Official: Giroud tested positive for a molecular swab carried out at home, the player is doing well

Olivier Giroud during Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on August 29, 2021. (Andrea Staccioli Insidefoto)

Olivier Giroud has COVID-19 and he is currently at home in fiduciary isolation.

Giroud’s start for Milan has been brilliant as he scored in pre-season and then got on the scoresheet on Matchday 2, getting a brace against Cagliari on his debut at San Siro, with #9 on his back.

However, Olivier is now forced to stop. Not because of an injury, but due to COVID-19.

“Milan announces that today Olivier Giroud tested positive for a molecular swab carried out at home. The relevant local health authorities have been swiftly informed,” a statement on the Rossoneri website reads.

“The player is doing well but must remain in fiduciary isolation. It should be noted that Olivier has not had contact with the rest of the team since the championship match against Cagliari.”

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Damn! At least will be back after international break for the Lazio and Liverpool games.

Hope Giroud gets well soon. Smh


What’s the condition of Ibrahimović would he be back for the Liverpool game and lazio


Last I read, he started full training




What’s the update on kessie and Roman contract Tottenham just flexing their muscles with contract we should act fast and don’t lose our key players for free again

Dwayne K27ism

Even PSG want in on the cake. (sigh)*

Ac milan

Just like the same goes for Mebbape at PSG.


Milan should give him what he wants. And next year, they can always sell him and make profit. We can’t lose him for nothing

AC Milan

The problem once we give him what he wanted, next year there will be no interest from other clubs unless they can get him for like below 35 mil. People do not realize clubs only circles around because he is free. The only players that other clubs were interested: Theo, Calabria, Roma, Leo, Ben. This means it was either rejected by player or because the offer was not good enough (see PSG offer 35 for Theo).

Last edited 2 years ago by AC Milan
Ac milan

The feeling is that every time the Rossoneri meet the demands set, the agent ups the demand. For example, Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara were willing to pay the €3m initially requested but then the demand changed to €4.5m.The demand also changed when Milan offered €5m plus bonuses, forcing them to up their offer to €6m. Currently, the agent is asking for €7m plus €1.5m in bonuses and commission. In other words, the agent has adopted a questionable tactic.


He should be back soon as he is our main reliable target man now that IBRA is still not fully recovered. Get well for us GIROUD we need you now more than ever.


may be perfect time for ibra to start… surely geroud will be back before Liverpool but may not fit, covid is mostly ten days by 12 or 13 he will be back and liverpool is 15 but lets hope for quick recovery

Dwayne K27ism

Pellegri might have to play up front then…

Roberto Giano

glad that we now have depth for striker position

Gbenga AJOSE

Kessingland should put the interest of this club at heart. If he surely wants leave, he should agree a gentleman agreement with Milan and sign the contract and he could then request to be put off for sale afterwards. He should emulate Giroud and Bakayoko from Chelsea who allowed Chelsea to male something from their transfer


If Rebić is ready, I bet Pioli will put Leao up front. He won’t risk Ibra, moreover Pellegri. Also, don’t expect Giroud back in action so soon. Evethough he’s probably asymptomatic, heavy breathing under pressure like football game is no walk in a park, symptoms or no symptoms. Look at Bennacer, he’s still not fully recovered his form.


So sick of this bs. This supposedly deadly “Covid-19” virus has never been isolated in a lab. Look it up.

Serpent of mondinna

True, covid 19 is a big overhype scam

Riccardo Montolivo

My old man died three months ago due to covid, his friend died next to him a few hours earlier. So much death and suffering. You are an gnorant fool


That’s awful for you, sorry to hear it!
My brother who is 34 and in the army spent 3 weeks in hospital. Hes recovered but will take some time before he is fully fit.
People in the 21st century have become morons who lap up conspiracy theories spread by social media. Instead of using their brains. Fools

Last edited 2 years ago by SJF
Baresis Dream

Sorry for your loss

Riccardo Montolivo

Thanks old friend

Dan Ban

I know! Every country in the world and every hospital in the world is just reporting lies to conspire against Milan players. SMH . Some things are bigger than football.
Thousands of ppl dying, what a scam.


Those who said covid is a scam should do voluntary work in a covid quarantine or treatment center without wearing any ppe, while also not receiving any vaccines jab. Once their shift is over, they can go home and see their family members.


Maybe perfect time for ibra to get back match fitness before Liverpool… Start him againt Lazio but don’t let him play 90mins Ibra is a champ.. I hope we av both geroud and Ibra against Liverpool