Messias set to join Milan on loan with option to buy, total agreement reached with Crotone on Monday night

    Junior Messias celebrating during Napoli-Crotone at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona on April 3, 2021. (Franco Romano)

    Junior Messias is the reinforcement chosen by Milan for the attack, the 30-year-old will cost less than €10m.

    Milan have spent the entire summer looking for the right profile to bolster the attack of Stefano Pioli. The Rossoneri were initially linked with names like Hakim Ziyech, Nikola Vlašić, James Rodríguez, before switching to more affordable solutions like Brest’s Romain Faivre and Porto’s Jesús Corona.

    However, failing in closing a deal for Faivre yesterday, getting a firm ‘no’ from Brest, Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara chose to move quickly and sign Junior Messias.

    As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio and others, over the night Maldini and Crotone negotiated a deal for Messias and managed to reach an agreement. The 30-year-old, who in his resume has only one season of Serie A football – last year, when he scored 9 goals and assisted 4 more – will arrive.

    Messias comes on loan for €2.6m and a buy-out option for €5.4m plus €1m bonuses. He most likely arrives to strengthen the bench and be an alternative for Brahim Díaz, who is Milan’s new #10 and the starting trequartista for the 2021/22 season. Messias is naturally an attacking midfielder and so, unlike Faivre, he won’t be able to also provide cover for the right winger position.

    Junior Messias before Crotone-Torino at Stadio Ezio Scidaon March 7, 2021. (Francesco Mazzitello LaPresse)

    Crotone President Gianni Vrenna was caught by outside of a hotel in the city last night and confirmed the deal:

    Negotiations closed?
    “Yes. Deal on loan with option to buy. The guy is very happy, you will see what Messias will do at Milan.”

    What did Milan do more to get the player?
    “Milan strongly wanted him because they believe in the guy and we believe in him too. To carry out such a deal, we believe in the qualities and skills of the guy. Let’s hope the field speaks…”

    A beautiful story for him…
    “We hope this story can continue.”

    You too have given him an important opportunity
    “Let’s say it was thanks to my son Raffaele, who strongly wanted him at Crotone. Now he goes to an important city. Among other things I’m a Milan fan so double happiness and satisfaction for me.”

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    WE NOW RETURN TO MILAN10 MUSINGS league goals in 2020/21 – andriy “the giant” silva: 28 goals – ibra: 15 goals – kessie: 13 goals (mostly penalties) – rebic: 11 goals – junior messias and paquelme: 9 goals – eibar’s and valencia’s gk: 1 goal – ruud gullit and cutrone: 0 goals. its a drag that milan reportedly failed to get faivre and jesus corona (jesus, brahim, davide, samuel/ismael. are milan collecting prophets now? who next, mo salah?) but seeing as how teams like leeds got robbed of 30m (no way daniel james is worth 30m when he barely plays… Read more »


    For once, I entirely agree with you. 🙂

    Management is doing really smart business.
    Messias was good last season against any team. He’s not going to be Bernardo Silva but he’ll do half a decent job for sure. The team is going to compete on all fronts. Still have a feeling there is going to be one more signing for the right.


    “Management is doing really smart business.”
    correctamundo mate. imagine maldini with 200m in his war chest

    “For once, I entirely agree with you. ”
    well, my mom used to say, “better late than never to become milan10ian”


    Now I believe that you didn’t follow Hakan to Inter.

    You have spoken well. Forza Milan 10.


    lol. thanks mate.
    the thing is mate, trolls are everywhere, around and among us. be very aware when u read. choose ur sources carefully and wisely.
    when some certain inter troll with inter’s nickname as username said that the most knowledgeable milanista on planet earth (possibly of all time) knowingly chose to support inter just because player like hakan joined them then u should know u got urself a troll


    Perfect piece of shrewd business considering the situation. Welcome Messias. Seize the opportunity. Forza Milan!


    i have good feelings about messias. what an awesome background story. at least we can be 100% sure he wont take milan for granted unlike these wannabe stars


    This is written perfectly well and covered everything I had to say. Good job.


    coming from the author of suracho news himself, that means a lot. thanks mate


    Messias scored 9 goals from action and FK for Crotone, assisted for Simy another goals, he is good, not a spectacular name or age, but a good and useful player, trained tactically by Stroppa and Cosmi. Just trust Maldini


    When it occurs to me that we are in a group with Liverpool, Atletico and Porto…… but If Maldini believes in him, so do we.


    We try him he may surprise us.

    Serpent of mondinna

    Why messsia, not surprising to see a average player, who only have one good season under is belt not only that he is in his 30s I wonder how we are going to make a profit from his sale, after all summer moving from one player to another to another e.t.c . I won’t talk much, but I don’t like him he is too old and has just shine last season even illic/thaivin would have been better no even James would have been better, if maldini wanted old player he should have gone for experience and one who is proven… Read more »

    Last edited 2 years ago by Serpent of mondinna

    We wait bro he may shine.


    Is it true Chelsea will give green light on Hakim Ziyech to join AC Milan?


    Wow that would be a gift!


    No idea it can be very good.

    Baresis Dream

    I think I might have preferred Samu staying. At least we would have had a backup option for the defensive job salesmaker does (not as good, but by no means bad).

    Probably would have been better to wait for the winter, and not buy at the last minute what ever is available


    Welcome Mesias. Wishing him all the success at Milan. I have to trust management decision on this one. No complaints here. Forza Milan.


    For the price and even the age, it is a good transfer. However I wonder why in the article it is mentioned that he cannot cover RW. I know that in Transfermarkt RW is not listed as one of this positions, but from his action videos he played a lot on the right hand side, in a similar way Hakan was placed on the left. His dribble is not fast, but quite deceptive like Suso’s. The good thing is he’s less predictable than Suso, although perhaps still behind it term of passing.


    Maldini & Massara are yet to make a bad signing since they joined, so they have my utmost trust even on this one too!


    Messias played in serie D, 5-6 years ago, so the fact that he played last year in A is a prove that he is a talent, a special player discovered a little late, but the talent is there, he scored 9 goals, he is the second after De Paul for succesfull dribblings, he and Simy (21) scored the big part of Crotone’s goals last season. In a big club like Milan, he will play even better, he knows italian tactics, he is a better scorer than hakan, and can play AM/SS/RW, he is a good weapon. Also, fantastic the signings… Read more »


    I gotta say, i don’t know anything about this guy.
    Although i am very welcome to be surprised.
    I just hope he’s not Meite 2.0 or last minute panic buy


    This will low key be a Kjaer-esque signing. Forza Milan!


    I hope for Berardi, at the end of the last season we saw that Brahim was put as a starter during the toughest matches of the season. Most likely we will focus on his development and use Messias as a replacement. Hence, I wish we sign a proper RW, even Orsolini seems like a great option under these circumstances, but god do we need Berardi. Saelemakers will be just not enough vs Atletico and Liverpool.


    You should have given Milan the money to sign Beradi instead of complaining here.

    The signings that Milan have been shrewd, low-cost but adequate – and some have been pure masterclass. The international break should allow the new guys to settle in since not many Milan players were called up.


    One of the dumbest responses I have ever read on this blog. “You should have given Milan the money”, really MF?! Roma are in as much of a financial struggle as we are, but they still spent on Tammy, the missing piece that they needed. We had +17M from our transfers last year, and this year: money from finishing 2nd place in Serie A + UCL. The fee that you pay doesn’t automatically hit the books, it gets spread over the years. Not including the fact we could have done similar to Juve, minimally paid loan over 2 years. A… Read more »

    Last edited 2 years ago by Deku
    Serpent of mondinna

    Well said deku


    I see you’re only interested in high profile. Let’s see: 1. Kjaer wasn’t having the best of season at Atalanta, but he came to Milan and he has become a leader and undisputable starter. 2. Bennacer was an unknown quantity playing for Empoli. 3. Theo was a tyro at Madrid before Maldini brought him to Milan — even when a Swiss International Ricardo Rodriguez was around. You think this is Football Manager? So, you actually believe you know football better than Maldini? You actually can spot talent or prospect better than him, Massara and Moncada together. Just in case you… Read more »


    When mentioning Berardi and DePaul I was talking about the level which is necessary for us to start competing vs top teams. Maldini isn’t perfect Castillejo, Mandzukic, Meite, Duarte, Strinic, Borini, Laxalt are examples of that. Sales of Paqueta, Hauge and Locatelli too. He did bring back Milan, but please stop simping over him as if he was a perfect decision maker and some sort of a messiah.


    Get your facts right, please! Strinic and Borini were signed by those Shinter merdas, FassoBelli. Borini was signed for Montella, while Strinic was signed as a free agent for Gattuso, just before Elliot took over Milan. Duarte, Laxalt and Castillejo were supposed to be backups. Apart from Samu who proved to be difficult to ship out, Laxalt and Duarte moved on. Meite and Mandzukic were stop-gap gambles for 6 months. They didn’t meet the requirements and they’ve moved on. Locatelli’s sale is on the player. He asked to be sold, when Leonardo proposed he should go out on loan. What… Read more »

    Serpent of mondinna

    El Nino aka milan10 second account, what a loser

    Last edited 2 years ago by Serpent of mondinna
    Baresis Dream

    Ultimately the story of this mercato started and ended with us losing the snake dollaruma for free. We are the amongst the highest spenders every summer in serie a for 5-6 years now, and we still don’t have enough to show for it. And we will never be able to, unless we stop losing world class players for free. This summer we spent roughly 65 mil and got very few players not on loan, and our biggest weakness in the RW position got filled by a player who used to be an armature only a few years ago. Don’t get… Read more »


    Our first 11 is stronger this season, because Maignan is not weaker than Gigio, maybe not the same prospect, but he is good, this season we have Tomori from the beginning and with 20 games at Milan already as experience, which is a huge plus, we have a strong vice Ibra comparing last season, we have speed and goals from trequartista, because Diaz is a better scorer than hakan, a more concrete player, we have valid reserves for Theo and Calabria, we have Leao only as LW and we’ve seen already how Leao is playing, we have a better version… Read more »

    Baresis Dream

    Mate, as much as I hate dollaruma, he’s a better keeper than Maingan, and not by a little. Yes Maingan might have better footwork, but a gk job is first and foremost to be a shot stopper- and the snake is top 3 in the world imo.

    Fair point about Tomori, but I was mostly referring to the end of the last season. I definitely agree we have more depth, but our starting 11 is a different matter. All these backup options are great, but they can’t be more important than the starting lineup.

    Serpent of mondinna

    Wrong mate Diaz his not a better scorer than hakan yet, hakan stats speak for himself, better version of krunic because he played well in a game, it too early to say that and last season he scored he hasn’t yet for this season, and about messias he has been playing in the lower league for years currently now salamaekers his far proven than him and has not even near messia age, because where was messsia when he was sala age, so fuck you and your nonsense point fool


    Do u understand football ? Hakan is 27, Diaz 22, look at the media of goals/minutes played. Hakan is better just for number of assists and this is all. Diaz game by game creates something, goals or assists, Diaz didn’t play enough, but he is more concrete and Milan play better this season with Diaz. Krunic played 2 gigantesque games, also Tonali, if u don’t see, it’s not my problem. Milan is better than last season, much better. You such and ass hole and stupid and merda interista, go f yourself !


    Selling a player is one thing, losing them on free is another scenario. A true failure. But I don’t think we got weaker. The fact that we don’t have Hakan in our starting eleven is a positive sign of improvement. We have enough power to be better than last year. Maybe we need a tactical shift to 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 or even 3-5-2 because we don’t have two quality Attacking midfielders but I think we got players that can cover that area. Even if this new signings be a failure, we have players that can cover that position. Bennacer played… Read more »

    Baresis Dream

    I think we are better than last year because of depth and squad experience; but I still stand by my words: Our starting 11 is weaker because instead of one the best gk in the world we have Maingan (who seems solid so far, but I can’t imagine he will be as good as the snake).

    My point was not “to go after Maldini’s head”; no one is perfect and mistakes are bound to be made. But you have to call a rooster a rooster, and this mercarto was a bust. With all the love I have for Maldini

    Serpent of mondinna

    Exactly spot on mate, plus we should have gotten our player earlier in the transfer window, they would have been no problems with favire move if Milan had buy him during the pre season, I was saying that we should get our target during the euros but some stupid idiots and milan10 where saying nonsense of the mercato still being in the early days they is enough time, fuck you milan10 or whatever your real name is


    My friend, you’re drunk ! Go to sleep !

    Ice yogurt

    I wonder will Kessie, Samu, or Conti leave or not tonight


    I was critical when they signed Kjaer, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut this time.


    My wish is the team is sale to someone who loves soccer.


    last night when i sleep, i dream neymar junior and messi playing in milan… when i woke up, i read in the news, we got junior messias… gud luck, junior messias… i hope he will be neymar and messi…


    left footed Neymar.. This guy will be another master buy from maldini

    Nathan Graegin

    Hopefully these players come good. But let’s be honest. None of these guys were primary targets mentioned since January. When it comes to offense, these guys simply don’t get it. We desperately need a rw that can supply goals and assists. Then we can use salemakers as the closer in games due to his defensive abilities. Why is this so hard to understand. We need a cam that can push Diaz or be the starter and again we get no body names. Yes we spent 65 or so, but that’s mostly on players we already fuckin had on loan. Mike… Read more »


    Isn’t life beautiful? One minute, you’re just another footballer, already 30 years old and playing in Serie B. Your chances of getting a big break in life seems far away from you. Then, all of a sudden, you get signed by a 7-time Champions League winner and just like that you’re playing on the grandest stage. A dream that should never materialize. Some are bitching and complaining about the signing of Junior Messias. Me, I see a fairy tale in the making. I see a player who is going to give his heart, soul and all to repay the faith… Read more »


    Hey, easy Shakespeare. It’s only Messias on loan.


    You know, a lot of people just like complaining. At one time they were shouting, “Get Thauvin!” Guess what? Thauvin is so good that he couldn’t find a club in the whole of Europe for his talent, he signed for a Mexican side. We have scouts, but these paper experts, armchair critcs have better understanding of football than them. I think the mercato is a success. Yes, Donna and Hakan shouldn’t have been allowed to leave for free, but what can you really do? Mbappe has refused to sign an extension at PSG. By December, he’ll be free to sign… Read more »


    You couldn’t have said things better!! So many armchair experts that think they know better than maldini, massara and moncada.


    Welcome on board lucky player.. i watched some of his highlight he looks good and i can remember him playing well against top teams in the league last season even against us.. Goal poacher, fast and good at dribble with a pretty nice physic.. has the most completed dribble last season than any brazilian player in top five league 105 even the great Neymar is third with 87.. I hope he gel with the team and become overnight world class player with CL football.. Best of luck Junior Messias