Gazidis: “I’m feeling great, I can’t wait to get back to Milan and I’m ready for this challenge, the support is incredible”

Ivan Gazidis at Milanello. (

Ivan Gazidis spoke to Milan Studios after being diagnosed with throat cancer, thanking everyone for the support.

Earlier this week, Milan announced that Gazidis “has been diagnosed with a cancer of the throat. Based on an extensive series of tests and scans, doctors expect he will make a full recovery.”

The Rossoneri CEO is currently in New York to begin his treatment and he sat down for an interview with Milan Studios to discuss his situation:

Hello Ivan, it’s great to have you here. We know you’re working a lot, and that’s good news, these are demanding days as well as medical check-ups, but we know that this is the moment you have chosen to, firstly, tell us how you’re doing, and then to send an important message to the Rossoneri world and everyone else…
“I’m really feeling great, I’m working during the day. Indeed, I am also undergoing some medical checks to start my therapy. I’ll be fine, the most important thing is I can’t wait to get back to Milan. That is important to me, it’s important that the team is growing. The beginning of the season has to be strong.”

The squad wearing ‘Forza Ivan’ shirts before Milan-Modena at Milanello on July 24, 2021. (

You’ve received an outpour of love in recent days, following your video a few days ago, the whole world, with no distinction of club loyalty, wanted to express their closeness and love and strength…
“That’s true, Pasquale, I was speechless. It is incredible. I’d like to thank everyone from my heart, to all the fans, the Curva Sud which did a wonderful thing, as well as the Association of Milanisti Fan Clubs who have written to me, the Small Shareholders Association. These things give me great strength. This strength is like wind at my back, which pushes me forward. Things are easier for me with this support. It’s a bit like being a player on the field, now I understand what the players feel when San Siro is packed and driving the team on. That’s how I feel and there is no better feeling than this.”

It’s as if you had a packed Curva at your back…
“Exactly, and I can’t wait to see them at San Siro again because we all need to return to football on the field with a packed San Siro once again. I’ll be there very soon.”

The banner of the Curva Sud for Gazidis: ‘Ivan don’t give up; the Curva is with you’. (

I know that you’re not just thinking about the fans, but also for all Milan employees, the team, the coaching staff and the many doctors who are helping you with great care and attention…
“Absolutely, the Club’s medical staff, especially Stefano Mazzoni, as well as the doctors and nurses of the CDI who discovered this tumor and cancer. And the IEO which is an incredible institution with fantastic staff. The Club, it’s incredible, people have written me very special messages. I’m ready for this challenge and I’ll surely be back at the Club soon.”

That is what we all wish for you, it’s like you’re doing a different form of smart-working because you have the strength, will and desire to continue being close to this great Club and sharing your ideas and projects…
“Well, it’s working. In the morning I can work with my colleagues at the Club. Later on, I have various checks with the doctors. I have complete faith in the Club’s staff, we have a very strong team, both on and off the field. The Club won’t let up. This season will be important for us. We are working very hard ahead of this challenge, the challenge of both the Men’s and Women’s teams. It’s going to be a very important season for the Women’s team.”

Ivan Gazidis at Milanello. (

Let’s close like this, Ivan. Forza Milan and a big Forza Ivan to you…
“Thank you so much, thanks to everyone and always Forza Milan!”

See you soon, thank you!
“A hug to all, thank you.”

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Calm down
Calm down
2 months ago

Get well soon boss