Brahim Díaz set to return to Milan on a two-year loan with option to buy for €22m, buy-back clause included

Brahim Díaz before Milan-Benevento at Stadio San Siro on May 1, 2021. (Marco Canoniero)

Brahim Díaz could arrive to Milano already over the weekend as a total agreement has been reached with Real Madrid and it’s a done deal.

It has been in the works for quite some time but now everything is ready for the return for Brahim to Milanello.

The young Spaniard was on loan at Milan but since the club did not have an option to buy he returned to Real Madrid this summer and began pre-season training,

However, the excellent relationship between Milan and Real Madrid and the fact that Díaz is not someone Carlo Ancelotti counts on for next season, paved the way for the return of Brahim to Milan.

As reported by and Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky, last night Milan closed the deal to bring Brahim back. The Rossoneri will take Brahim on a two-year loan, paying €1.5m for each loan year. They will then have an option to buy for €22m. Real Madrid will have a buy-back option for €27m.

Brahim could be at Milan over the weekend to get back to training with Pioli and the Rossoneri squad. All that is missing now is the official announcement.

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Just can’t imagine how milan cud allow calhanoglu leave to sign this Diaz of a guy ,milan are not serious with their players and they loss good players and compensate themselves with flops


Diaz significantly outperformed Hakan towards the end of last season. Did you even watch our last few games ?

Ac milan

Diaz will be better than Hakan. Hakan is nothing special besides his spot kicks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ac milan

The one fact that I cannot get beyond are the reports that Diaz himself wanted to keep a buy-back clause in favour of Real Madrid (€27m), because he has always “dreamt” of playing there. Milan will probably develop him and lose him to Real Madrid once he gets to “that level”. Where are the players that dream of playing for Milan? Maybe a few more Tonali’s – that are willing to even cut their salary to play for the jersey. Maybe Milan should give them the attention and care to develop, and just sign anyone for the short-term quick fix.… Read more »

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Ac milan

We need mostly players with Milan at his heart and passion for football. A few rogue that can provide coverage.


i see this still as a good deal tho. paying a loan for 3m for 2 years is very cheap. If after 2 years we see that he is not as good as we think, we can opt to not buy him out. If he turns out good, we will buy him after 2 years. After a few years if real madrid wants to get him back, we will still get what we pay him for. and for me personally, after 3 or 4 years milan will already wanna start investing on a different player. i dont see him as… Read more »


I agree, it is definitely a good signing if Diaz is invested and improves! Not taking away from that. Just the fact that he and his entourage see this opportunity as a bounce-off for a career at Real is a bit bothering. There’s been players before that have had the same mentality, and they fell off completely.

Ice yogurt

So what will happen with Daniel?


It’s family business ,so he will remain at the club ,even if he does not play,nobody talks abt selling or loaning him out to gain experience,but Maldini is in a hurry to sell hauge claiming is for capital gain ,politics everywhere