Szoboszlai is reportedly at the top of Rangnick’s wish-list for next season, Milan are in contact with his agents

Dominik Szoboszlai before Red Bull Salzburg-SK Sturm Graz at Red Bull Arena on July 1, 2020. (@imagoimages)

Dominik Szoboszlai is the first name on Ralf Rangnick’s list, according to reports.

The season is still not over, and Milan – with coach Stefano Pioli in charge – are still fighting to reach their objectives and secure a place in next season’s Europa League (Napoli-Milan, tomorrow).

However, plans are already underway for the 2020/21 season. Unless something sensational happens, Ralf Rangnick will arrive in Milano next season, assuming the role of the coach and technical director – virtually having complete freedom in the sporting area while being fully backed by CEO Ivan Gazidis and Elliott.

Rangnick currently serves as head of sport and development at Red Bull GmbH and he practically oversees the sporting activities of RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg. Therefore, it is of no surprise to see names from these times linked with Milan, as Ralf is about to take over Milanello.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Nicolò Schira, 19-year-old midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai is the top target of Rangnick and is the player the German wants to see at Milan next season above all. Schira reports that Rangnick has already spoken to Szoboszlai and his family, explaining the project of Milan to them. Contacts are in place with his representatives and an offer is on the table.

Schira reports that the Diavolo are willing to offer Dominik a five-year contract worth €1.5m plus bonuses per year. Szoboszlai has a release clause worth €24 million and is wanted by the likes of PSG, Arsenal and Napoli. However, looking at Szoboszlai’s social media activity, it’s obvious he would welcome a move to Milan as he regularly likes posts linking him with a move to the Rossoneri.

The Hungarian Szoboszlai has been at Salzburg since 2017. In 2019/20, he’s played 27 Bundesliga games, scoring 9 goals and assisting 14. He’s recently been crowned Player of the Season in Austria.

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Zion Train

Szoboszlai is a really good signing. Great news!

Nathan Graegin

Milan need to hurry the fuck up and buy him! As always we are pushing the envelope and taking too long for good players


Would be a nice signing, seems like a huge talent. But still a risk, De Paul one of the best and most underrated attacking mids is available less for less than 30m. Shows what type of players Gazidis wants at Milan.


correctamundo mate. i saw de paul vs spal and he’s much better player than hakan and paqueta. and not just his goal either but his decisiveness, passing and vision. paqueta – milenkovic swap would be idiotic but i really wouldnt mind paqueta – de paul swap

Zion Train

It’s way more complicated than that mate. Don’t get me wrong, I like de Paul and I appreciate his talent but you will soon see that Rangnick’s methodology in selecting players goes beyond talent and transfer fee.

Like Milan Lab, Ralf Rangnick uses a lot data analysis to evaluate players skill, talent, room for growth, athleticism, fitness, players psychology, nutrition and also how they fit into his gegenpresing system.


hehe okay mate, if u say so. first of all, milanlab is done; meersseman has long gone. pato, el shaa, conti, bertolacci and caldara are just some on the long sad list of milanlab’s “victims”. pato said so himself that milan doctors made his injuries worse. second of all, i really appreciate rangnick’s work as sd. but then again, there are many other sd who has done equally great job like sd of lille, monaco, ajax, benfica etc. and i know for damn sure that sd of bayern and dortmund are better than rangnick. thats why they never asked rangnick… Read more »

Zion Train

I wouldn’t say that Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund didn’t choose Rangnick because they have better management. It’s more or less that they have a system that is working. So if it isn’t broken why fix it? That’s not the case at Milan. Milan is totally different especially with Milan Lab which hasn’t been the same since Jean-Pierre Meerrseman left in 2010 due to budget cuts. Part of Rangnick’s plan is to revive Milan Lab as he has setup similar Labs at Leipzig and Salzburg. Rangnick’s methodology are in line with work of Meerrseman. And who knows, Meerrseman might return… Read more »


u mean they have recruitment systems that work even better than rangnick’s, otherwise they would target him. “Milan is totally different especially with Milan Lab which hasn’t been the same since Jean-Pierre Meerrseman left in 2010 due to budget cuts.” exactly mate hence, like i said, milanlab is gone. “In any case we should not get overly concerned about the transfer market as the right players will arrive given the methodology Milan will use to sign players.” i certainly hope so. lets see what happens in sept when mercato opens again. so far, the targets are promising but to be… Read more »

Zion Train

Guys you have it all wrong. Signing players is way more than transfer fee. Milan Lab including Rangnick’s methodology uses statistical data analysis to determine which players will fit better into the team‘s formation, tactics and style of play.

Rangnick is a game changer and with Milan Lab they will both work in harmony using data to determine the best players to sign. It’s much more data analysis involved than talent and transfer fee.

You will soon realize that once Rangnick has full control over Milan Lab, transfers and coaching the team.


if there’s one thing i learned from milan mercato under elliott, its that if the negotiation drags for too long then milan probably aint gonna get the player. i really hope milan can get this guy in the end though

Baresis Dream

This guy is perhaps the biggest under 20 talent currently in the world. Hurry up and get him.

But he’ll need a season or two before he starts to really dominate seria a.

al laras

gee i dont know mate. he is good for his age yeah, but even madrid have at least 3 u20 players who are equally good if not better than him: rodrygo, reinier and especially vinicius jr who outplays even hazard. i havent even mentioned haaland etc.
i really hope szoboszlai can come and be kaka 2.0 though. here’s hoping

Baresis Dream

Haaland is already 20, no? Sancho as well. And so is Havaretz. Vinicio jr is a good call though


haaland will be 20 next week

Baresis Dream

Haha, then he’s clearly the best U20 in the world currently


Let’s get Upamecano considering potential attacker threat for next season like Lukaku and Zapata

al laras

sure mate, lets spend 80% of milan budget on a cb when there are more pressing matters like finding proper rb and st


Go Milan and get him.