i think… Read more »

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Baresis Dream

Yes indeed, let’s return to it …

Milan10: Piloi always plays Leao 60-70 minutes, he will sub him at the same minute against Juve”
Pioli plays him for 90 minutes, as well against Venezia.

Milan10: “no serious manager ever thinks like that”
Klopp benches 2-3 starters
Allegri: “This game is more important to them than last one”

Milan10: “you can’t stop a pressing game like Liverpool’s…”
Baresis Dream: Sure you can, see how teams like Juve do it
Milan10 a week later: Juve are playing exactly how you should play against Liverpool



Lol this is funny you two.


lol this guy is quoting incompletely to fit his stupid “dont take ucl seriously” narrative “Pioli plays him for 90 minutes, as well against Venezia.” i wrote that comment BEFORE juve match and pioli DID sub leao off at around ‘60 every match before juve game. obviously pioli cant do it now since milan have 8 players injured “Klopp benches 2-3 starters” no, he rotates the players, like a smart coach does. not even jota, salah and mane played full match vs leeds, a match 3 days BEFORE vs milan this genius: “More controlling the ball in the mid by… Read more »


Some milan fans have problem. Kalulu wasnt sent on loan because the management think he has a role to play. They think D maldini also has a role to play. He’s young and has potentials. Let’s see what happens first before judging him and his father


Remember maldini family are one club family perhaps in history.this is the legacy they keep and never change club.history repeat itself from grandfather to grandson.let’s just pray that history repeat itself.I remember what maldini father told Ferguson when he wanted maldini.he said to Ferguson that his father started life and end in Milan,he him self started and end in Milan that his son maldini will end in Milan colours.yes and Paolo maldini ended the greatest defender of all time.let’s pray and hope my fellow milanisters.thank you


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a free kick goal.


He deserves a chance like all our young players.
Here’s hoping he can show some ability!
Otherwise he shud go on loan.

Olzer is doing well already. Hope we buy him back when the time comes


Hope he will score tonight. I think with the development of Rebic which he was playing similar to Firmino recently, Maldini should be given clear chance on one or two occasions.


He deserves an opportunity to show what he’s capable of doing at this level and there isn’t a better time. Let’s hope he gets a start and performs well.


We need to suport the guy help him develop and this game is perfect for it. I hope he is going to be next star because he is a true milanista and we will never have any drama with his contract exstensions like in case we are having with kesse and had with Donna. We liked donna because he had potential and most importantly because ha was our boy(next maldini nex captain) in PSG he is just one young italian golie who is going to get trashed for every single mistake. Milan fans ware always forgiving(except amid contract drama) and… Read more »


Fuck if i was that loved i would not even go from Fiorentina


It’s better now with Gigio gone, we dont need the constant drama. Keep Raiola away from our squad.
Mike M is already showing his class on and off the pitch. I already like him better than I ever did Gigio (remember this is sport and how a player treats his club and fans is what earns him adoration and status. Gigio an amazing keeper but a ordinary person)


This is a great time for Maldini to get his chance. Pioli in general is rotating the team much better this season. I hope Maldini does well and we dont need a new AM for the future. It would be a great story if he can repeat the succses of his predecessors.