Official: Gabbia has tested positive for COVID-19, joins Duarte and Ibrahimović on the list of positive Milan players

Matteo Gabbia before Milan-Spezia at Stadio San Siro on October 4, 2020. (Spada LaPresse)

Matteo Gabbia has been tested positive for Coronavirus, most likely catching it while on international duty.

Léo Duarte and Zlatan Ibrahimović are still testing positive for COVID-19 (as per yesterday’s round of checks), and today the club announced that another player is positive for the virus that has changed life on earth as we know it.

“Milan has been informed that Matteo Gabbia, currently with the Italy Under-21 national squad in Iceland, has tested positive for Covid-19,” the club announced via a statement on the official website on Friday.

Inter’s Alessandro Bastoni and Atalanta’s Marco Carnesecchi of the U21 squad already tested positive for COVID earlier this week but today three new cases were revealed. In addition to Gabbia, it’s believed that also Alessandro Plizzari has contracted the virus, in addition to someone on the squad.

Should Gabbia and Duarte not recover in time for the Derby, captain Alessio Romagnoli will return from injury straight to the starting XI and play in defense alongside Simon Kjær.

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Are these international matches necessary under these circumstances?? All the unnecessary traveling and exposure to so many people. Pisses me off.

Nathan Graegin

I was saying the same to a friend. All these cases arrive during and after the international games. If they must do them, then there needs to be a 2 weeks rest before league games resume for players whether they have it or not. Otherwise the cases will go up.


Both nations league and all national matches must be cancelled during covid pandemic. Infected players just make the clubs suffer. The clubs pay their salaries and yet must loss the important players due to corona while they are with national team. It must be stopped now. It is just frustating that the club face important matches without their key players


WE NOW RETURN TO LIKE MILAN10 SAID PROGRAM “Milan10 2 days ago nations league a.k.a. glorified friendlies is the most useless invention of uefa since that ridiculous 2 group stages of ucl 1999/00 or fifa’s confederation cup. a mere quick cash grab at the expense of players’ fitness (and health). i hope none of milan players, including donna the repent, will play full 90 mins in each match because the last thing milan need is another injured (and sick) player(s)” i read a recent article on espn that even english club football will collapse financially if its stopped this season… Read more »


So this why we needed a CB this time huh.

Nathan Graegin

Roman is back already so either way it’s the same. We still can use other youth team players.


“So this why we needed a CB this time huh.” apparently someone still doesnt get the problem, let alone magnitude of it. genoa have 5 dm and 5 cm. that should be enough to play through right? WRONG. their 3 dm and 5 cm (that means ALL their cm) are covid positive. milan could have all their 5 cb fit and match ready but with this failed protocol chances are they could still be short of cb. u really cant blame milan’s mercato activities for something extraordinary like this


Disagree. We needed a CB. I don’t trust in Musa or Duarte. Injury prone so far and the former is full of mistakes. We needed a solid backline. And Musa is going to be sold very soon at some point I believe. Yes having 5 cb is no use if protocols are not in place to fight covid. But we needed that extra solid cover is any situation – teams with with big ambitions need to have this covered. Atalanta just lost Caldara again to injury but they enough quality covers to replace him. Simple as that. Our CB problem… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by MilanEstonia

WE NOW RETURN TO LIKE MILAN10 SAID PROGRAM “Milan10 29 days ago if fofana wont join milan because he wants to pull an oscar and get hefty salary from leicester to take care of his family and milenkovic is 40m rated then i dont see any other realistic targets cheap but worthy of milan anymore, except maybe kumbulla, ajer (definitely not my pick) or todibo. romag will be back in couple of weeks (btw, its pioli’s fault for playing him nonstop, even vs cagliari when 5th place had already been mathematically impossible), musa will be back in oct or early… Read more »


Bro, you write so much but I already got your points clearly from our earlier discussions about this. My only point was that we should’ve prioritised for a decent CB right since the 19/20 season start. Musa was never convincing. Romag was the only reliable cb we had. We’ve been having issues at the back for years. So getting a top class CB should’ve been a priority. Then get rid of the one who don’t make the cut, for example Duarte. Management has been handling the wage structure well. They cut out so many dead weights and have brought us… Read more »


milan had “promising” caldara back then. how were they supposed to know he’d get injured so frequently? they were after kabak, todibo, demiral, fofana etc in 2019/20 but all didnt come for various reasons. luckily milan hit the jackpot with kjaer. he’s been performing way above expectation thus romag – kjaer is and will be milan’s main cb from now on until kjaer’s contract expires. my point is, milan HAVE BEEN trying to get decent cb for 2 years now. its not milan’s mgmt fault that kabak, todibo chose schalke. besides, to my amusement, every single cb who rejected milan… Read more »


Donnais asking 2 more millions to his wage, that’s 48 million per season with taxes, he is also demanding a release clause of 30 million. I’m sick of the kid.

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Capitano has recovered so this is just what Milan need.