Reports: Brest reject Milan’s offer for Faivre, the Ligue 1 side has decided not to sell the player in this window

Romain Faivre during Brest-Lyon at Stade Francis-Le Blé on February 19, 2021. (FEP Panoramic)

Romain Faivre will not join Milan this summer, and it’s reported that his attitude angered Brest so much that they’ve decided to not sell him at all.

Milan are looking for reinforcements in attack, especially in the area of the right winger and trequartista, and their number one target in recent weeks has been Romain Faivre of Stade Brestois.

The Rossoneri had their evaluation of Faivre and stood firm with their offer. However, as reported by Gianluca Di Marzio and – this offer was not enough to convince Brest, who decided to keep the player. revealed some of the backstory behind Brest’s refusal and decision to apparently take Faivre completely off the market and not sell him. There are two reasons for the failure in closing the deal: the first relates to the economic aspects of things – Brest initially wanted €18m, before dropping to €15m plus bonuses. However, Milan offer €10m and then €12m + €3m bonuses – not enough.

The second reason, perhaps more important than the first, concerns the actions of the player. Faivre chose to not travel with the squad of Brest for their match against Strasbourg on Sunday, despite being called up. This decision infuriated Brest – from the management to the coach and the teammates. Romain thought that this would push Brest into accepting Milan’s offer, but it proved to have done the complete opposite and only complicated matters for Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara.

The waters now seem to have become polluted and there’s little reason to believe Brest will change their decision. Milan miss out on the 21-year-old and will now look at other profiles.

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His attitude also disappointed Maldini, who likes players with the right character. Faivre won’t ever join Milan ! Adli was in the same situation, but he has the right character.

Serpent of mondinna

I spent hours watching YouTube video on what to expect when favire comes, but the cheap management always knows how to be cheap, it not a surprise anymore am getting use to seeing us back out from our target


Your problem is you spent hours watching on YT expecting sth that isn’t certain. You wasted your time while building expectation on loose ground. If you continue like this you will be further disappointed.


Can Elliot just sale our club even to the Arabs cause right now they are just a huge disappointment with their signings


We don’t technically need him.

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All hope is not lost. Too bad the kid tried to force a move in the way he did. Too bad the club chose to follow the path of playing hard ball.

Two wrongs never make a right. The guy can refuse to renew his contract and leave free, seeing the club denied him a chance to make the jump to big club.

Brest should just swallow their pride and take the money and move on. We can even add Castillejo, if they want. They bought him for less than 1m and Milan is offering them 12m.


His offical market value is 13mil. Why would Brest sell him for 10mil ? In which univere does that makes sense for our managmant. Players are usualy sold above their value. Why would you make an offer that is under value and you know it will be refuesed 100%, just waste of time. Brest last request was 15mil paid right away, which is kind of nothing on todays market for a talented youngster like him. They prob think they can find something cheeper as always, and as always they wont and will stick with what we got. Which reminds me… Read more »

Calm down

Exactly. Thou I believe management is having a strong vision, they should consider that the other club equally want something good.


…and where did Thauvin end up? Mexican league. You guys just yap like this is football manager.

The main reason for the refusal from Brest was the fact that the player tried to force a move and they just want to flex their muscle because they consider it an insult. They may end up losing Faivre for free if he refuses to sign a renewal.


Well that speaks more about Milan than anything, if they couldn’t offer a better deal than a mexican league club. Which was kind of the point which you missed. And sure truying to buy Faivre undervalue has nothing to do with the refusual, but some silly justification of how he tried to force the move does lol. Talking about pointless yaping.

Last edited 4 months ago by Rossi

We are talking about a management who asked Tonali for a discount!! Lol! Not Breacia, The player, who was gaining just a little amount compare to other players.


While I agree upon your point, still it’s quite disappointing..especially after reading the news that Juve just got Ihattaren from PSV for only 6M, while his market value is already 12.5M! Milan could rarely get deals like this somehow, but at the same time hardly sell players with satisfying values, to the point that they were forced to terminate players’ contracts in many occasion. This time it could be happening to Conti. Something is not right here.. For example if Lukaku and Hakimi had been Milan players, I doubt they could have been sold for the money Inter got. Remember… Read more »

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Calm down

It’s good to set your negation principles and stick to it but Milan really should start not missing out on most of their important transfer targets. We might regret not paying those extra 2 mils in every failed signing this summer.


The difference was 3 to 5 million right?
Are we that poor? Can’t we afford to add another 5 million?
Now it’s the last day of the mercato and we haven’t got any right winger not to mention samu haven’t been sold either
If we agreed with 15 million before, perhaps there won’t be a problem with faivre not traveling with his team.

Gbenga AJOSE

The solution is either of the two clubs should swallow their pride and do the needful. All the parties are losing The player himself may not extend his contract and my even drop form because of his denied desire thereby making his market value to nosedive. So its not good for that club. On our own case, we are losing a young versatile player who has high potential..
Its not too late. The negotiations can
still be rekindled.

Last edited 4 months ago by Gbenga AJOSE

I’m upset faivre didn’t work out but why messias? I don’t know much about him but is he good enough to start on that right wing? I know we had such a good mercato but I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth after being linked with people like vlasic, sabitzer, isco, ziyech. Hopefully messias is a good rw and I have full confidence in Diaz but was hoping for another attacking mid

Gbenga AJOSE

Messias is not bad. I think initially, we just sniffed at the opportunity of acquiring him but we dropped the idea because of his age. He is 30 now. If he doesn’t cost more than 4 to 5M , he is not bad. He has a good dribbling skills, can’t take on his man one on one. The kind of player we need against clubs who sit back to play defensive game. We can still go for faivre in Jan , who hopefully, the price would have fallen because of the situation between him and his club


He is not a RW. He is Brazilian and an AM. Yes, he’s a cheap option, but he’s got quality. He knows the league also.