Gazidis’ message to the squad: “You are a team to be proud of, it’ll be incredible to see the fans again in a full San Siro”

Ivan Gazidis before Atalanta-Milan at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on May 23, 2021. (Stefano Nicoli LaPresse)

Ivan Gazidis sent a message to the team before their first match at San Siro.

Milan return to San Siro tonight when they take on Cagliari (20:45 CET). And so CEO Ivan Gazidis, who is still away in the United States getting treatment after being diagnosed with throat cancer, took the opportunity to speak directly to the squad through a video call.

Gazidis spoke the players and to coach Pioli and his staff. He reassured them about his health and told them that the therapies are proceeding well.

ANSA reported some of his statements to the squad: “You are a team to be proud of, which has always shown great quality. But above all, which has shown a spirit of unity and a special will, which consolidate the strength of the group and allow it to overcome all challenges.

“It will be an incredible emotion to see the fans again tonight in a full San Siro, albeit with a reduced capacity. I will not be able to be with them physically, but the passion and enthusiasm that binds us will overcome any distance. It will be a great show, in which I’m sure everyone will respect the health and safety procedures. A beautiful evening in which there will be no room for disrespectful acts and behaviors – also on social media – which have never part of the Milan style.

“Our strength always comes from our unity and ability to support each other, like a family. A feeling that I have personally perceived in recent weeks. Because this is, and will always be, Milan.”

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26 days ago

We are having the worst transfer window we have had in a long time. By rhe end of this we will be weaker then we were last season. Very disappointed. This team has no project.

26 days ago

Great words from Mr Gazidis. We hope you are doing well, Ivan, and as you are with us we are with you. Forza Milan!

25 days ago

Roma have shown their determination by spending on necessary players. We keep being cheap and not getting RW, which is something we never addressed since Suso(not saying I miss him or anything). Now we lost Chalha and we are too cheap to replace him as well. The depth is good everywhere except the attack. We need high level CAM and RW or we will struggle to get top 4 and UCL will end pretty soon as well. ELLIOTT GET YOUR CHECK BOOKS OUT AND BUY BERARDI AND PELLEGRINI. WE CAN WIN SCUDETTOO THEN!!!