Official: Tomori joins Milan from Chelsea on a four-year deal

Fikayo Tomori at Milan. (

Fikayo Tomori will be staying at Milan as they have chosen to buy him out.

Tomori arrived at Milan in January, on loan with option to buy from Chelsea, and the Englishman has managed to greatly impress the coach, the fans and the club.

Tomori took the place of Alessio Romagnoli at the heart of the defense and formed an excellent partnership with Simon Kjær, which helped the Diavolo qualify for the Champions League for the first time in years.

Fik’s stay at Milan never really seemed in question, but the official statement only arrived today:

“Milan is delighted to announce the exercising of the option for the permanent transfer of Oluwafikayomi Oluwadamilola Tomori from Chelsea. The English defender, who made 22 appearances and scored one goal over the last season, will continue to play with the Club until 30 June 2025.”

The Rossoneri will pay Chelsea €28.5 million for the permanent signature of Tomori, who is currently resting. Next month he’ll be at Milanello with his teammates to start preparing for 2021/22.

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Great signing, tomori and kyaer solid partership. Now get a right winger!!!


I still think we should extend Romagnoli contract or sell him if he doesn’t want to renew and get another back up defender because the season is long and we have big competitions as well to play so we need able hands to cover up lapses


I believe that Maldini looks at kalalu as our spare center back and will try get a good price for romag to raise funds as we have spent bout 40 million plus the rest for tonali. Add to that we will get nothing for hakan and did not get anything for Donna confirms that for me. Who else can we sell that is worth something? Also just read adli is “thinking” about his next move which surprised me. A move to a great club like milan and this young player not sure? Maybe he looks at hauge and locatelli, young… Read more »


But the problem is that Kjaer will be in form for 2-3 seasons and with each season his form will worsen. Milenkovic is in his final year at Fiorentina, he has worked with Pioli, so I don’t think missing out on such a coup be a logical decision. Gabbia can play left sided CB, while Kalulu is RB and right sided CB. He should either be loaned or kept if Dalot doesn’t come. at GK we are set: Maignan, Plizzari and Tatarusano. at CM positions we have Pobega, Tonali, Bennacer and Kessie, so 1 CM similar to Kessie like Kamara… Read more »

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Welcome Tomo, we’re glad to have you!!

Rw please!!!!!!!
Striker please!!!!!
AM please!!!!!

These are the priorities now.

AC Milan

Another great signing by Maldini, not really any bad signing so far by our captain. I wish Roma can stay but his agent does make me sick so. I am not sure….


Milenkovic, my man, Milenkovic is the key to our defensive success.


Awesome! This is a masterclass from Maldini. He will be a world class defender if not already. Playing in Italy will only sharpen his defensive skills and I also think he’ll be immense for next few season for Milan.


28,5 million is a bargain for a talent like him. I wonder if they agreed payment on installments like it was speculated. Would mean a lot for further investments. Additionally to proper RW and ST, our midfield is weak in terms of coverage. Kessie, Bennacer and Tonali the only midfielders and we are playing on several fronts. They need at least 5 or 6 players there. They will get another DM I’m sure and maybe Pobega can add to number as well but they should buyout Meite also, at least to act as a fifth cover.


Great news
Now sell Leao, Samu, Conti withdraw Hakan’s offer and buy a proper dependable young ST – RW – AM
Renew Calabria and Kessie

Riccardo Montolivo

So, Tonalli is reportedly sent back to Brescia. Juventus will sign him.

Wtf, Loca 2.0?

We only have Kes Ben Kru and Pob on the midfield.

Before CL we needed 4 starters and now we have 2, we need a RW and a ST.

I guess the reports that only my one of Tom-Ton-Diaz would be signed was true.


Imagine going into champions league with the same team who could not win the europa league. And if the tonali issue is accurate then we are worse off then last season.

You would have thought I was crazy if I told you last season that getting champions league and a second place finish in serie a would have led to this fiasco

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AC Milan

You are not wrong except most of our players are young, which means they are getting better.


They are still negotiating, do you think we will just pay 10m to loan Tonali and not sign him?
Will they just waste 10m like that?
O comon guys


They are still talking, but this is really bad for our reputation. Brescia was very corect to us, and look how we act. Other clubs might think twice before getting in this type of deals with us in the future. Our strongest position now is that Tonali himself dosnt want any other club but Milan. Otherwise Bresica would have walked away by now. I hope we get Tonali and Pioli finnaly figures out that he is a playmaker and not a destroyer type of player. The Hakan position would fit Tonali perfectly.

Ac milan

Not only the reason you have stated, but this can become Locatelli 2.0.


Loca asked to be transferred. Do you people have a memory of a fish? Milan wanted to loan him out, he asked personally to leave permanently. What this have to do with Tonali situation?

30M for Tonali is a lot. The first 10m was a mistake and I think they are trying find a better solution. Do you really pay 30M for this nervous kid after seeing him in action in Milan? He lost his place to Meite. He can’t pass properly. He has a very weak vision. 30M is a lot for the 4th defensive midfielder.

Ac milan

Loca asked because he could not get first team action. Otherwise, he wouldve stayed.


First team action is something you earn not something to expect. And it’s not even up to management, it’s up to coaches to decide.

AC Milan

I was not disputing the coach’s decision. I was stating a fact why Locateli decided to leave.

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Yeah we preferred him over Paqueta and Bakayoko. And then Chalha over Paqueta. now we have no Locatelli, no Paqueta, Bakayoko was too expensive and Chalha is a snake.


Paqueta was mentally weak. We knew talent was there but he couldn’t play with such a pressure. Fun fact. We can now buy Baka cheaper than Tonali.


an actual fact, Giampaolo forced him to play less-brazilian like, Gatusso used him in CM, now he’s CAM. literally the exact problem Chalha had. and another fact Baka is washed up, he had a bad season in Napoli last year, Tonali is in his early 20s, 1-2 seasons he can be even better than Bennacer.


and less than 15M for Bakayoko lol, Chelsea aren’t even giving us Giroud for free.


Baka is in his last year at his club. His actual price is now 20M. He will be available for less than 15M

Giroud has a verbal agreement to leave if offers arive from outside of UK

Your football knowledge and level of confidence amuses me!!


Not facts actually.

Marco only coached us 7 games. Paqueta isn’t even shining in french league. He had some good games.

Baka played ok last season. His ratings is above average.

Tonali also isn’t a fact, it’s just a prediction. Are we in a position to spend 30/35M on a prediction? Did he showed us anything last season? The coaches and directors who see him everyday are the best people to answer that.


Baka had a very bad season, constantly getting reds and was really out of shape.

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Tiemoué Bakayoko received 6 yellow cards and 1 red card. The average Infogol Player Rating for Tiemoué Bakayoko in the Italian Serie A 2020/21 season was 6.18. (just one example of your lies)


lies? you are the one spreading nonsense info about Tonali, and who isn’t shinning? 7.22 with 9 goals and 5 assists? man, stop being a hypocrite. Baka is washed up, so is Chalha, Tonali, Locatelli and Paqueta were the future…


“Paqueta isn’t even shining in french league.” if you are slow in connecting the dots.


15M not 35M. Olzer is being sent to Brescia with a buy-back clause. and we already paid the initial 10M.


“This morning, Calcio e Finanza are reporting that Milan will pay €28.5m to the Premier League side to keep the 23-year-old, but it won’t weigh as one lump sum on the budget. Given that the player has signed a contract until 2025, the amortisation charge on the 2021-22 budget will be equal to €7.13m – the transfer fee divided by four. The salary Tomori received must be added to this, while the Growth Decree comes into effect to give a 50% discount on tax given he has come from abroad and will stay for over two years.” Don’t sh*t around… Read more »

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Honestly thank you. It’s like people ignore what they want when they want. It’s like people are afraid to be forward about things.


My last sentence was not targeted towards you, the fans, but media who are reporting “Milan is until now the biggest spender in serie A with 40 millions already spent”

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finally we got him.. now kick hakan, and other lazy players… they dont deserved use our jersey… bring right wing with good quality, we cant depend on sale… we cant depend on penalty kick to get win…