Contacts continue between Gazidis and Rangnick, Marcelino and Emery are also candidates for the Milan bench

Ralf Rangnick during Mainz 05-RB Leipzig at Opel Arena on May 03, 2019. (Photo by Simon Hofmann/Bongarts/Getty Images)

It is still unknown when football will resume, but Milan (Ivan Gazidis) are thinking about the next season and Stefano Pioli is not expected to stay.

It’s been over a month since Milan were last on the pitch, as the Coronavirus has changed the lives of people all over the world, putting a stop to Italian football among many other things.

It is still unclear when exactly the season will resume – if at all – but for the Rossoneri the mind is already on 2020/2021, as this campaign has been another one full of disappointments and failures.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, the recent situation contributes to the fact that it’s unlikely to see Stefano Pioli managing the squad in the next year. The name of Ralf Rangnick is always on the list of CEO Ivan Gazidis and over the last few days there have been contacts via conference calls.

The main obstacle, when it comes to Rangnick, who once seemed like a closed deal, is the transfer budget that will be made available to him. The German coach demands control and responsibility and would like to be able to build a team suited for him. Di Marzio claims that a direct meeting between the parties will be essential to try and detail the details of an agreement.

Paolo Maldini and Ivan Gazidis during training at Milanello. (

Rangnick is not the only candidate for the Milan bench and the management in the last few days has contacted the entourage of Marcelino. The Spanish coach was mentioned as an option after Marco Giampaolo was sacked but he decided to not take the offer of Milan as he had recently left Valencia.

Di Marzio also adds that Unai Emery, the 48-year-old Spanish coach who was sacked from Arsenal this season, is another profile that is on the list of Gazidis.

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I like Ralf Rangnick’s methods and profile. Many people will disagree with his appointment but it is a step in the right direction for Milan to build on.

We should have replaced Gattuso with Rangnick which was the original plan by Gazidis according to multiple sources BUT Boban and Maldini rejected the idea and went with Giampaolo which turned out to be a disaster.


Time to sell milan to arnault will come, becouse arnault wil bring world class coach and players, he is write owner for milan, he will bring milan back agains, by the great of god


I agree the club should be owned by someone who brings passion to it and excitement Musa

Rangnick needs to sign with ACM take charge and get us back into Europe!


Elliot have no plan for Milan, why sack gattuso at the first place, and if it’s a must to change the coach it should be Ralf Rangnick not emery. Cos pioli is doing a great job. And after that put a big FULL STOP on changing of coach and team overhaul that means you have distabilize the squad pls and pls don’t do business with raiola again because if care is not taken dollaruma will leave for free Milan must sell him next transfer. Although my money was not used to run the club its left for you


No one sacked Gattuso. Why is it so hard to understand? He quit because the management didn’t agree to his requests on more experienced players.


Yes I believe mistakes were made with choice of manager.
There mistakes made with keeping certain midfield players that don’t command the pitch

On the Rangnick issue the man has a system, let’s just sign him and get ACM back where they should be!


Another season gone, another coach sacked, another reckless overhaul on the cards. At least comments will stay the same – first praises in style of “true year zero” and “this is the right step forward” which will eventually transform into bashing like “average coach” and “midtable team” when finally the philosophers and prophets of the blog will speak “we should buy this” and “we should play this” and my favourite “like I said…”

Same ol’


ted at the start of the season: milan should continue using 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1
ted after finding out 4-4-2 worked best for milan: like i said, milan is 4-4-2 club


Can’t wait for the mercato. Finally the market will return to a normal state, not being forced to pay 60-70M for 1 good player. Neymar’s and Barca’s greed just ruined the whole sport. We already are linked with great midfielders Torriera, Tonali, Bakayoko(never understood why he wasn’t purchased), Benfica’s Florentino, D. Silva, other more budget player for the bench like Haidara, AZ’s captain Koopmeiners, Salzburg’s promising young talent Szoboszlai. If Ragnick comes Upamecano is a done deal, I doubt Werner would come as Liverpool are far better choice, for now. I just hope that Paqueta and Donna stay they will… Read more »


rangnick is good sd so get him as sd. keep pioli or get spalletti or better yet, allegri. give them reasonable transfer funds and let them work peacefully for 2-3 years. any other moves other than that only prove that milan mgmt are bunch of clueless les midtables


This is what Milan absolutely must do: – If they want to impose a salary cap, they need to allow for a predetermined number of exceptions (maybe 3 or 4). – Keep Romagnoli (renew – allow him to be an exception to the salary cap) – Keep Zlatan for another year (renew – allow him to be an exception to the salary cap) – Keep Donnarumma (renew – allow him to be an exception to the salary cap) Sign: – Tonali (offer him a salary right at the cap and when Zlatan retires designate his exception to Tonali for future… Read more »


Agree on all points. Perhaps add two things
– Keep Bennacer
– Keep Hernandez