Strinić: “I terminated my Milan contract because I didn’t want to just train, Pioli has experience and he can do well”

Ivan Strinić during on January 13, 2019 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images for Lega Serie A)

Ivan Strinić spoke about his decision to leave the Rossoneri and he is convinced Stefano Pioli is the right man for Milan.

Strinić was signed by Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone on a free transfer in the summer of 2018 but didn’t play any match of the 2018/19 campaign due to a heart condition.

Over the summer he found some space in pre-season, but eventually chose to terminate his contract with Milan by mutual consent. Now, the 32-year-old Croatian left-back is looking for a club.

“I’m working with a trainer, waiting to return,” Strinić told Tuttomercatoweb. “Parma and SPAL were interested in me? I had some offers when I was under contract with Milan. They wanted to loan me and I preferred to avoid it because I have a family and I didn’t want to change team after a year.

“The struggle at Milan? It’s difficult to talk about it, I only experienced a few weeks and then I went back to Croatia. Why did I terminate the contract? Milan changed a lot: coach, director of sport… the coach didn’t see me as a first option. When I saw that I wasn’t being considered, I didn’t want to stay just to train. I played a few games in pre-season, I talked to the directors and we decided to separate.

Ivan Strinić during training at Milanello. (

“The performance of Milan was different with Gattuso? Well, compared to how things are now for now, Gattuso certainly did better. But we were unable to go to the Champions League. I was fine with Gattuso and his staff, but I arrived late and it was difficult to play. I thought that they would stay and would do the pre-season and I’d get more space. But instead…

“Instead I found Giampaolo after working with him at Sampdoria? I spent 9 months with him. In the first few months I played and then they never let me play since they knew that I was going to Milan. If Pioli is the right man to do well? Yes, I’m sure. Milan have many strong players, something was missing… perhaps the mentality. But the players are strong in all roles.

“Giampaolo failed in his first chance with a big club? Milan is a big club, it has history and it’s not for everyone. But Giampaolo has many qualities, both he and his staff. I don’t know what happened, we had a good pre-season. What happened is strange. But with Pioli, Milan will get up again, he has a lot of experience and he can do well.

“If I see myself again in Italy? Well, why not…? Meanwhile, I’m training.”

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11 months ago

I wish we didn’t sack gattuso tho but I hope pioli will get the job done and qualify is for champions league…we just need good tactics and balance…teams like Atlanta and Lazio don’t have the kind of quality players we have and yet they play good football…I just hope pioli gets it right

11 months ago
Reply to  jimmy007

They have Ilicic, Gomez and they make the difference, with with them Milan would compete for the title.