Mandžukić to undergo his Milan medical check-ups tomorrow, the 34-year-old will join on a six-month contract

Mario Mandžukić celebrating during Juventus-Lazio at the Allianz Stadium on August 25, 2018. (9MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images)

Mario Mandžukić is already in Milano and on Monday he will put pen to paper, earning €1.8m for six months.

After days of evaluations, Milan have decided to go ahead with the signing of Mandžukić and today they closed on the last details that were needed to bring in the 34-year-old striker.

Mandžukić, ex-Juventus, arrives at the Rossoneri as a free transfer after playing briefly for Al-Duhail at Qatar.

The Rossoneri had been looking for a reinforcement in attack, especially someone who can take the place of Zlatan Ibrahimović, who’s missed a few games through injury this year, when the Swede is unable to play and so they’ve decided to get another veteran and proven goal scorer like Mandžukić.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia and by, Mandžukić is arriving on a six-month deal with an automatic option to extend his contract for another year should the Diavolo reach the Champions League next season. During these six months, he is expected to earn €1.8m.

Mandžukić already landed in Milano this evening and tomorrow morning he will undergo the medical check-ups before heading to Casa Milan and sign the contract. He is currently staying at a hotel in the city. According to Di Marzio, Mandžukić – despite not playing a game of football since March 2020 – is convinced that he can amaze everyone with his current physical condition.

The first game of Mario, who can play in the role of the central striker but also as an inverted winger, will be against Atalanta on Saturday.

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He is brilliant
But I am slightly concerned about the speed aspect if both Mario and Zlatan starts
In any case… let’s give a go for the title!

Gbenga AJOSE

Both may hardly be fielded together.Mario is another player with winning mentality. My concern is he hasn’t engaged in competitive football for about six month


Starting from the bench for now. 10-15mins for a start


More like 2 yrs


He has speed, or at least used to had from what i remember. Most of the time he was played like a LW in Juve and Croatia. He used to run a lot then.


Welcome, Mario!!!


Welcome Mario. Nice move, experience needed.


So if we got Meite for 500k and Tomori 2-3m on loan + Mandzukic for free that means that we spent close to nothing. We got 15mil just from qualifying for EL group stage so we have around 12m left just from that money. It would be wise to try and bring Thauvian now with some of that money to strenghten the RW.


Casti has to be sold. And to be honest what I’m a little worried about us currently not having a LB sub. Dalot is RB at the end of the day and to say that he’s a vice-Theo and Kalulu will be the RB sub will just hurt us down the road. Theo now has Covid so along with Thauvin we should focus on a LB, like Emerson, Zinchenko(who has fued with Pep), Nuno Mendes, Bradaric, Wijndal…

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Dalot was brought as a back up for Theo, and Theo will be back in two weeks. I think we will be looking for a back up LB in the summer. We are good in that spot for now. We have the money for Thauvian now as i explained above, no need to sell anyone. The point is to bring him now as an impruvment to our RW so we can increase our chances to win the league.


Casti, Thauvin and Saelemakers? waste of space and wage. We don’t need 9 attackers, no team needs that much. as Mandzukic arrives Colombo will be loaned out, Casti sold to make way for Thauvin.


I think i explained it very clear why do we need Thauvian (And why we can afford him now). There is a difference between first,second and third team. You don’t get players just to fill in a spot. By your logic we dont even need Mandzukic since we already have 2CF and 2LW already. There is something called difference in quality. I don’t know how to put it more simple than this.


don’t act as if you are a football specialist you are just a fan, get of your high horse man. I’m not saying that Casti has to be sold to get Thauvin, I know how to read, I’m saying that having 3 RW is meaningless and overkill.


Some things are not even football, just common sense. When you get the chance to sign a good player who can improve your team you do it. For exp Maldini signed Kalulu when we had Conti and Calabria, you dont miss on a player just cause you have some one else in that position at the moment. Especialy if that players is better than what you already have as in Thauvian case. If its meaningles to get better players for you than why do we even do transfers in the first place. You can just fill in a position whit… Read more »


Casti has to be sold, because he gets an undeserved wage. And because we have 4 RBs, one of which is more of a Theo sub than RB, Conti is leaving. Making it 4 fullbacks. You can count right?! It’s easy, but let’s take down a notch so you can keep up 1+1, thats 2, then 2+1, that’s 3, then 3+1, that’s 4, 4 fullbacks.


He is an Ibra back up. With his arrival, Meite, and Tomori, I think Milan has sufficiently locked down for the winter transfer. In the summer transfer we can splurge more cash. When we get Bennacer back, and Hakan and Ibra, the second half of the season will be amazing.

Milan can win this thing.


The only thing that scares me at this moment is Inter to be honest have to say this. With no other competitions they are 100% focusing solely on Scudetto. Hope Lukaku and Martinez get some injury problems down the road.


Splurge more cash? We haven’t spent any money on a signing in like 3 transfer windows what makes you think we will use any of the money we have.

Come summer we will be looking for more loan or free signing like mandzukic

It is not an opinion it is a fact

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Seriously dont know what they are thinking


We have a great opportunity to blood a new CF, like Jovic or Millik.
Zlatan wont be around forever!

Do we need another CB, no. Let Mussachio earn his pay.
MF, we will see how Meite is.
RW we really need to give a few euro for Thauvin now and get it done!

Tired of seeing Jovic,Barella, Chiesa, Szbozlai etc going to other teams.

Management have done well recently but we need to be signing better players than the rubbish we are getting this window


3 or 4 centre backs we have been chasing ,
And this guy from Chelsea comes out of the blue because we can’t land any of our true targets , settle for 4th best


Szlobozlai plays CAM and LW, in our team he wouldn’t be as an effective of a CM as he can be in a 3 man midfield. So not big of a dea, imo.

Barella went to Inter because of the coach difference, it’s just that simple.

Chiesa is a tough one to swallow as Juve got him in a ridiculously easy to be paid in 3-4 year deal, they paid just 10M, i guess the management didn’t know we would be 1st place right now and didn’t gamble on a 50M deal.

Jovic? really bro?


Jovic got 2 goals in 28 min last night. Hes the kind of lad who would benefit from Ibras example. Anyway it’s done now.
Now is the time to get a striker used to our system and take over from Ibra next season. Are we really going to play champs league with a 40yo as our main striker.
Heck even Millik is available cheap now and has experience of Serie A and Champs leauge


In a perfect world, wed have
ST- Ibra/Jovic
LW- Rebic/Leao
AM- Szbozlai/Hakan
RW- Saladman/Chiesa

Hopefully they can come up with good alternatives in the summer. Ibra/Mandzukic will not be enough


WE NOW RETURN TO LIKE MILAN10 SAID “Milan10 3 days ago nice addition to milan’s balkan connection. rebic, ibrahimovic and mandzukic on the same team would be filthy (the less said about krunic the better). next milan should get modric, de bruynic and messic. in all seriousness, mandzukic or giroud would be great back up targetman for ibra so this looks good on paper. shame one of them couldnt come way sooner. i have questions though: why did mandzukic’s contract with that middle east team get terminated by mutual consent? was it because he didnt like playing in middle east… Read more »

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I think Mandzukic will be good for a sub. Prob a sub for Rebic since Hauge is not Seria A ready yet. Or maybe Leao will be a sub for Rebic and Mandzukic for Ibra etc, depends of who is avaliable. I would prefer Leao to get more playing time tho. As for the RW, Deapy and Draxler are not RW and i dont think we can afford them. Lucas Vasquez is a RW and we can aford him (15mil) but he is 29 and has only 3 asists so far. Thauvian is 27years, 9 assists, cheaper cause he dosent… Read more »


mandzukic will definitely be a sub, yes. most definitely for ibra. that much is obvious. however, he’s versatile enough to play in various positions and im curious to see ibra – mandzukic tandem in 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 settings. or at least mandzukic as lw. regarding draxler and depay, i’ve seen them play rw/rm multiple times. they can play lw, am, rw and depay can also play st and ss. according to whoscored, this season draxler performs best as rw/rm as the rating shows. regarding vasquez, this season zidane has been playing him as rb because madrid were stupid enough to… Read more »


I would keep the curent formation since its working for most players. I see, Vasquez played as RB half of his games this season and half as RW, but even last season his stats are not much better only 2 assists. In his best days he seems to be able to do 10+ assists per season but i think those days are way past him. He also had better teammates in Real to assist to. Thauvian is same with the assists when in top form 10+ maybe even slightly better for an assist or two, but he also scores a… Read more »

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Imagine we had a RW who scored goals!!
Get Thauvin now.

Let’s hope we win tonight. Be great to see Hauge get back to form and score one of his trade mark beauties.

Atalanta will be huge for these squad players


current formation is working if/when milan still have natural am. if/when they dont, especially during this hectic pandemic season, i think guardioli should get creative and try other solutions. milan didnt do so bad in early 2020 with different formation. regarding vazquez, he’s still 29 and i think he still has 3-4 yrs before he declines. dont forget that he plays for madrid alongside heavyweights such as bale, asensio, isco, valverde, rodrygo etc, of course his numbers aint that good due to lack of playing time. and yes thauvin is good goalscorer, and thats what i like most about him… Read more »


Thauvin will be better he is still younger than Vasquez but I pray we win this league so we can come back to Italy great again and dominate Europe inter Milan will fall at the wayside forza Milan