Rivera: “Milan’s struggles? Clearly the general situation affects everything, San Siro? It must remain standing”

Gianni Rivera during the DFB All Stars-Azzurri Legends at Sportpark Ronhof Thomas Sommer on October 7, 2019. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Gianni Rivera has spoken to La Gazzetta dello Sport about the situation of the Rossoneri and about San Siro.

The 1969 Ballon d’Or winner achieved everything with the jersey of Milan in his legendary career as a player. In these days, however, he’s starting a new path.

Rivera, who played 658 times as a Rossonero, has achieved all the necessary diplomas to coach at the highest levels, and the 76-year-old may soon start coaching in one of Italy’s top divisions.

The former midfielder spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Valerio Piccioni:

Why do Milan always find it so hard to get back to top-level?
“We need to understand how the management is organized and what the objectives are. Maldini and Boban understand football, I don’t know the rest of the people. It’s clear that the general situation affects everything, the technique on the pitch is affected by the management’s organization off the pitch.”

Betting on young players or building a growth around a top player?
“If you have Pelé then you can choose the second approach, but you don’t have Pelé. This is why there’s a return to the Youth Sector, after years of forgetting the Youth Sector, it’s a positive thing. There are good players, you have to make them work well.”

Milan players on March 1972: Gianni Rivera, Alberto Bigon, Roberto Rosato, Pierangelo Belli, Karl-Heinz Schnellinger and Pierino Prati, Romeo Benetti, Giuseppe Sabadini, Giorgio Biasiolo, Angelo Anquilletti and Riccardo Sogliano. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

In the state of mind of the fan, and in general of a Milanista, there’s also the variable of San Siro. There’s the hypothesis that the stadium being demolished to pass the baton to the new futuristic stadium. What effect does it have to have to deal with possibility?
“A bad effect. My idea is this: if there are no other problems, of which I am unaware, San Siro must remain standing, and continue to be a stage for football. That’s my thought, I would say as a lover.”

What advice would you give to mayor Sala?
“San Siro represents a value, a great value. Maybe we never remember this enough. San Siro is a big, huge stadium, but where the game can be seen well almost everywhere. And you’re told that by someone who has verified it from the stands, but also from the Curva.”

When did you first enter it?
“With Alessandria Calcio, as a visitor, but half of me was already with Milan.”

Gianni Rivera poses with the UEFA President’s Award at Stadio San Siro on March 12, 2012. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

We talked about the spectator, the sensations as a player?
“The feeling of being right at home, the closeness to the fans desire the enormity.”

And if another stadium had to be built?
“It can’t be demolished. Keeping it as a monument…? It’s a second hypothesis, but San Siro is of value because you play inside it. And it’s also memory, and it’s not true that people have no memory. Apart from those who live in the area, who are against it, I believe that most people want the stadium to not be erased.”

The Italy national team in 1973: Romeo Benetti, Luciano Spinosi, Gianni Rivera, Dino Zoff, Giorgio Morini, Luigi Riva, Fabio Capello, Giacinto Facchetti, Pietro Anastasi, Sandro Mazzola, Tarcisio Burgnich. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

What time is it for Italian football?
“How long has it been since we won the Champions League…? There’s little to do: the best players in the world used to come to us, now they go somewhere else. So much so that when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived we were all surprised.”

La Nazionale of Mancini gives us hope.
“He’s doing a great job and it’s right to focus on young players. Maybe we could’ve gotten there sooner.”

You were part of the first and last Italy European champions, in 1968. Can we finally repeat ourselves in 2020?
“Before playing, you always have to think about winning. We come off difficult years for the national team, but with Mancini we are going back on track.”

Gianni Rivera and Javier Zanetti during the FIGC Hall of Fame 2019 on May 20, 2019. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

You studied football and reached the umpteenth milestone in your history: you have become a coach. How hard was it?
“No, it’s not hard. Those who played at a high level are always at an advantage. Then, there were topics – medicine, psychology – which were less simple for me. Of course, I could’ve reached this objective sooner.”

Can we know the football idea of Rivera the coach?
“A football where technique comes first and helps to improve the athletic side. I remember the matches that Liedholm made us play with a touch…”

Now let’s imagine that Milan ask you to become coach.
“If they ask me, we can talk about it. But now Milan have a coach.”

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Emmy Apache

There’s nothing interesting in milan blog anymore Absolutely nothing fascinating Nothing to bring joy to the heart of the fans When Maldini refused to join the Chinese owners on board every fan thought he has something spectacular not knowing inexperience will compound our situation to the degenerative situation Money apart the results we had then was far better than now How on earth will Maldini hire a coach( Giampaolo) who took Sampdoria 12th position? How did we lose Sensi and Barela who we spent most of the last season hoping for? How do we expect to qualify for champions league… Read more »

Dn baba
Dn baba

@ Emmy Apache you’ve said it all fellow Milanista


How on earth will Maldini hire a coach( Giampaolo) who took Sampdoria 12th position? — Who else was affordable? After Gasperini’s profile, everyone virtually agreed (except me and a few others) Giampaolo is the best alternative. How did we lose Sensi and Barela who we spent most of the last season hoping for? — Inter has CL to offer, we don’t. Sensi and Barella are high profile players for a few seasons now already who will want to play in CL so naturally it was bound to be very difficult. How do we expect to qualify for champions league without… Read more »

Martin Bernhard
Martin Bernhard

I’d like to add that even though lots of milan fans and me included would have liked barella to join us and even though a potential deal was mentioned in media gossip it was NEVER gonna happen as Barella is an inter fan so it didnt really take much critical thinking to realize that he wouldnt endup with us unless some kind of miracle occoured.


Forza Ink

Coach Seedorf
Coach Seedorf

@ Emmy Apache, Maldini is doing well so far. His purchases were brilliant and spot on considering the plan was to go for youth. I wouldn’t have paid 25mil for Sensi either, so inter pounced on him. I prefer the fact that we got Bernacer instead.
As for the games, Juve drew with same Lecce 1-1 yesterday, does that make Juve useless? Parma drew Inter 2-2. There are no easy opponents in Seria A or football again. If we win today, we will be 10points away from first place. We can still contend for the title this season


He is starting his coaching career at 76?
I’m 33 & I only have plans for next 6 month!


always plan ahead mate, that way u dont have to do anything right now