Leão returned to training at Milanello, Romagnoli recovered from his injury and is working to get back to action

Rafael Leão during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Rafael Leão has resumed training after completing his quarantine period, while Alessio Romagnoli is recovered and Simon Kjær & Samu Castillejo should be fit for Thursday’s match in the Europa.

Milan returned to the pitch in Serie A last night, beating Bologna 2-0 at Stadio San Siro. Today, coach Pioli received some more good news from his group.

Rafael Leão, who did not take part in the pre-season of the Diavolo and has not featured since Matchday 38 of the last season in August, has returned to training at Milanello.

The 21-year-old has completed his quarantine period and yesterday he was also at San Siro to watch Zlatan Ibrahimović score a brace. The Portuguese did mainly individual work focusing on athletics and over the next days he’ll work to get back in shape so he can return to playing.

As reported by Milannews.it, in addition to Leão who will soon be back in the squad, captain Alessio Romagnoli has also recovered from his calf injury. Romagnoli is now doing work to get back to the field as soon as possible and give Pioli greater stability at the heart of the defense.

Milannews.it also reports that Simon Kjær and Samu Castillejo, who were subbed out during yesterday’s game with some physical issues, are both fine and should be available on Thursday.

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Gbenga AJOSE

Good news that you guys have recovered. We can’t afford to drop points. I just read that Chiesa agent and father are presently at Casa Milan to meet Milan management. I can’t wait for the Chiesa deal to materialize. The guy himself wants to come to Milan.

Nathan Graegin

I agree. At this point the player and his agent need to tell fiori to cut the bs and let him go for a fee that makes sense. That team finished middle of the table of not lower. No way anyone on that teams, even chiesa, is worth 60-70 mil. 40-50 tops! Throw in paqueta plus 20 mil and 10 mil in bonuses, and the deal should be done


Why do you want Paqueta out by all means. He is only 23yrs and needs time to find his form. The same way we hurridly sold Aubameyang, Cristante, Locatelli etc….


U just read my mind ,paqueta will become a superstar like Neymar someday and milan will bite their fingers ,like they did for aubamyang ,that kid is not bad ,he just need proper management and confidence ,he needs patience like we had for calhanoglu but we are so in a hurry to sell him and believe me he is a far better player with prospect than maldini jr who sits on the bench and earns a high wage than most of the better first team players and no body is talking abt even loaning out maldini jr cos his dad… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Ruskin
Gbenga AJOSE

So if selling him to fund the buying of a right winger and also help in unlocking the deal for Milenkovic is the only option and that’s exactly what is looking like now , so are u saying we should forget the purchase of CB and RW and wait for Paqueta ???? C’mon !


Neymar comparison a bit far stretched, although if he fixes his attitude the guy has what it takes to be next big star.


You people who keep saying “keep Paqueta” how long should we hold on to deadweight hoping it comes good? This Milan team is in desperate need of immediate success, 9 years without a trophy speaks for itself. And you even go as far as using Aubameyang as an example. We sold him some 5y before he knew any form of success, should we have waited 5 years for him? Locatelli is an even more logical example because we all saw his quality we just chose capital gains and keeping a bad investment in Biglia. But Paqueta? I won’t lose sleep… Read more »


Auba yes. But I kessie, Bennacer Tonali can be equally good or even better that Cristante and Locatelli at the moment. So you should not cry much.

Gbenga AJOSE

We need to move on. Forget all these Christante and Locawhatever. No club is perfect in players management. Inter let go of Pirlo and Seedorf believing they were not up to the task but they ended up being our legends today. Same with Theo from Real and so many more. We can’t be spoonfeeding a player for so long. Milan is a big club and not a nursing home


Is Maldini jr a better player than Paqueta? He sits on the bench every season to earn high wage. Why not sell Maldini jr since we are not a nursing home for bench wamers.

Gbenga AJOSE

First of all. Milan acquired Maldini Jnr at little or no cost, so no pressure to sell him.
Secondly we can sell him for big amount now.
Thirdly Paqueta cost us a lot of so we need to recoup that money to make necessary purchase.
Maldini Jnr is a son of a legend His father is a symbol of Milan and it would not be out of tune to let the legacy continues. If you were Maldini , you would also definitely want your son to succeed you.
Have I answered your question ?

Martin Bernhard

I seriously doubt that the report stating that daniel maldini earns 1.7 mil a year has any truth to it, He propably earns 500k/700k a year at most. If maldini had given his son such high a salary after only a handfull of games he would be an easy target of accusations of nepotismn and frankly i believe he is way too smart to fall into such trappings. Paolo even said that daniel would have to force his own way into the first team and shouldnt expect a handout from him. I would be sad to see Paqueta leave us… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Martin Bernhard

Maldini . . Maldini . . Maldini . . !

Christian Maldini started out at Milan . . He’s no longer with them . . Think the Maldini spin you brought on this story is a bit off . .


Maldini is a serious boy, with good technique, with elevate education, who is 18 years old, waiting for his chances, not wasting all the chances like did Paqueta with his labile attitude. His wage is 500k per year, all the rest informations about his huge wage ARE FALSE ! What is your problem with Maldini Jr ? Paqueta at Milan was pathetic, this is the reason they brought Diaz. Maldini if improves his speed will be a very good player for Milan


Even though everyone is giving up on Paqueta, remember when we wanted to sell Hakan for 15 million? That would have been something to regret. Paqueta has skill, he just needs some confidence to grow into his role.

Nathan Graegin

I get what your saying. But when we wanted hakan out, paqueta never stepped up to take his spot. Paqueta is slow on the ball. He has good ball control but when I look at Brazilians, paqueta isn’t one I would want. We need players that can dribble past opponents with speed. Look at Kaka, pato. Those guys did everything better than paqueta. Every professional has good ball control. But not everyone can take on defenders. Paqueta has zero vision to. He’s not what’s needed


Paqueta is no doubt talented but see he doesn’t fit in our system……his attitude is for every one to see at least this is what we are being reported…..then he tends to fades away and holds up ball too much which effects the run of play….can be easily dispossessed…..no doubt he can be good but see every club have their own system on which they play…and Paqueta has been here for too longer time, not to be judged…..a team needs 11 players to make up a system not one individual player…..